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Darwinists Lay Egg with Bird Fossil

Those desperate evolutionists and their wacky ideas. You rub them out, scrub them out, logic them out, science them out — and their bad ideas still leave unsightly stains on science. They tried and failed with Archaeopteryx , now a new bird fossil that looks a great deal like Archie has joined the fun. Rather than deciding to cowboy up and admit that evidence supports recent creation and the Genesis Flood, evolutionists keep trying to prop up poor science. In this case, these jaspers want to find evidence of bird evolution, so they took a gander at Funky Prima Donna. Oh, wait. That's Fukuipteryx prima , found in 2013 and the paper was published in November 2019. F. prima is damaging to evolutionary concepts. It is in the "wrong" place in the strata, and more. The scientists found that the new bird species was quite similar to the so-called “first bird,” the Archaeopteryx , found in Upper Jurassic rocks in southern Germany. It had a similarly large wishbone, an unf

That Flighty Archaeopteryx

When I was giving creation science presentations, I mentioned that Archaeopteryx was not a transitional form, but rather, a true bird. I was surprised that  some die-hard types refused to relinquish their claim that Archie is a "transitional form". Now he keep flying back into the news. The latest news: He's still just a bird. A strange one with odd features, but still just a bird. The fossilized bird known as Archaeopteryx has had quite a history of identity crises. Researchers once classified it as a "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds. It was considered to be an ancient bird, then changed to a dinosaur, and now it's supposed to be a bird again. So, what is it?  Nature News reported in July that an analysis of fossil traits "suggests that Archaeopteryx is not a bird at all," but instead more closely resembled dinosaurs.  ICR News responded at the time that because "it had core features that define birds, such as flight