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The Geocentrism Resurgence

Most people accept, and even take for granted, the geokinetic (also called heliocentric) model but may not know it by name. In the briefest sense, the sun is the center of the solar system with Earth and other planets in orbit around it. For a long time, the geocentric view dominated astronomy and astrology. Planetary Orbits , Andreas Cellanius, 1660 The idea that Earth is the center of the solar system was reinforced by the pagan astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemy, who built on Aristotelian ideas. His system was accepted by scientists for many years, and the heliocentric view took a long time to develop and gain acceptance. Although heliocentrism/geokineticism has been established, there is a baffling resurgence in geocentrism. (In addition, many flat-earthers are geocentrists.) Not only do many deny that Earth orbits the sun, but some geocentrists refuse to believe that it rotates on its axis! One area that atheists ridicule Christians is by accusing us of being flat

Science and Bible Interpretation

As Christians who believe the Bible and also use science, creationists are often challenged by mockers to explain biblical passages that appear to deny established scientific facts. Scripture does not contain anything that actually  defies scientific facts, and it certainly does not call on us to deny observable science. Dishonest atheists often use the logical fallacy of conflation, saying that since we deny evolution, we deny science. Evolution is historical in nature, and has numerous flaws; it is not a scientific fact. Still, the question remains: how do we deal with apparent conflicts between science and the Bible?  Planetary Orbits , Andreas Cellanius, 1660 The same owlhoots that call creationists "science deniers" for rejecting evolution also go to the stables and saddle up the old swayback of a falsehood that Christians persecuted Galileo because he taught true science (the heliocentric view, Earth moves around the sun), which supposedly conflicted with what t

Bad Science, Bad Theology, Bad Morals in Geocentrism

In July 2013, I posted material on how there are still some people who believe that the Earth is nicely bolted down. Yes, despite observable science, they hold to the geocentric view, that the sun goes around the Earth, and not the geokinetic solar system we know and love. Some of this comes from an insistence on clinging to misunderstood Bible verses. To see that post, click on " Geocentrism — An Embarrassment to Creationists " and especially the article that is linked. "Bolted Earth", modified from an image by NASA's Earth Observatory Before we get to the good stuff, I have to give some information from the Irony Board. There's a Page on Facebook called "Evolution is a Religion of Origins" . While they post some occasional good anti-evolution material, it is run by a vituperative Sacred Name cultist . If you disagree with the One True Church™, you're a pagan. While I believe that the teachings of Roman Catholicism do not  lead to sal

Earth at the Center? Not Hardly!

A while back, I posted material on geocentrism (the Ptolemaic "fixed earth" concept). There are people who still believe this, and reject that the earth goes around the sun. Some insist that the Bible teaches a fixed, immovable planet, but that is based on incorrect readings and bad hermeneutics. ( A Sacred Name cult on Facebook that pretends to be Christian and creationist still insists on their odd view of it despite logic and evidence. Atheists sometimes misrepresent what the Bible teaches, and owlhoot cults like this add fuel to their fire.) What is called he geokinetic or heliocentric view that we know today is well established by science, and has been known for quite some time. The Bible does not call on us to deny practical, observable science! Image credit: International Astronomical Union The following article is more exhaustive than the one previously posted, and is very interesting. It discusses the history of the geokinetic view, gives evidence why mos

Geocentrism — An Embarrassment to Creationists

Ptolemaic Astrology,  Andres Cellarius  A basic guideline for biblical creationists is that the Bible is foundational. Like secular scientists, creationists propose models and put forth ideas and see if they are supported by Scripture as well as observational and experimental data. One thing that evolutionists and creationists have in common is that origins science  is historical  in nature — nobody can reproduce creation or evolution. For example, a fossil does not exist in the past, it exists in the present. Examination of the object can be done with current testing methods and so forth, and scientists hold to their presuppositions and worldviews. Geocentrism , the idea that the Earth is the center of the solar system (or the universe), was based on philosophies, astrology and mathematics from ancient Greece. The model proposed by Ptolemy was popular for centuries until creationist astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus (and others) demonstrated that it was not accurate, and