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Pluto Puzzles Anti-Creationists and Evolutionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Both creationists and evolutionists expected Pluto to be mostly ice, with perhaps a small rocky core. Preliminary findings reveal that there are many features on Pluto and Charon that were quite unexpected and downright baffling for believers in an ancient solar system, but less surprising for biblical creationists. See " New Horizons, Pluto, and the Age of the Solar System ", " Pluto Inbound Image Stuns Scientists ", " Pluto Is Young ", and " Is Pluto Another Geyser World? 'Shocking” Images Baffle Scientists' " for information from creationist perspectives. Pluto from New Horizons . Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ / APL, Southwest Research Inst Scientists presenting the information on Pluto pointed out several features and admitted that Pluto looks young. Naturally, evolution's Luddites will be scrambling to find excuses to justify clinging to "deep time". We should expect a wagon-loa