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Evidence of Evolution — SERIOUSLY?

morgueFile/cielo  Not too long ago, I was fond of the "reality shows" that dealt with the paranormal. The investigators would look for natural explanations of phenomena before they would entertain a paranormal explanation. The door opens by itself? Yes, and opening a door down the hall would create a kind of wind effect, plus the weak latch — no spirits here, Bruce.  Similarly, critics of creation science create a straw man based on prejudicial conjecture : that creationists simply write everything off as "GodDidIt", and that do not want to know anything that is actually scientific. Yet, evolutionists will look for "EvolutionDidIt" as the first  explanation. Sometimes they do this despite evolutionary mechanisms that are postulated, and despite empirical evidence! In fact, they are guilty of circular reasoning, because they all ege that many things, despite alternative explanations, are considered to be evidence of evolution. People believe t

Darwin and Racism

"Although atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." — Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker Darwinism has given a kind of false respectability and "scientific" justification for all sorts of evils in the world. "How can you say that, Cowboy Bob? Evolution is a biological theory." A biological "theory" with cooperation from several scientific fields, and extended into social sciences. Evolution has been used as a support for communism , Nazism , abortion , eugenics , racism , and more. Racism has existed for ages, we all know that. People will always find an excuse to hate someone they do not like, or is different (and then justify themselves). But racism is strongly supported in evolutionism, and can be found in Darwin's own plagiarized ideas. Radar has an article showing this, and his article continues into another article, "Did Darwin

Appalachian Mountains and the Flood

The large system of mountains know as the Appalachians is considered to be quite old by uniformitarian geology standards. However, they show features that are "young". Image credit: morgueFile/youvebeenreviewed There are several ideas put forth to explain the observed features, but they do not adequately explain these features, nor do they offer satisfactory mechanisms. The using the global Flood model, the data fit quite well. An interesting article, published in GSA Today (a publication by the Geological Society of America) in February 2013, describes features of the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. These are a system of mountain ranges in eastern North America, extending from around Atlanta, Georgia, north past New York, and into Canada (see figure left). The paper is entitled Miocene rejuvenation of topographic relief in the southern Appalachians. This title would not mean anything to most people, because like most geological articles in geological journ

Subatomic Bird Thoughts

morgueFile/ana_c_golpe (modified) People have long wondered how birds navigate. Some travel huge distances, and they do it with precision. Perhaps they are able to do this at a subatomic level. At any rate, this is further evidence of amazing design. Being called a "bird brain" implies that an individual is scatterbrained and flighty. Through the decades, however, ornithologists have grown to appreciate the amazing design and abilities of these feathered creatures. From their respiratory system to intricate vocalization patterns, birds reveal profound sophistication. Smithsonian magazine recently featured a brief article on bird navigation. The opening statement reads, "Birds must be geniuses because they use quantum mechanics to navigate." You can fly over to " Bird Brains and Quantum Mechanics " to finish reading this short article.

Whale of a Transition Tale

NOAA  NEWS FLASH! PARTIAL WHALE FOSSILS DISCOVERED IN CALIFORNIA! Big deal. Although paleontologists expected to find transitional forms (and are looking to hang such a label on one of the creatures), they did not label any of the other oceanic life forms as "transitional". In fact, they found a lot of junk as far as evolutionary theorizing is concerned, since several other things were found that interfere  with evolutionary conjectures, and excuses must  be made to protect "science". Of course, creationists do not have this problem. Several fossil whale parts found in a southern California canyon are being called transitional forms in whale evolution. . . . What was actually found tells a more convoluted story.  Some 30 partial whale fossils were found in a Laguna Canyon road cut, including four newly-identified species of “toothed baleen whale—a type of whale that scientists  thought had gone extinct 5 million years earlier .” You can fin your wa

Evolution Trickery, and the Age of the Solar System

Purveyors of evolutionism believe in their fatally flawed hypothesis  despite  the evidence, not because of  evidence. The science is against it. Yet they deceive themselves, and are deceiving others, for a belief system that force-fits data into their presuppositions. When the facts interfere with their worldview, they perform feats of prestidigitation with "explanations" that should not convince (or fool) anyone. And call those of us who present contrary evidence, "Liars". Yet, the "theory" is still intact despite logic and science. People need to put aside the propaganda and honestly look at the evidence. If they dropped their presuppositions, the data would make much more sense. But to admit that the evidence actually points to a Creator instead of supporting ever-changing naturalistic philosophies? Inconceivable! The following article discusses the philosophies that keep people deceived about evolution. Then it goes on into another article wit

