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River Meandering, Fossil Formation and Canyons

Dr. Emil Silvestru answers some questions. He earned his Ph.D in geology in Cluj, Romania (where he has worked as an associate professor), in karst sedimentology including caves. (Karst is a term which initially referred to barren regions of mostly limestone and dolomite, noted for spectacular and distinctive landforms, and with substantial underground drainage features — caves, underground rivers, etc. It has come to refer more to the entire geosystem, above and below ground.) A world authority on the geology of caves, he has published 41 scientific papers, written one book ( The Cave Book ) and co-authored two other books. He was, until recently, the head scientist at the world’s first Speleological Institute (speleology = the study of caves) in Cluj. Since 1997 he has been a full-time researcher and speaker with Creation Ministries International. So, for the questions and answers, click here .

Evolution is a Lie

Do you believe in science, or scientism? One is the confidence in the beliefs of science and technology in the here and now. The other is faith in their abilities to predict the future, solve problems in the present and to fully explain the past. Scientism is unjustified. Evolution is a series of conjectures, theory upon theory upon theory, ignoring contrary evidence. If evolution is such a true thing, then why do scientists need to fake it with the peppered moths, Piltdown Man and other crapola? ( See this page for an overview of evolutionary fakes .) True believer, you've been had.