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Evolutionism, Cults, and Irrational Thinking

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen If you study on it, you may realize that atheists, cultists, anti-creationists, and others have similar thinking patterns. While much of Western society tends to have an adoration for logic, numbers , science, scientists, facts, and so forth, people are prone to "thinking" with their emotions. That is, some owlhoot comes along and sounds like he knows what he's saying, possibly using expensive words, but there is still some kind of appeal to emotions. Then people end up being deceived. Other biblical creationists and I keep trying to encourage people to learn how to think rationally so they can spot logical fallacies and manipulation. Thi s can help keep deception to a minimum . Ever notice that some people can be excellent thinkers, but when it comes to certain religious matters (and especially evolutionism), they can't think straight ? Before I continue, I want to point out that there are different kinds of common ancestry evoluti

Evolutionism as a Cult

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Although an earlier article from 2014 was reasonably popular, I reckoned I had to rewrite it. Same stable, different horse. Edited 12-28-2021 What is a cult, really? As I have emphasized before,  definitions are important  so that everyone is speaking the same language. People have different connotations of the word "cult", such as black magic rituals in front of scary idols in far off places, mass suicides (such as the People's Temple led by  atheist Jim Jones ), small groups, and so on. Most cults have some degree of truth in them as well as things that appear valid but are twisted. Others think of pseudo-Christian groups like the  Christadelphians ,  Jehovah's Witnesses ,  Mormons , the Sacred Name cultist's (now defunct) Page on Facebook that pretends to be creationist , and so on. Some members of groups that are called "cults" get burrs under their saddles over the word because it is so emotionally charged, has associat

Mormonism and Biblical Creation

Various religious groups that identify themselves as Christian do not have a high view of Scripture, reinterpret for their own purposes and even reject it altogether. Most cults reject biblical creation , and I had sounded an alarm that a Sacred Name cult on Facebook was hiding under the guise of a creationist Page! Indeed, theistic evolution requires disdain for the written Word of God, taking the Pelagian heresy beyond what Pelagius would have envisioned . Often, evolutionists act like cultists in their pursuit of eradicating God. Cults twist the Scriptures (if they give them credence at all), and "liberal Christianity" is heading down the same road as these cults. Some are ambiguous about their belief in evolution. Pixabay / Mormon Temple / SteeveMeyner Mormonism gives mixed signals that confuse adherents. Their entire philosophy is ultimately materialistic, and their concept of becoming gods themselves is a form of evolutionary thinking. On one hand, they are on

Cultists as Creationists

Previously, I wrote an article about how people need to be discerning. Cults like the Sacred Name, Jehovah's Witnesses and others will use interest in origins as a way to rope in the unsuspecting and feed them their "truth".  On another Weblog, I wrote about a Sacred Name cultist posing as a biblical creationist and speaking blasphemy on Facebook. I hope this article (and others linked within) will not only expose the charlatan, but also give encouragement to check for deceptions and compare their statements with the Word of God. After all, this is not the only time or place that this will happen. Please see " A Cult on Facebook Claiming to be Creationist ".

Danger for Christians and Creationists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Creationists expect to be ridiculed, lied to (and lied about) by atheists and anti-creationists. That goes with the territory. But what happens when someone wants to gain information about creation science and theology but may not realize that the site or social media location has a more insidious goal? Recent experiences prompted me to seek counsel from Christian friends, and this article is the result. It is going to be different from most of the material here; I want to caution people who are looking for good creation science and theological material. That sounds strange, but stay with me on this as it can be very important for your spiritual well-being. Background I choose from a variety of sources for the featured articles and to include in the Creation Links section. Sometimes the individual article is acceptable, but I do not want to risk sending someone to a site that may lur