Living Fossils — Keep the Change

Image When an organism is found fossilized and the living specimen is virtually unchanged, it is called a "living fossil". Such things are baffling to evolutionists (although Darwin's Uninformed Cheerleaders brush off the facts by saying, "Well, evolution does not require things to change"). To have so many critters in "stasis" in their ecosystems for alleged millions of years simply does not make sense and interferes with evolutionary theories. Some folk just don’t see the significance of the myriad examples of ‘living fossils’. Following our interview with Dr Carl Werner on the topic, one evolutionist protested: “There is no written rule that says a lineage has to die out just because an offspring develops a beneficial mutation. The theory of evolution explains how species change over time, it doesn’t say that all species must change over time. As long as a species can survive in its environment and pass on its genetic informat

Things That Are Not So Old After All

stock.xchng/fulco "Hall of Giants" This audio and reading material combination further illustrates how uniformitarian presuppositions fail. The evidence points to a young Earth after all. The free audio downloads are in three segments, and the download links are near the title: Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 3 is here

Water Bear - Evidence for Design

The "Water Bear" or "Moss Piglet" (Tardigrade) is an amazing, tiny and appallingly ugly critter whose picture can be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner bag, or even as a prank. Even so, its survivability in extreme conditions for long periods of time is pretty much unbelievable.  Never growing more than 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) (smaller than the thickness of a quarter), water bears dwell in a diversity of environments, from the highest mountains to the deep sea. To survive these extremes, they have an amazing ability—they can enter a sort of hibernation. In this state a water bear is called a tun . In this condition, they can survive being boiled in water and frozen to almost absolute zero (where all molecular motion ceases). Curious about the limits of their survivability, scientists discovered that water bears can survive pressure up to six times the deepest ocean trench’s pressure. When subjected to the complete vacuum of space and direct radiation from the sun, the

Evolutionary Scientists — Noble Victims

One of the great deceptions that evolutionists have used is that they are the victims, with "religion" and "science deniers" as their persecutors. This is not the case. Not only has evolutionary philosophy contributed nothing to scientific advances, but they  are the ones doing the persecuting. They demonize those of us who know that the evidence points away  from evolution and toward  the Creator, refusing to understand the creationist point of view (how attacking a straw man or railing about a person's character flaws qualifies as "discussing science" escapes me). This is a deception that they have used for decades. And yet, Darwin's Stormtroopers go on the march, attacking people who dare to think for themselves. Julian Savulescu’s  recent comments suggesting that parents have a “moral obligation to select ethically better children” were more than just another move in the on-going eugenics revival. The Oxford professor’s misrepresentation o

Science Will Govern Us

stock.xchng/Viajero1 How would you like to live in a world run by "science"? Never mind that "science" is a philosophical concept and not a living entity. People have elevated scientists (the people who do science stuff) into a class of intellectuals who are unbiased and have the highest morals, so they are best suited to govern us, yes? Of course, those of us who know that the science does not support evolution would be considered "anti-science" (even more than the rants of Darwin's Cheerleaders would have you believe). Are scientists really suited to govern? We may find out, whether we like it or not. The scientocracy C. S. Lewis feared is seriously being considered by left-leaning, abortion-promoting scientism communities. “ Time for science to seize political power ” blazes a headline on New Scientistby Michael Brooks. In your wildest dreams, could you imagine  a government that builds its policies on carefully gathered scientific evid

Video: Deny Evolution, Risk Your Career

To help celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday Question Evolution Day , here is a lecture by Dr. Jerry Bergman about how evolution deniers can lose their jobs and even have their entire careers destroyed. It's ironic, evolutionists feel the need to protect "science" (disingenuously conflating "evolution" with "science"), suppressing dissent against evolution in the scientific community . This is science? Even so, there are secular scientists that dare to speak out and risk their careers . If you do not like Dr. Bergman's biblical message, just wait it out. The video is about ninety minutes, so get comfy. (The last half hour or so is a Q & A session that you could give a miss if you're pressed for time).

Protecting Evolution is Not in the Spirit of Scientific Inquiry

Question Evolution Day is February 12! The biggest problem with evolution is that it is not scientific. Sure, scientists do science stuff to try to support it, but in the end, we have speculation, conjecture, wild guesses, tendentious "facts", bad science and even fraud. Evolution is a pseudoscientific theory . Yet its adherents passionately (even desperately) try to defend it despite rational thinking and inchoate practices. I have inquired of atheists and evolutionists who attack The Question Evolution Project, other Bible-believing Christians, and me personally. They want to "protect" "science" from "religion". Here is one outstanding example with a Stalinist edge: By the way, Twitter "Tweets" are public. Twitter said so . This is why they delete things. Science does not need protection! Further, they conflate the words evolution with science, which is intellectually dishonest and manipulative. The true spirit of

