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So There's a Lady on Mars?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Added next-to-the-last paragraph on 8-19-2015 This is one of my most unusual articles, and I hope it's both interesting and informative. Big news on the Web lately is the "lady on Mars" pictures. What's going on up yonder? Yes, I believe in UFOs. No, I do not believe that they are the products of extraterrestrial intelligence. Not only because of my theological views, but because of science. There are too many problems with the idea of life coming to Earth from outer space, but some UFOs defy the laws of physics , which would destroy its occupants. No, one of my views is more mundane: government testing, such as when they developed the Stealth aircraft.  My other view on UFOs is theological: that the really weird sightings and associated alien abductions are demonic activity. One point about that is how reports of the abductees who become born again Christians have the experience again, and call out to Jesus, the activity stops. Let'