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Fraud and Evolution

The Evo Sith will argue from their worldview, we get that. Many are committed to naturalism, and reject any possibility that they are accountable to our Creator. Recent creation? Global Genesis Flood? Easier to teach a sidewinder to herd cats than to get many of these folks to even consider the possibilities. When they rely on evolutionary thinking, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they hide cards and deal from the bottom of the deck to not only promote their own careers, but to convince people that their paradigm is pristine and proper. It's survival of the fittest, isn't it? We shouldn't be surprised at all the storytelling and outright bad science used in the promotion of evolutionism, nor should be be surprised when fraud is involved. (Many people say that Piltdown Man was a "hoax", but I insist it was a fraud, and fooled many people for about 40 years.) But aren't scientists above such unconscionable acts? Not hardly! They're sinful hu

Evolution is a Lie

Do you believe in science, or scientism? One is the confidence in the beliefs of science and technology in the here and now. The other is faith in their abilities to predict the future, solve problems in the present and to fully explain the past. Scientism is unjustified. Evolution is a series of conjectures, theory upon theory upon theory, ignoring contrary evidence. If evolution is such a true thing, then why do scientists need to fake it with the peppered moths, Piltdown Man and other crapola? ( See this page for an overview of evolutionary fakes .) True believer, you've been had.