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Cholesterol, Global Warming and Evolution — HUH?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen On the surface, this is a strange article. Keep going and you'll see that the three items in the title actually have a common link — and the link is not missing. It's about "settled science". Modified from morgueFile / lemai13 No, I haven't had peyote buttons. A Yaqui sorcerer tried to give me some once, but never mind about that now. This article has an odd origin. I was listening to my favorite weekday Conservative show by Chris Plante  while working overtime, and I got some information as well as an inspiration. The big news is that you don't need to worry about high-cholesterol foods after all — most of our fat blood comes from genes, not victuals. (Strange, I heard that years ago. Now  it's accepted?) Even though there were some nay-sayers including Ancel Keys back in the 1955 , most people acted like it was "settled science", so we have to just shut up and accept it. Now the "truth" discarded, y