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Fossil Leaves Problematic for Secular Scientists

We have seen many times that deep-time geology and universal common descent evolution have many serious challenges, but people still choose to believe them anyway. Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ patrol teh interwebs to screech at biblical creationists and throw propaganda links at us, telling us that everything is fine for evolution. Not hardly! It was bad enough for the hands at the Darwin Ranch to come up with rescuing devices for dinosaur soft tissues, DNA, and such. Now they have to contend with leaves  of all things. Fossil leaves image credits: Original at Flickr / Bonnie Kirkwood  ( CC BY 2.0 ), modified at PhotoFunia If you head out Idaho way and take the last train to Clarkia  (actually, find Moscow and head northeast), you can visit the fossil beds and even dig some up for yourself (see  some excellent pictures at this link ). This is actually exciting news for biblical creationists because, like dinosaur soft tissues, these leaves refute deep time up one side and down the othe

Explaining the Petrified Redwood Trees

Trees that are actually made out of rock. They used to be wood long ago, but chemical changes happened. Uniformitarian geologists say these things are found all over the world  in situ  (they grew there), but this is mere evosplaining. Creation geologists need to do better. Credit: US National Park Service / P. Comas (Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents) Petrified trees do not show indications of having grown where they are found. Branches and tops are snapped off, and root systems are absent. Then there are the disparate fossils that secularists cannot explicate, which are almost as troublesome as polystrate tree fossils. Biblical creation geologists have some ideas based on Genesis Flood models that seem to fit the bill. There are numerous vertical, petrified trees found in sedimentary rocks around the world. The vertical, petrified redwood stumps at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument are a famous example. They have several unusual features that are problematic for

Polystrate Fossils and Long-Age Duplicity

Although we discussed polystrate fossils a few months ago (see " Let Me Be Polystrate With You "), it is time to run the subject up the flagpole again and see who salutes it. Like the problems of soft tissues, DNA, and such in dinosaur fossils, assorted rescuing devices are manufactured. Original image from GoodFreePhotos /  Paula Piccard The main approach of secular geology is uniformitarianism, but occasionally Janus-faced geologists will invoke catastrophes when their philosophies fail. They have even imagined multiple small floods without evidence instead of the best explanation: the global Genesis Flood. Polystrate fossils are a serious problem, and these are often completely ignored in textbooks and such. Wikipedia, that font of secularist propaganda, does not have a section on polystrate fossils, but there is a sentence in the fundamentally dishonest section on creationism about what creationists believe. Of course, they wave the fossils off without providing

Let Me Be Polystrate With You

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen As we have seen, there are numerous problems with particles-to-paleontologist evolution as well as deep-time dogma. Rusty Swingset and his crew at the Darwin Ranch get mighty ornery about all the discoveries of soft tissues and other remnants , but many people overlook polystrate fossils . Polystrate tree in Nova Scotia image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Michael C. Rygel ( CC by-SA 3.0 ) You may want to save this article for reference. Creationists have used polystrate fossils for many years as evidence for the Genesis Flood . Most commonly used are vertical trees in rock layers, often coal seams. "B-b-b-but Cowboy Bob! We have Wikipedia, Propaganda Talk Origins, strong opinions, and other excuses!" Like geological theories, rescuing devices and "explanations" for polystrate fossils are contrived . Cognate on it for a spell. The layers are alleged to be millions of years in the making but the tree was considerate enough to stay pu