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Defusing Cambrian Explosion Excuses, Part 2

This is the second of two installments, Part 1 is here . Several times, atheists and other evolutionists on teh interwebs attempt to wave off the Cambrian Explosion by downplaying its importance. One tinhorn challenged me by demanding to know why it is important, and how creationists deal with it. If they do not know its importance, they should not be apologists for evolution and deep time. But I think people like this enjoy attempting to put creationists on the defensive. It has been a major difficulty for many years, and efforts to solve the problem are doomed to failure. Life on Cambrian Miaolingian sea, WikiComm / Zhixin Sun et. al . ( CC BY 4.0 ), modified at PhotoFunia Note that in all of these things, evolutionists believe  despite  the evidence, and even resort to bad science and bad logic to protect Darwin from mean looks as he saunters down Evolution Street. They get downright deceptive. That's right, I said it!  No amount of tampering with data or reimagining it can cha

Fossil Excitement Level: Massive

On numerous occasions, secular scientists use words like exciting  as a cover for when discoveries threaten their deeply-held beliefs. It seems that such things are uttered by cosmologists as well as paleontologists. Oops, they did it again. Paleontologists found a fossil of a critter related to the modern aquatic animals in the phylum Cnidaria. From the report,  Auroralumina attenboroughii seems to have been quickly buried by a sweeping deluge of volcanic ash caused by the Genesis Flood. This upsets their notions of when modern animals first evolved. Cnidarians, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents) Secularists have a heap of trouble dealing with the Cambrian explosion in the first place. Now this thing pops up 20 million Darwin years before the Cambrian explosion, so they have to evosplain it away while calling it "exciting." Well, it's exciting for biblical creationists as well, but for very different reaso

Fossilized Nervous Systems Support Genesis Flood

The Cambrian explosion, that huge variety of organisms that appeared suddenly and without transitional forms, has troubled evolutionists since Charles Darwin. They have tried to find rescuing devices, but those fall as flat as the fossils. A section of the Cambrian is known for well-preserved fossils. It is increasingly common to find extreme details of delicate areas preserved, and this includes eyes, brains, and paths of the nervous system. Several specimens of a critter called Stanleycaris  made both creationists and evolutionists prick up their ears and take notice. Stanleycaris hirpex , Wikimedia Commons / Junnn11 ( CC BY-SA 4.0 ), background modified Secular paleontologists have been disputing the "head problem" of arthropods for quite a spell. They can't agree on how the heads go together, and how to make it all look good so Darwin will smile. The whole preservation thing strongly exemplifies rapid burial during the global Genesis Flood. Evolutionists reported a s

The Cambrian Explosion and Trilobite Optics

Despite the assertions of believers in particles-to-paleontologist evolution, their historical science is riddled with problems. Sometimes, they evosplain things away. Other problems are too difficult to easily dismiss. A couple of days ago, I accompanied my prospector friend Stormie Waters and her pal Ruby Slippers down Texas way. We picked up their supplies and went to the Brittle Star, a restaurant saloon. We talked and watched some folks playing faro. When what to our wondering eyes should appear but Cliff Swallows, the assistant foreman from the Darwin Ranch, and a lady that was new to us. Trilobite, RGBStock / Martyn E. Jones Cliff introduced her as Stevia Dolce, a new baker at the ranch. Conversation drifted to how the saloon shared a name with the brittle star, a relative of the starfish. I mentioned that they show no signs of evolution, but also how they were designed to "see" with their skin . Stevia smiled sweetly and changed the subject to trilobites. It did not g

Deceptively Renaming Cambrian Explosion

Evolutionists have a habit of renaming and redefining things when they realize biblical creationists are using them. We have the old bait 'n' switch where particles-to-palenontologist evolution is conflated with variations, changes in allele frequencies, and so on. Now some want to rename the Cambrian explosion. When owlhoots like this don't like they hand they've been dealt, they try to change the rules, reshuffle, deal from the bottom of the deck, hide cards, and so on. We have seen these tricks many times, which include  citing retracted papers , omitting pertinent data , and making arbitrary assertions that are not supported by facts. These assertions fit the narrative of naturalism, however. Way back many, many moons ago, Papa Darwin lamented the Cambrian explosion. Biblical creationists have used as one of many tools in refuting evolution. Last I knew,  true  science has nothing to do with  protecting their worldview from the truth . Deceptive Darwinists have asse

Problems with Vertebrate Evolution Still Remain

Some people seem to think that a new calendar year somehow makes problems from the past year go away, but that is obviously not the case. Purveyors of universal common descent evolution still have to evosplain plausible stories for problems such as the origin of vertebrates. Sea squirt image credit: USGS / Caroline Rogers A few weeks back, we talked about the ongoing insurmountable problems of the Cambrian explosion . The brief description is that many complex life forms suddenly appeared in the Cambrian layer with no evidence of evolution — much to the consternation of Papa Darwin. Indeed, invertebrates are often elected to public office. Evolutionists have attempted to find ancestors of vertebrates through various invertebrate critters such as the sea squirt. However, they still have serious problems with their timeline. The hemichordate is shoehorned in there, but it has no real relationship to fish or the sea squirt, and its phylogeny is debated. Other "ancestors" are add

