Rocky Reefs, Autumn Leaves Without Fruit

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article is the conclusion of "Waterless Clouds, Wandering Stars". I recommend that you read that part first, since this article is not a "stand alone". 

What About Barriers?

We can take this "barrier" business to its logical conclusion. If we compromise and say, "God did not really mean what he said in Genesis, Earth is ancient, God used evolution, there was no global Noachian Flood", what then? If that is true, Jesus was wrong or lying, because he referred to a literal Adam and Eve (Mark 10:6). The lineage of Jesus includes Adam (Luke 3:38), Paul refers to Jesus as the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45), and the Genesis Flood was believed and taught in the New Testament (Luke 17:26, Hebrews 11:7, 1 Peter 3:20). Some say the Flood was only local (a silly idea even on the surface, Noah could have simply pulled up stakes and moved on). So, when Peter likened the Genesis Flood to the coming Judgment by fire (2 Peter 3:5-7), will that be a "local" event as well?

In this age of feel-good teaching, a Scottish preacher stated:
"It is an obstacle because it depicts God as a potentate who demands blood for offenses He has suffered. Our sins have offended Him and He demands a blood sacrifice," McKenna said. "I'm almost embarrassed explaining this theology because it is well past its sell by date, and in some sense is quite immoral."[1]
Where does he get his morality? If we have no respect for the authority of the Word of God, then we have nothing, no consistent basis for it.

Concluding the article "Waterless Clouds, Wandering Stars", to edify and encourage Christians to be wary of false teachers who are waterless clouds and wandering stars,  and to stand on the authority of the Word of God.
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How Do Theistic Evolutionists Treat Biblical Creationists?

You are unlikely to find genuine expressions of Christian love from TEs. There is a great deal of ridicule and defamation, such as evidenced by Tyler Francke. He has defamed Calvin Smith of Creation Ministries International (assisted by an atheist who supplied personal correspondence) [2], ridiculed Ray Comfort's documentary [3], admits that he has ridiculed the biblical creationist viewpoint [4], uses a straw man approach to misrepresent biblical creationists by indicating that we say creation is a salvation issue [5], and much more. He posts to anti-creationists (click screenshots for larger images) [6]. Although I am not a fan of the Discovery Institute, he proceeds to misrepresent and ridicule them as well [7].

Francke wrote a piece called "10 Theological Questions No Young-Earth Creationist Can Answer" [8]. Two writers who gave him extensive answers are Tony Breeden, who wrote a four-part series at "Defending Genesis" [9], and Steve Risner has given even more discussion at the "Worldview Warriors" Weblog [10]. Also, Francke had a post called "An agnostic asks me four common questions about faith and scripture" [11]. But I did not see the gospel there. Does Tyler know the gospel in the first place?

Elsewhere, Francke commented to me, "...folks like yourself are useful shills for the likes of CMI, AiG and ICR to make millions off their false teachings" [12]. Upholding that the Bible means what it says is a false teaching? Not hardly! And the "make millions" claim is libelous. After I called him out on logical fallacies and assertions, he banned me [13].

Digging deeper — what is a shill? According to, the first definition of a shill is, "a person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating, as at a gambling house, auction, confidence game, etc" [14]. So, that does not fit. The second definition is, "a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty" [14]. There is no self-interest when I promote biblical creation science ministries, and certainly no remuneration. Loyalty? Perhaps some, since I believe those ministries are teaching the truth of Scripture.

For someone claiming to be a Christian, he has shown nothing but contempt for those of us who believe the Bible. His site and comments therein express admiration for N.T. Wright, who also accepts TE [15], has contempt for biblical creationists [16], and has a "new perspective" on Paul that is actually recycled heresy [17].

Tyler Francke is only a minor player in theistic evolutionism, but what I have seen is common in my experiences with these people. I saw someone ridiculing a creationist and I thought the ridiculer was an atheist. Then he claimed to be a Christian that believes in evolution, he only acted like an obstreperous atheist. There are TEs who are a mite more civil than many others that we encounter online.

