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Artificial Intelligence as the Replacement God?

Interest in and development of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly increasing, as are considerations of cautions and speculations of its dangers portrayed in science fiction. C.S. Lewis gave a warning in That Hideous Strength back in 1946 that seems almost prophetic in some ways. There are several related and even overlapping ideas working at once. People have used machines since creation (keep in mind that levers, pulleys, and other things are considered machines). Obviously, many sophisticated machines have been made over the years. AI Cyborg adored by mindless masses* People use whatever means are available to better their lives, and also invent things to help in that pursuit. From here, humans add mechanical things to themselves such as replacement limbs. Then it gets darker. Some people want to go trans — transhuman, that is. The transhumanist movement seeks to replace humanity with machines so the consciousness can live forever. People need to think biblically about that . Ar

C.S. Lewis and Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen C.S. "Jack" Lewis was born on November 29, 1989. Originally baptized in the Church of Ireland, which is Anglican, he fell away from his faith and became an atheist. Lewis was reluctant to relinquish atheism, but realized that Christianity is true. Jack was (and is) highly regarded as a leading apologist for the Christian faith. He wrote many fiction and nonfiction books, and most are available today. There are also scores of biographies of this complex figure. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford / William Leighton Leitch While Lewis appealed to many people with his intellectual approaches to Christianity and his refutations of atheism, his theology was rather weak. Apparently, he did not want to offend anyone, and kept his scope broad — too broad, in my view. Like William Lane Craig, he did not argue from and for the Bible, but seemed to argue for theism in general. In addition, C.S. Lewis seemed to affirm the almost-Roman Catholic doctrines of the Ang