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"DisMANtled" Movie and Creationists' Money

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen It is common for Christians and creationists to be dry gulched by those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder who will say something like, "Yeah, those so-called ministries are getting rich of gullible idiots like you!" Such a comment is based on bigotry as well as ignorance. Plus a good deal of atheistic hypocrisy. Original Dismantled image courtesy of Back2Genesis (enhanced) I remember a preacher talking about money and someone said that he must have a lot of money in the bank. He responded that he had a lot of money going through the bank. Faith-based organizations, like many secular outfits, rely on contributions and merchandise sales to pay the bills. Do executive directors make large salaries? Sometimes.  On the other hand,  many pastors struggle to pay their own bills . Although creation ministries seek contributions and sales, most are not motivated by greed. This section will be outdated in a couple of weeks, but the purpose of the artic