What a Long, Strange Trip for Pacific Salmon

Consider the Pacific salmon. Sure, most people know that they swim upriver to spawn. But the life cycle is a marvel, and a testimony to the wisdom of their Creator. They are born in fresh water rivers, change, live in the salt water, change again for fresh water and go back to the same rivers of their births. Salmon begin their remarkable life-cycle from eggs which have been laid, fertilized, and covered with gravel (sometimes sand) in the upper reaches of a river or stream. Water must flow through the gravel to supply oxygen. After incubation, tiny alevins (pronounced AL-i-vinz ) emerge from the eggs. Alevins have a yolk sac below their bellies which contains sufficient nutrition for their early development. They do not emerge from under the gravel during this alevin stage, but stay there for protection against predators until their yolk sac is fully absorbed. When they emerge they are 3-4 centimetres (about 1 1/2 inches) long, and are called fry . Th

Dinosaur Tracks Trample Uniformitarianism

Uniformitarian assumptions such as, "The present is the key to the past", fossils (and tracks) take a very long time to form are being stomped on by a new study on dinosaur tracks. It is not time , but conditions, that explain most of the scientific data. (It's interesting how their fundamentally flawed worldview gives more bad science than good science.) In this case, the evidence further supports the Noachian Flood. Casual observers are not the only ones who puzzle over dinosaur footprint origins. After all, other animal tracks in mud are not fossilized today because erosive processes rapidly erase them. If a rock layer requires thousands of years to solidify, then how were dinosaur tracks recorded in them? A team of paleontologists specializing in "ichnology," the study of fossil tracks, just released a radically different explanation for the famous "dinosaur stampede" track ways in Queensland, Australia. Their analysis unwittingly confirmed

Solar System Conundrum

Titan image credit: NASA / JPL / University of Arizona  So much space exploration, so much guessing. Planets and moons are showing signs of being "young", with short-lived phenomena. The evidence shows that the solar system is not really billions of years old, and fanciful "explanations" without evidence are put forth. After all, scientists demand an ancient universe and an ancient Earth to fit their evolutionary worldview. As usual, creationists do not have to resort to "explanations" that avoid observed facts. Why are we seeing young phenomena in the planets if they are billions of years old?  Some scientists are abandoning uniformitarian assumptions and admitting we are lucky to be witnessing them in “ rare moments of glory .” In Nature this week, Maggie McKee interviewed scientists who are struggling with short-lived phenomena in the solar system.  The subtitle of her article, “Caught in the Act,” states, “ We may be seeing some of the Solar

Misrepresented Missing Link

"Question Evolution Day" is February 12! stock.xchng/bugdog The saga of puijila is not only a marvelous example of horribly misinterpreting data because of fundamentally flawed evolutionary presuppositions, but circular reasoning to "prove" evolution. Then, the desperate-for-evidence evolutionists and the journal Nature actually misrepresented the findings. They really otter know better. Of course, creationists do not have these problems, as the evidence fits the creationist worldview. For 150 years, evolutionists had not been able to find evolutionary ancestors for the aquatic group of mammals called pinnipeds—the seals, sea lions, and walruses. This was odd because they had found well over 15,000 fossil pinnipeds but they had not found any land ancestors that were on the way to becoming a seal, sea lion or walrus. Their ‘oldest’ fossil, a creature called Enaliarctos , looked like a modern sea lion, with fully aquatic front and back flippers, not

Happy Anniversary!

Two years at my unregistered assault keyboard, selecting informative material that refutes evolution and affirms that the evidence best supports creation science.

Reloading the Silver Bullet for the Evolution Werewolf

stock.xchng/busangane (modified)  The werewolf of evolution is dead. But it will not stay in its grave because acolytes of evolutionism keep giving it unnatural life. So, we keep taking it down with silver bullets of logic. Evolutionists claim that logic and truth are products of the mind, and therefore, products of evolution. Anyone with half a brain will realize that this is absurd. Just ask any psychologist whether or not people have different concepts of reality and logic. Further, brain chemistry changes. I am a diabetic, and blood glucose levels can affect my moods. So do the blood pressure medications. I used to be on antidepressants, and those things modify brain chemistry. The "logic" of a person with clinical depression or a psychotic disorder does not match with actual logic, it is ruled more by emotions than reason. Sometimes it's hard to be a human. So how can truth, logic, perceptions of reality, mathematics, morality and more be the product of

Armed and Dangerous Shrimp?

A fascinating fun fact is that the pistol shrimp actually shoots its prey. It has to do with the claw, compressed bubbles, amazing speed and temperature — and utterly baffling to the evolutionist. Like other critters, everything must be in place at the same time, or nothing works. Piecemeal evolution offers no plausible model or explanation. Do you like shrimp for dinner? Well don’t mess with this pistol packing hombre! Despite being a diminutive 1–2 inches (3–5 cm) long, the pistol shrimp normally has one regular claw but also has an oversized claw which operates as an acoustic weapon capable of producing ‘gunshots’ reaching over 200 decibels ( much  louder than a jet engine!). The violent implosion of this cavitation bubble produces the sound, the pressure of which is strong enough to kill small fish. Unwary victims approaching within an inch or so (~4 cm) of this oceanic ‘bush-whacker’ may find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun that is literally cocked and