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Evolution is Slow, Except when it is Fast

It must be good  to be involved in the secular science industry. As seen here many times, research can be committed while ignoring important data, free money from governments in return for supporting leftist political views, adoration from the propaganda-consuming public. Good , to them. They can also change the definitions of words with the ol' bait 'n' switch. That is, change  is called evolution  even though nothing changed into something else. Speciation and variation fit biblical creation science, old son. It is also acceptable to invoke Darwinist Privilege™. Stopwatch image from Unsplash / Veri Ivanova , modified with Darwin's profile There is a wagon train-load of living fossils , which are organisms that were thought extinct then found alive and well, essentially unchanged over supposed millions of years. The excuse for that is stasis : They didn't evolve because they didn't have to, or there was no need to do so. That is just plain stupid, because Earth