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Happy Thanksgiving 2023

Many Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving Day, but are mainly doing it out of tradition. Family, food, friends are great and we should be thankful for them. What is often missing from the lives of many people is a thankful heart. We must give thanks to our Creator , and recognize the things he has given us. Study on it a spell and be amazed that the Creator of the universe cares about you and me. Indeed, he does not have to, because we are all sinners in need of salvation through Jesus Christ. Give thanks, Unsplash / Adam Winger I've you've a mind to read it, I wrote something more substantial and from the heart at " Having Just Another Thanksgiving Day? "

Secular Geologists Revise Age of Yosemite — Downward

Those of us who pay attention to biblical creation science articles, videos, and so on are unlikely to be surprised to learn that Yosemite National Park is having its age changed. Signs of the times? Well, the signage has been revised in several places, making those parks officially younger. Uniformitarian geologists presuppose deep time and gradual processes, so many of their assertions are not based on any empirical evidence. Occasionally, secular scientists want to dig deeper. What they find often shocks the scientific establishment. This occurred with Yosemite. El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, 1903 / NY Public Library Dating methods involve a framework that uses numerous assumptions. Even so, this research overturned previous guesses. While the dates do not line up with those of biblical creationists, they are a great deal younger than previous guesses and put a frown on Papa Darwin's face. The scientists also did not resort to the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™

Thanksgiving and Proper Motivation

This is Thanksgiving Day in the formerly United States, and other places around the world have something similar. This kind of thing is mostly done mostly in areas with Christian populations. But have you ever noticed that thankfulness does not seem to be a part of human nature? Gratitude has to be learned. I reckon most of us can relate to giving a child a gift and a parent has to prompt, "Say thank you!" Eventually we learn to express gratitude — especially if it betters our chances of getting more stuff. More importantly, learn  why  we should be thankful. Unsplash / Guillaume de Germain Secularists recognize gifts of our Creator but try to make them into naturalistic responses or will rewrite history (such as the disgusting modification of the Pilgrims gave thanks to the natives , omitting God). Some fools thank the universe, an obvious appeal to pantheism. Others use reification and hate, such as this reaction to a Thanksgiving post (Rom. 1:21): Today is the anniversary

Also Thankful for True Science Knowledge

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Here in the formerly United States, there is currently a great deal of anger and violence happening. This society has been so secularized — indeed, paganized  — that many have forgotten the many blessings that our Creator has bestowed. One of these is science. Made at Pablo The American observation of Thanksgiving is not only unique, but is distinctly Christian. Why do you think secularists and atheists constantly attempt to rewrite history to remove God? Some have even taught in schools that the Pilgrims gave thanks to the natives.  Not hardly! Edward Winslow wrote in 1623 that "...wherein we returned glory honour and praise, with all thankfulness to our good God". As we have seen in previous posts and articles, our Creator has given us minds that he expects us to use. We draw inspiration from nature, use what has been given us for our bodily needs, and our thinking can glorify him through logic and science. Unfortunately, there are many people who cla

That Thanksgiving Dinosaur Idea

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and many of us are blessed to have a grand feast. The most traditional part of this is turkey. While we should be thankful to our Creator and Redeemer for all that he has done for us, we do not need to be accepting the philosophy that the turkey evolved from dinosaurs . Credit: / hin255 While it is an article of faith for evolutionists to believe that birds came from dinosaurs (a "fact"), many posts on this site alone show the insuperable problems of this position (actual facts). Indeed, dinosaurs and birds existed together , and not all evolutionists have signed on to that opinion. Mixing evolution with biblical Christianity interferes with our worship . We may even use this time to point out the truth of creation — with grace and discretion, of course. Ever mindful to immerse the world in evolutionary mythology, the’s “Dinosaur Tracking” column on Thanksgiving Day zoomed in on you

Giving Thanks to our Creator

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Although this is Thanksgiving Day in these here United States, this article is not only for today, nor is it just for Americans. People get overwrought about their concerns (some of them are mighty small if you get the right perspective), and we tend to shilly-shally about thanking God for the things we do have. Credit: Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez Some of us commence to feasting with our friends and kinfolk, watch the Big Game, doze off (blaming it on the nonexistent " turkey coma "), have a few laughs, and saddle up for home. I hope y'all thanked your hosts for the victuals and hospitality. Did you say a prayer of thanks earlier? Just curious. Some people get their Thanksgiving meal at the homeless shelter. No, I'm not feeling bad about the good things I have, and neither should you. Just giving a bit of perspective. There's something called grace. "She passed away thirty years ago, Cowboy Bob!" No, I'm not t