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Science, the Bible, and Islam

Someone made a galactically vapid attack on "religion", stating that since all religions cannot be right, none of them are. Misotheists often  categorize religion as if they were all the same. We shall consider the two largest monotheistic religions regarding science and culture. Made from graphics at Openclipart When pointing out how  science thrives in the proper environment and that many of the founders of modern science were not only Christians but also biblical creationists, scoffers sometimes bring up ancient Persian astronomers and mathematicians. However, Mohammedanism is not conducive to science. (How many Islamic scientists who have contributed to society can you name?) Indeed, many things attributed to ancient Persians were actually borrowed from other cultures. For that matter, how many have contributed to culture? Their architecture is not original, and the Koran takes a dim view of music. Those who are in the performing arts are obviously not fundamentalists.