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A Dinosaur Studies Reformation

While a passel of people are celebrating fear, death, and evil on Halloween, many Christians take note of October 31 as Reformation Day . That is when German priest used the social media of his day, nailing 95 theses to the Wittenberg door. Most movements and revolutions do not happen overnight, and a kind of dinosaur reformation is happening in paleontology right now. I have said that evolutionists are working for creationists , since they are well-heeled but we can analyze their claims — including those about dinosaurs and such. Dinosaur nailing scroll to wooden door made with Bing AI The secular science industry has been making pronouncements in its authority that do not comport with science and logic, using dinosaurs as evolutionary propaganda. Biblical creationists and others look at their assertions, compare them with evidence, and frequently find them lacking. In addition, there is new research that is mighty difficult for secularists to ignore or suppress — even in their own ra

A New Reformation Using Creation

Years ago, I was in an Untied Methodist Church (misspelling intentional) and my father was the pastor. The theology was liberal (but far worse now). There was a program where laypeople came in and gave some talks to spark the congregation into a closer walk with Jesus. We got wound up and started our own programs, but the excitement eventually faded and the church was essentially the same as it was before. One problem was that it had a weak foundation. Another was that church leadership did not uphold the authority of the Word of God. Something similar happened with the Reformation. Wittenburg church door, Wikimedia Commons / AlterVista ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) Martin Luther was not trying to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church, he just had some issues that needed to be addressed. Catholicism needed to be reformed, but the Reformation resulted in Protestantism and people believing what the Bible said. Scripture, not Pope or priest, was the final authority. Science was growing and thriving bec

The Reformation of Peer Review

An organization can begin well, but lose its moorings and drift from its purpose. It happened 500 years ago when the Roman Catholic religious system became corrupt, and Martin Luther was the focal point of the Protestant Reformation. Similarly, the secular science industry's peer review process is due for a reformation. Modified from a picture at Freeimages by  Arjun Kartha , Martin Luther image added Movements of any consequence seldom have a single point of origin. The Protestant Reformation had been growing for some time, and some of the seeds were planted by John Wycliffe. Martin Luther had a disquiet and realized that the Roman Catholic power system was not true to its original purpose, having become a corrupt power and money system. (I reckon that when unbelievers use the remark that religion is to control people, they could very well be thinking of the Catholic system, and generalizing that it is typical of all sects that have the tag "Christian".) That chur