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Faith in Science of the Gaps

Atheists will tell you that they have no need for religion because they believe in reason and science. If you point out that atheism is a religion , they tend to get on the prod, which shows their ignorance of religion and philosophy. Further, secularists have hijacked science from its biblical basis, and argue from their a priori presuppositions, one of which is the arbitrary assertion that science must be based upon atheistic methodological and philosophical naturalism only . Such assertions are irrational and lead to faulty conclusions. Used under Fair Use provisions for educational purposes. Also, note the question-begging straw man in the assertion. Secularists frequently generalize about creationists, claiming that our explanation is "GodDidIt", so there is no need for scientific investigation. This is a lie. There are many creationary scientists who want to learn what makes things work, even how God did something. They take this straw man argument further

Wrecking the "God of the Gaps" Nonsense

A common claim of atheists and evolutionists is that Christians use a policeman's exit (cop-out) by referring to God as the Creator, and as an explanation for the unknown. What they fail to realize (and, I suspect, they do this willfully) is that when Christians, creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design refer to the Creator, they are doing so because that is where the evidence leads . This is not a first resort, it is a logical conclusion based on the evidence. Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries has a radio program and podcast cal led " The Dividing Line ". He occasionally takes various calls, and is willing to discuss matters with Christians, atheists and others. I caught the podcast of July 14 ( the entire podcast is here ), and heard him discussing the "God of the Gaps". Dr. White shows just how absurd the accusation really is. The relevant excerpt is here: In addition, I'll steer you to something I posted at "Stormbri