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The problem with "science" and so-called scientists is that they have purposely pigeon-holed their points of view. The absolutely refuse to see outside of their own self-imposed limitations or presuppositions. Another of their intellectually arrogant presuppositions is Uniformitarianism. Uniformitarianism believes that everything within physics progresses along at the same rate. If it has been this way in the past more than likely it will remain this way into the future. Read the rest here .

Denial of Facts in Science

Let me see if I can put this together: Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago, yes? And it takes a long, long time for bones and things to turn into fossils, yes? So, in the huge amount of time required to turn bones into rock, other stuff must have rotted or fallen off, yes? Never mind that something soft can be exposed to the proper elements and conditions and become petrified . Here is another example of how philosophers of science will tap dance around the facts against evolution and still cling to their faith. Seems to me that it's not possible to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone with soft tissue still attached. But it happened. It shouldn't have happened. But it did. This article ignores the facts and scientists still manage to get excited: "To my knowledge, preservation to this extent—where you still have original flexibility and transparency—has not been noted in dinosaurs before, so we're pretty excited by the find," said Mary H. Schweitzer, a