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Terrorism and Evolution

Evolutionary thinking and social Darwinism have given us such joys as justification for abortion , radical environmentalism , forced eugenics , the "junk" DNA fiasco , a basis for communism , excuses for racism , and more. Now taking the naturalistic view to a new low, ISIS terrorists are players in the evolution game. Sidewinder scientists are using concepts of natural selection and evolution and applying them to Mohammedan terrorism. Ideology is omitted, as is religion, human nature, free will, and other factors. It's just a matter of environment. They are not created human souls in need of prayer, repentance, and salvation in Jesus Christ (how many evolutionists believe that?), but players in a game. Indeed, terrorists are almost made to sound like victims! This may be the winning candidate for worst Darwinian just-so story of the decade. You have to hand it to evolutionists; at least they are consistent. If everything evolves, then everything evolves. Makes