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How to Deal with Long Posts and Videos

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Having written thousands of posts and articles, and having shared even more at The Question Evolution Project and elsewhere, there have been several times I tried to provide information on negotiating posts and videos.  There are many available, and some are long.   This does not only apply to social media, but it is obvious that a wagon train-load of material is found there. The whole thing is a buffet of information: take what you like. As you can see here, material is offered that covers a wide variety of formats. How can someone make use of things? Background image: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann , ebook reader insert is my own A number of resources I have used are going to be mentioned. For your own sake and mine, use discretion. A site that was safe for me yesterday may not be safe for you today. Probably, but no guarantees. First, the Basics The most obvious course of action is to save the link as a bookmark/favorite in your browser. However, things can get over