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Double Standards of Evolutionary Discussion

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Edited 12-06-2015 I was quite pleased to see an article that was discussing some of the same things that I have been combating in my discussions with anti-creationists . More specifically, their double standards. It amazes me that any unqualified s hmoe off the street is "qualified" to rail against remarks and articles by creationists, and is joined by a dozen "Me, too!" interlopers. Yet, if someone dares breathe a word of disagreement about evolution, he or she is expected to have impeccable credentials in every area under discussion. That is, I point out a flaw in evolutionary theory, and get asked if I am trained as a scientist . Qualifications or not, we can still speak the truth and can identify bad logic that people are using when attempting to liberate us from our knowledge and faith. Atheist popes like Richard Dawkins are cited as experts on religion and philosophy, but guess what? They are do not satisfy the qualification "st