Evolutionary Faith and the Cambrian Explosion

Way back when Charles Robert Darwin was popularizing his version of evolution, he admitted that a problem with his "tree of life" idea was the scarcity of transitional forms. He had faith that maybe someday these would be found. Then there was the insurmountable problem of the Cambrian explosion... By blind faith, evolutionists claim to have many transitional forms. These are disputed, and even the word  transitional  has been the subject of obfuscation. In Darwin's time, the Cambrian was known as the Silurian age. Instead of the orderly progression of fossils indicating simpler to more complex life forms, the Cambrian layer had complex life forms exploding on the scene without any signs of transitional forms.  The fossil record is contrary to the evolutionary tree of life, and evolution's defenders have contrived many rescuing devices. For example, if creatures were considered extinct but later found doing right well, or have remained unchanged over the vast amount o

Disparity, Diversity, and the Cambrian Explosion

One of the greatest problems for deep time geologists and evolutionists is the Cambrian explosion. The name may bring to mind images of loud noises, flashes, and smoke, but it actually means that a passel of critters seemed to explode on the scene in the Cambrian layer. Credit: Freeimages / Dave Dyet I'll allow that creationists tend to oversimplify the importance of the Cambrian explosion (myself included) by pointing out the diversity of life that, according to evolutionists, suddenly appeared on the scene. While that is not wrong, it is incomplete. There is disparity of life forms. That is, there are markedly different life forms near the top of the biological classification table. (Diversity may be more appropriately applied to creatures lower on the table, such as species or genus.) According to evolutionary thinking, there was no time for all these things to develop. What we see is evidence for recent creation, not deep time and evolution. Mostly made at Hetemee

More Rumblings in the Cambrian Explosion

Secular scientists and Darwinian enthusiasts tell us that the fossil record shows a gradual progression of gradual to more complex life forms, from the oldest layers to the more complex (but "graveyards" of jumbled fossils  put burrs under their saddles). One of the most frequent points raised by biblical creationists in support of the global Genesis Flood and recent creation is what is referred to as the  Cambrian Explosion. Credit: Wikimedia Commons /  Mark A. Wilson The Cambrian layer "exploded" with fossils of fully-formed organisms ( including the complex trilobites ), and most of these are plants and marine critters — which fits creation science models. Indeed, many have excellent preservation. Secular geologists naturally operate from their deep time views, and want to know what went on with layers they consider older than Cambrian. Not much happening there. One speculation is that fossilization conditions were not happening in the same way. That rescu

Showing Backbone in the Cambrian Explosion

One of the biggest burrs under the saddles of evolutionary paleontologists is the Cambrian explosion. According to their paradigm, fossils were made gradually, showing evolution from simpler to more complex life forms, over millions of years. The Cambrian layer has many fossilized life forms that are fully developed, and evolutionists have struggled to explain this away. By the way, fossils in the pre-Cambrian? Not so much. That makes things worse for them. David Attenborough does evolution documentaries, and he discussed a critter that supposedly was an ancestor to modern backbones. As is typical in these kinds of discussions, it is speculation without basis. In fact, what is found in the Cambrian explosion is evidence of creation (there are no undisputed transitional forms of something changing into something else), and also supports the Genesis Flood — especially with those well-preserved soft tissues that show sudden burial. Yippie ky yay, secularists! The e

Magical Mystery Evolutionary Explanations for the Cambrian Explosion

To reuse an old joke, "Evolutionists must be in great physical shape. After all, they get a lot of exercise by running down creationists, side-stepping relevant facts, and pushing their luck".  The "Cambrian explosion" is a layer in the geologic column where fossils of many fully-formed multicelled animals "suddenly appeared", with no transitional forms. It has been a source of frustration and attempted explanations for many years. But the magical realm of conclusion-jumping may bring joy to the faithful. Microfossils were found in rocks that are considered older than the Cambrian layers. They don't know quite what was fossilized, but evolutionists are confident that by ignoring evidence and logic, and shoving evolution into the observations, that they can solve the enigma of the Cambrian explosion. The magic of evolution! They still can't get past the fact that the Noachian Flood is the most logical explanation. Are Megasphaera microfoss

"Evolutionary History" as a Utility Explanation

When someone has an "evolution is true" worldview, they are forced to reinterpret facts to suit their presuppositions. This gets embarrassing when they deny the global Genesis Flood and have to explain sea animals buried in volcanic ash, and creatures that do not fit into the failed "Tree of Life" . Also, they are trying to use "evolutionary history" when there is none. Of course, creationists do not have these problems. Something seems wrong with this picture: deep sea creatures living in the dark were preserved in ash from a land volcano. Science Daily just picked up on a press release from Oxford University that came out two weeks ago: the discovery of exquisitely-preserved Ediacaran creatures.  Both articles explained that the Ediacaran fauna appear to bear no relationship to the Cambrian animals that came (in Darwin years) millions of years later, even though “ where exactly they fit in the tree of life is unclear. ”  The discoverers believe