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Evolution and the Ecosexual

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen WARNING: This article contains information that is not recommended for children, and may be disturbing for some adults. Researching diverse subjects for articles is often fascinating, but sometimes I find material that I find troubling, and take no pleasure in writing. Several of the links below contain mature content and profanity. Credit: Pixabay / David Bruyland When I first encountered the word ecosexual , I looked it up and then dismissed it as a fringe fad that would fall by the wayside, sort of like the word metrosexual . Instead, the ecosexual movement appears to have grown into a strange brew of environmental extremism, witchcraft, sexuality, evolutionism, and selfishness. Something else for you to study on is the way people are indulging in more sensuality nowadays. They are even seeking their identities in how they obtain sexual pleasure. Sex is a gift from our Creator, both for procreation and our pleasure. As we can easily see, it is bei