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Dinosaur Soft Tissues and the Age of the Earth

One of the biggest issues that gets proponents of universal common ancestor evolution and other old earth advocates on the prod is dinosaur soft tissues. Although soft tissues and such have been found previously, the work of Mary Schweitzer and microscopist Mark Armitage analyzing dinosaur blood and soft tissues really brought the subjects into prominence. Some evolutionists try to deny it, even saying that biblical creationists were misrepresenting the discoveries or outright lying. But the subject simply will not go away. Some of us won't let it. So, secularists and their religious useful idiots keep the excuse mill at the Darwin Ranch running at full steam. Compromiser Dr. Hugh Ross has a kind of cult following and some strange beliefs . He has an associate, Dr. Fazele Rana, who has written a book that is a thinly-veiled attack on biblical creation science. It may seem convincing, but Rana did poor research (none of it with the tissues in question under a microscope). He

Dinosaur Proteins and More Rescuing Devices

The hands at the Darwin Ranch (over yonder by Deception Pass) are busy cranking the Rescuing Devices Generator™, as we saw in " Biochemicals and Evolutionary Rescuing Devices ". This time, we are going to be a bit more specific and focus on excuses made by evolutionist owlhoots regarding dinosaur proteins and soft tissues. Credit: Pixabay / TechPhotoGal Evolutionists and deep time advocates fight tooth and nail to find ways out of the inconvenient truths that dinosaur soft tissues represent. Namely, that the earth is not zillions of years old, that dinosaurs could not have been extinct for 65 million years or so because proteins and tissues cannot  exist that long, and the best explanation for what is found is the global Genesis Flood. No wonder they get on the prod!  Professing Christian Dr. Fazale Rana has a deep time ax to grind because his arch compromiser employer Hugh Ross runs the weird "progressive creation" organisation called Reasons to Believe .

Arming the Evolutionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Biblical creation science is a branch of apologetics that presents not only evidence refuting evolution, defeating atheism, and upholding special creation (often referred to as young earth creationism), but includes defense of the Bible itself. There are many apologetics ministries that debunk atheism and give excellent reasons for believing the Bible. However, many of those are soft on recent creation, or worse, reject it altogether. Quite a few of those call themselves old earth creationists, and some OECs are theistic evolutionists. Not all OECs are TEs, but it appears that all TEs are also OECs. You savvy? Credit: Morguefile / pedrojperez These owlhoots are sending a conflicting message: we believe the Bible, but not the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which must be interpreted according to current atheistic views of science. Echoes of Satan's challenge in Genesis 3:1 NIV. Yet these people admit that they take Exodus as historical, how do they

"Refuting Compromise" — with a Chainsaw

Review of Refuting Compromise written by Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati by Cowboy Bob Sorensen The title of this article was inspired by a someone's post. It said to take the title of a book you had read and add, "...with a chainsaw". I was just finishing up Refuting Compromise and realized that this addition fit quite well. Perhaps Dr. Sarfati will forgive me for adding to his words and not rebuke me, making me a liar ( Proverbs 30.6 ). But enough of my strange sense of humor. Refuting Compromise was written to deal with the bad apologetics of Dr. Hugh Ross, a "progressive creationist" (who also calls himself by the odd title of "day-age creationist"), and unfortunately, many people look up to Ross and his "Reasons to Believe" organization. When I purchased this book, it was because I felt that I needed it for reference, even though I had not dealt all that much with Rossites or spent time with Ross' teachings. It turns out that