What Are Other Problems with Theistic Evolution?

TE revisits the old Pelagian heresy [18]. Also, TE and other old Earth "creationism" deny the authority of Scripture, the global Genesis Flood, a literal Adam and Eve, and set a chain reaction all through Scripture — making Jesus either uninformed or a liar [19]. No, compromising with evolution not only sends a mixed message (using the magisterial view of science to interpret God's Word), but is also dangerous [20].

To be blunt, many TEs are shills for Satan, deceiving them about the truth of God's Word, defaming biblical creationists, and siding with enemies of God. That is not how the Bible says Christians are supposed to act.  TEs often resort to ridicule and hand-waving, but are unable to refute the apologetics of biblical creationists. There is a great deal of self-congratulation between TEs and atheists with what amounts to, "You sure told him!", but lack substance and have a passel of logical fallacies behind them. Instead of showing love for other Christians (Galatians 6:10, John 13:35), they side with enemies of God, supporting and encouraging atheists [21]. Instead of proclaiming the gospel, they are actually enablers of atheism [22] while pretending to be a part of the body of Christ. Their religion is evolutionism, to which they give priority.

Someone who distorts biblical teachings and embraces "deep time" interpretations is Hugh Ross. Although he claims that he is not a theistic evolutionist (instead using the title "progressive creationist"), some of his teachings seem to contradict that non-TE stance. He also denies the literal days of creation and the Genesis Flood. To see more, click on "Hugh Ross, ICR, and the Bible", "Hugh Ross lays down the gauntlet!", and "A Review of Hugh Ross’ Latest Book, Navigating Genesis". The sites at those links have other materials about Ross that are worth investigating.

If you have a mind to spending time on TE and old Earth "creationist" sites, there are some things I suggest you look for. First and foremost, is there a clear presentation of the gospel? Next, do they uphold the authority of Scripture? How do they treat biblical creationists? Do they elevate science to an authoritative position? Are they consistent on their Christian claims?

I recommend that TEs, old Earthers, "progressive creationists", and even biblical creationists, take a look at the Genesis Week video, "What Would Jesus Believe?" 

Where Does This Lead Us?

If you study on it a bit, you'll see that science philosophies and things that are considered "facts" are constantly changing. As Christians, our ultimate authority is to be the Word of God, which is unchanging (Isaiah 40:8, Psalm 119:89, 1 Peter 1:25), which Peter said "more sure" than the voice of God that he heard at the Transfiguration (2 Peter 1:16-21). (Did you ever notice that with theistic evolutionists, old Earth teachings, and other compromisers, the Bible is what has to give way and not "science"?) We have no business submitting Scripture to atheistic interpretations of science philosophies.

In addition, we must be equipped. Some Christians do not seem to take their Christian lives seriously, nor do they work on understanding biblical creation science — not just the science aspects, which can become quite deep, but also the biblical side. Sharing captioned pictures is not going to cut it. Those who become apostate or are deceived by false teachers frequently show little understanding of what the Bible actually teaches.

We must be grounded in the Word so we are not taken captive by false philosophies, and know what to look for in the utterances of false teachers. Compare what is taught with the Word, and do not let "science" become the arbiter of truth for your faith.

Are There Resources on False Teachers and Apostasy?

For people who want to round up some excellent teachings (and were strong inspirations for this article), I herded a few into the corral that will keep you busy and informed — and help you spot false teaching. They are all free to listen and download.

First, two by Dr. John MacArthur: Ten teachings on "Spiritual Terrorism", and four more on "Avoiding Spiritual Counterfeiters". Many have printed transcripts if you would rather read them.

Second, the ongoing mission of Chris Rosebrough's "Fighting for the Faith" will help teach you some discernment and how not to be deceived.

Third, I urge people to listen to (or watch the videos) from Ray Comfort called "True and False Conversion" and "Hell's Best Kept Secret". Links to those are here.

Naturally, I hope people will check out the links I supplied throughout this article to creation science ministries for not only science material, but problems with theistic evolution, old Earth, and other conflicts with a plain reading of Scripture.

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