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Providential Timing, Death Warmed Over, and the Question Evolution Project

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen There have been a few remarks posted of late about my recent surprise heart tests and eventual triple bypass surgery, and I may do a series on another weblog about those experiences. In a few social(ist) media places, I mentioned that I could die during the treadmill stress test, the heart catheter (mayhaps I did not mention that part), and the surgery itself. There is always  a risk, and I made it clear that I was ready to meet Jesus. Yes, I used the opportunities for some evangelism. But the risk of death was much lower than I thought. Unwashed, thirsty, looking like death warmed over the day I was released from hospital, background from Pixlr At  The Question Evolution Project , I was working by my lonesome and was besieged by trolls with atheism spectrum disorder. A former Admin of TQEP sent me a telegram saying that he had opportunities to help. Groovy! Then I went away. Tooth infection, taking antibiotic Antibiotic causes stomach upset Awakened at 04:00 wit