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The Bell in Coal Story

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen This is one of those items to use with caution. No, it is not "proof" of a young earth or the Genesis Flood. However, we do have something that merits serious consideration. Back in 1944 over West Virginia way, Newton Anderson was taking care of family coal duties and found an odd specimen. He broke away the coal and found a bell. Unfortunately, he cleaned it up a bit too well, but who would have thought that people would want to analyze the bell, coal and all, as an out-of-place artifact back then? Most likely, the bell in West Virginia was found in bituminous coal Credit:  Donna Pizzarelli , USGS (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents) As I've said many times before, everybody has their presuppositions by which they interpret information for their worldviews. Evolutionists and atheists argue from a materialistic view, where they erroneously presume there is no Creator God, no spirits, and so forth. Biblical creationists belie

Out-Of-Place-Artifacts Make Evolution Fall OOPArt

It's a bit distracting to be writing this while the cat is snoring. I should record it, people won't believe the log-sawing.  Creationists keep pointing out that there are fossils out of order according to the geologic column, and Darwin's Cheerleaders come up with various rescuing devices to keep from discarding it. Similarly, there are things that just do not belong according to archaeology, history and so on. Rather than admitting that evolution has been refuted seven ways from sundown, people will resort to speculating that ancient space aliens are the answer, or simply cover up the many anti-evolution smoking guns. Spend a half an hour on this video by Ian Juby for " Genesis Week " and see some information about artifacts that fluster evolutionists . They really should abandon their "theory", the evidence supports the biblical creation model far better than their conjectures. ADDENDUM: A three-part article on OOParts can be found at the