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Resource: Evolution Impossible

Review by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Edited 6-10-2017 From the outset, I am denying you the sweet suspense and telling you that I strongly recommend Evolution Impossible: 12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain Life on Earth , and why. Unlike atheist trolls who give one-star ratings on Amazon for things they do not read but hate anyway, I actually read the book . My introduction to Dr. John F. Ashton was on a podcast of the radio show Crosstalk. You can read the introduction and listen to the MP3 here . Dr. Ashton has some impressive credentials. According to Creation Conversations: Dr. John F. Ashton PhD CChem FRACI is Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Victoria University, Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor of Applied Sciences at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, the largest Australian tertiary institution. He holds a BSc (Honors) with prize in chemistry and PhD in epistemology (a branch of philosophy dealing with the limits of knowled