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Adam, the Genesis Flood, and Ancient Egypt

Although scoffers will reject history from and about the Bible out of hand, there are some intriguing things for inquiring minds as to whether or not ancient cultures knew about creation, Adam, and the Genesis Flood. Those of us who know and believe the Bible are aware of the dispersion at Babel, but biblical creationists have worked mighty hard to put together details involving people, places, and languages . These include names and large-scale identifiers that can be found even in Egypt. Egyptian hieroglyphs, Pixabay / Michael Baragwanath People after the Flood still tended to have long lives, so they remembered firsthand accounts of the Flood or even read the written account (before Moses edited it into the book of Genesis). Names of Ham's sons are attached to Egypt, as they were involved in settling that area. Yes, ancient Egypt knew of Adam and the Flood, but their degraded versions of the truth need expert help for extraction. While living in Cairo, I became enamoured with Eg

Genetics and the Recent Creation of Humanity

Genetics is not helpful to proponents of universal common ancestor evolution and the belief in deep time. Materialists reject recent creation because evolution, but they have a heap of problems of their own to deal with. Both creationists and evolutionists interpret data from their worldviews. Modified from Adam and Eve in Worthy Paradise , Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1610 One reason secularists reject creation science material is the genetic fallacy. That is, they do not like the source, even though creation scientists have valid degrees. Further, the scientific evidence needs to be considered, not just circumvented or evosplained away. Taking the data and applying the creationist model, we see that the science supports our position and glorifies the Creator, not Darwin. What follows is a link to a self-contained book chapter that is quite long. It has charts and a great deal of data, plus documentation and links for those who want to really did in to the technical aspects. The c

Willingly Ignorant of Genesis

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Biblical creationists often hear criticisms from atheists and evolutionists who prefer prejudicial conjecture to actual answers (Prov. 18:2 HCSB). I commenced to pondering this while watching Creation in the 21st Century  ( one of the few biblically sound programs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network), where host David Rives interviewed Mike Snavely . There was a brief clip of a trapdoor spider grabbing lunch ( here is a video clip of one in action ), and I thought about Adam naming the animals. There probably weren't any trapdoors in Eden yet, so where did that name come from? Medieval painting of Adam naming the animals /Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas, Monastery in Thessaly, Greece Scoffers will say, "There's no way Adam could have named all the animals over the course of years, let alone, one day!" Let's do some homework that certain people are reluctant to do. First, read the text carefully in Genesis 2:19-20. He didn't name fish