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Evolution, Time, Typing and Monkey Business

Have you heard the one about the monkeys and the typewriters? ( If you're too young to know what a typewriter is, click here .) So here it is: Given enough time, typewriters and so forth, monkeys will produce all or part of the works of Shakespeare. Isn't that hilarious ? But seriously, folks, the concept of "given enough time, anything can happen" is a fundamentally flawed faith tenet of evolutionism. This is why the Evo Sith desperately cling to "deep time" and ridicule young-Earth creationists. (Ridicule is utilized when science and logic are ineffective at silencing their opposition.) The fact is, given an infinite  amount of time, some things will never happen . Prominent evolutionist Julian Huxley said that, given enough time, monkeys typing randomly could eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare.  When arguing that life could have arisen by chance, evolutionists will often state that—given enough time—any