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Puzzles with Missing Pieces

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Edited 6-13-2020 Something I like to recommend is that people ride up on the hill and look down to get a bigger view, but that does not work when parts of the picture are missing. In many cases, it is like attempting to put together an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. Scientific, personal and professional judgments can be critically flawed by acting on insufficient information. Credit: Freeimages /  Andronicus Riyono Earlier today, my wife asked me to get the white pail out of the closet for her. I asked, "Do you mean this gray pail?" No, it was the white one. I was standing at an angle where I only saw the gray lid, then I assumed  that the whole thing was the same color. One step back and I saw my mistake: white pail, gray lid. Do you feel all right? You look a little pail. The expression, "Pictures don't lie" has never been entirely true. Angles omitting pertinent facts, matters of perspective, and other things could make a p