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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Podcast — Creation in Each Testament

Why are there more verses in the Old Testament about creation than in the New Testament? Dr. Scripture shares some thoughts.

Someone asked Scripture on Creation about how there seems to be much more about creation in the Old Testament than in the New Testament. Dr. Scripture and Scott Kump discuss this and make some interesting points.

I'd like to add that I believe one reason that there is less about creation in the New Testament is because of the audience. Most of the Bible is comprised of epistles to believers, so there was not much need to emphasize creation. Similarly, when Peter was preaching in Acts 2, he started with Scripture because he was preaching to monotheistic Jews who had that foundation, but in Acts 17, Paul was talking to pagan evolutionist Greeks, so he began with the Creator.

Anyway, this 13-minute podcast is worth your time. There are a few clicks involved to hear the show. First, go to this radio program link. Then, click on the "Launch Sermon Player" link. Look for the 9/17/15 link, "Creation in the OT vs. NT (rebroadcast)" to listen on the site (or download). If you're having difficulties, here is a direct MP3 download link.

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