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Monday, March 11, 2013

Equivocation and Evolution

Proponents of evolution sometimes get confused. They really do not know that the word "evolution" means different things to different people.

Similarly, the Evo Sith get sneaky, by doing a bait-and-switch on the word "science", by trying to put people on the defensive: "You don't believe in evolution? Why do you hate science?", which is a manipulative technique. They will also equivocate on the word "evolution". You may be thinking of simple change, or variations in animal breeds, and you're being conned into the word "evolution" meaning "microbes-to-microbiologist". When discussing things with people who have different worldviews (or even on any topic where there could be confusion), it's best to define terms.
When debating Creationists, atheists and other supporters of evolution(Universal common descent.) tend to equivocate the word evolution...
First, let’s begin by making a clarification on the position of Biblical Creation. Creationists accept evolution up to a point. A lot of times the debate revolves around mirco evolution (Variation.) and macro evolution. (Deals with change at the species level and higher.)
This is an approach that I have always seen to be ineffective for both sides. If you revolve the debate around those two terms the person who accepts evolution will equivocate and say they are the same thing on a different time scale. Evolutionists will state that given enough small changes, macro evolution will occur.(Ignoring observation that change has limits.) All you will end up with is a battle of confusing semantics for both sides.
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