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Question Evolution Day and Phylogenetic Logic

Retail merchandisers in big chain stores often use  planograms , which are basically maps for the placement of items. Those are from the dictates of corporate headquarters, and some of them are very strange. Placement of merchandise is often quite irrational. Believers in universal common descent evolution believer in the evolutionary tree of life , and the secular science industry has naturalistic versions of planograms called cladograms . This is phylogeny, attempting to show relationships between organisms. Enhanced version of Darwin's Tree of Life Sketch Clades can be useful tools showing relationships between living things, but within well-defined limits. Evolutionary planograms — I mean, cladograms — are based on the presupposition that fish-to-fool evolution happened. Although it is considered a theory, evolution is treated like a fact that should not be questioned. No free speech, no free thought. But yes, by all means, indulge in circular logic by assuming evolution to pro

Rearranging the Failed Dinosaur Family Tree

Things must have been slow around Deception Pass, since the hands at the Darwin Ranch have been keeping occupied by proving — nothing. While theories and models are expected to change in light of new evidence, it's just plain insipience to keep feeding mules that won't pull the wagon. Not only do they feed the evolution mule, but they also feed the cladistics mule. In this case, rearranging the dinosaur family tree. Assembled from images at Clker clipart In the evolutionary scheme, scientists have no idea where dinosaurs came from. But they have clades showing the alleged relationships between them and where they perch on the tree of life. (Evolutionists do this cladogram circular reasoning stuff, proving evolution by assuming evolution, in much broader ways as well.) Using new models, some evolutionists are mighty agitated, "Everything we know about dinosaurs is wrong! Textbooks have to be rewritten! Katie, bar the door!" Take this branch here, put it ov

Finally Found a Home in the Failed Evolutionary Tree of Life for a Cambrian Worm?

Paleontologists have been baffled for many years by a fossil. It looks like something that someone may imagine in a drug-induced state, but it is real. How to classify it has been a problem, but a new fossil discovery that is more complete gave evolutionists hope that they know where to put it in the "Tree of Life". But are they doing anything more than guessing and putting it where they want it to be? Linking it to modern creatures because of similar features is not a guarantee of an evolutionary relationship. Hallucigenia sparsa  may look like a sci-fi alien but it is very much a resident of earth—the earth of the past, that is. This tiny fossil has been a real paleontology puzzle. While the best-preserved fossils now show this little animal had seven or eight pairs of claw-tipped legs matching two rows of conical spikes on its back, the original fossils only showed one row of legs, and confusion has long clouded attempts to reconstruct, much less classify, this a

Presuppositional Reasoning in China's Jurassic Park

More dinosaur fossils are coming out of communist China. This time, it looks like they are not fakes (like Archaeoraptor, for instance), but there are still absurd interpretations of the facts. In some ways, paleontologists have a treasure trove. But in other ways, they have problems for evolutionary ideas. Stock image " Dinosaur Fossil " by PANPOTE / Two areas, allegedly millions of years apart in evolutionary time. And not much difference between the fossils. The cladistics people decided that, based on their presuppositions and worldview that evolution is true and that the fossils are millions of years old, well, that means evidence of common ancestry. Of course, they arbitrarily rule out the audacious concept that instead of common ancestry, what they see is evidence of common design by the Master Designer. And feathers? Must not be birds, it must be dinosaurs evolving into birds. Plenty of assumptions, circular reasoning and forcing observati


And now for something completely different. Sort of. Dr. James White gave me a birthday present. Sort of. On a broadcast of " The Dividing Line " starting at about the 34 minute point, he mentioned a video that describes how the Toy Story  movies and the TV series The Walking Dead appear to be the same story. I am uncertain of the exact video he talked about, but this one looks like a good possibility: Dr. White pointed out that things can indeed seem similar, you can find parallels if you want to find them. Of course, you need to ignore the dissimilarities for your "theory" to hold together. His application was different, but his "gift" to me was the inspiration for this article. Edit: I forgot to add that I mentioned this selective data and that people see what they want to see to a physical therapist. She said it happens in the medical field as well, that only some things are presented, but other factors are ignored. I have been a