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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Freedom of Speech for Some

I must confess that sometimes discrimination against Conservatives, Christians and biblical creationists becomes a bit hard to bear. Facebook pretends to be a vehicle for free expression (within obvious limitations), but shuts down Pages and closes accounts. Nations that are bastions of traditional family and Christian values are hostile to free speech — except for atheists, leftists (and how many Conservative atheists do you know?), evolutionists, secular humanists (atheists in disguise, wanting the tax breaks for being a religion) and more.

Yet, we're still here. We stand up for the truth and fight for what we believe in while we still can.
But it's difficult when people "think" with their emotions, and manipulators lead them by the nose, telling them what to think.
People are unskilled at thinking critically. Schools allegedly teach such skills, but when encountering leftists, “new atheists”, evolutionists and so on, we see that the opposite is true. Arguments used to prove their points are fraught with logical fallacies and attempts to manipulate emotions (which can be seen with a cursory glance at the comments here on “Radaractive”). Some people will go completely around logic, making assertions and prejudicial conjecture, and then ridiculing creationists, Christians and Conservatives.
Why the irrational emotionalism?
I am convinced that these people know that they cannot defeat their opponents with reason, so they prefer to silence the opposition altogether. With remarkable chutzpah and hypocrisy, atheists and evolutionists pretend that they are the victims of discrimination, when in fact, they are the ones doing the discrimination.
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