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Astounding Origin of Life Stories

While riding out Folly Road near Stinking Lake (which is not as bad as it sounds), I commenced to cogitating about origin of life (OoL) research. Papa Darwin speculated that it may have happened in some "warm little pond" but was reluctant to say much on the subject. Deep in thought, I was startled when Stevia Dolce spoke to me. She was with Lisa Myworries. They had made the trip from the Darwin Ranch up yonder at deception pass. Since they asked, I told them what I was thinking, which came from what I had been reading. Algae pond near Hurley, NY, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen What passes for origin of life scientific research seems increasingly desperate and is more like fantasy storytelling than real science. Lots of maybe, possibly, perhaps , and other weasel words populate the stories. Volcanic eruptions (like this one in Iceland ) pour out all sorts of gasses, some of them toxic, and lightning during those may have sparked life. Or was it methane and soda in a lake in C

The Spirit of the Origin of Life

The problems of the origin of life (OOL) on Earth are astronomically difficult, and one disingenuous rescuing device that the Evo Sith utilize is to claim that OOL has nothing to do with evolution. (We can quickly dispense with that falsehood at this link , and move on.) Despite the insurmountable difficulties, there are still materialists that insist on making the impossible appear plausible. Credit: Morguefile / Alvimann Abiogenesis models are packed with a passel of presumptions, including the "reducing atmosphere" (a concept that has been largely abandoned nowadays) in the failed Miller-Urey experiment , and the experimenters cheated by putting in a trap to remove the amino acids from the environment that would have destroyed them. There are some worse speculations today involving animism. No, it's not praying to animals, but a primitive belief that everything has a spirit . So, some materialists are violating materialism by believing that the spirit of molecu