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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Evil People Trying to Prove Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

The content of this post (and especially in the featured article below) is both important and disturbing, so be forewarned on both counts. People want to believe they are special, and the Nazis used evolutionism, bad science, and propaganda to "prove" the Aryan "race" was superior.

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An honest examination of evolutionary thinking reveals that it has spawned many evils, including:
As we have seen many times, many adherents of the Darwin Death Cult® are not driven by evidence, but instead are trying to promote the atheistic naturalism narrative. (If evolutionists were indeed following the evidence, they would all be biblical creationists! It is a spiritual matter, old son, and not so much about properly using science.) They presuppose evolution as an axiom and then build from that. Evolutionists allow each other to question how something allegedly evolved, but to question evolution itself is streng verboten.

The interpretations of evidence for evolution is tendentious. We see quite often that Darwinists are seeking to have their biases confirmed. Data is selected, and unpleasant facts are ignored or downplayed.

Hitler used the Aryan "race" myth. Like other Darwin enthusiasts, Nazis did not examine evidence for this alleged Aryan race, but instead the they sought confirmation bias. Since Jews were considered inferior, they used selective citing (including the ever-popular fallacy of suppressed evidence) and confirmation bias. That is, tenuous or even imagined support for Aryan superiority and the inferiority of Jews and other ethnic groups was falsely supported.

The Nazis also dehumanized the Jews. This is a popular tactic, and we see it happening with atheists attempting to dehumanize Christians and creationists, and leftists are doing it to those who do not vote, speak, and even think the way they prefer — which is happening while you're reading this. Learn from history, people!

The next part of this will be hard to read — it is difficult for me to write.

Scientists supporting Nazism were making museums of Jewish skeletons because they considered Jewish people inferior to Aryans. Victims were selected because they fit Nazi beliefs based on arbitrary assertions of physical characteristics. (Again, we often see this nonsense in evolutionary "evidence".) They ignored the fact that all humans, including Jews, have diverse physical characteristics. Their victims were murdered so their bodies and some organs could be displayed in revolting "I told you so!" propaganda.

Although there were Jews in Germany who had scientific prestige, the political and manufactured moral sentiments went against them, and they were betrayed — even by people who formerly admired them. Since this evidence of intellectual capabilities did not fit their views, Nazis moved the goalposts (as do many evolutionists today) by saying that Jews were morally and physically inferior. This kind of racism existed even before Darwin, who did not invent evolutionary ideas, he used those already in existence, plagiarized, and hijacked natural selection for his own ends.

The wicked researchers showed no remorse for their crimes at their trials. All 86 victims for the murderous evolutionary proof project were identified and memorialized.

Those of us who know and believe the Bible realize that while there are ethnic groups and the Master Engineer designed us to have diversity, there is only one race. I'll allow that while this Nazi project is an extreme example, it is still an example of human depravity. It also reveals how fake science and bad logic can be used to confirm evil presuppositions. Our Creator is the one who makes the rules, and we are responsible to him. All will stand before him and confess that Jesus is Lord.
This is a review of the history of an attempt to prove Jewish racial inferiority by selecting Jews who fit the racial stereotype, then murdering them, and processing the bodies for display in a German university museum. In the end, the researchers were unable to find any evidence of Jewish racial inferiority as predicted by the anthropology and medical academic community of the time. The cost in terms of lives and suffering included over 100 innocent people who were murdered to prove a theory that turned out to be not only wrong but based on an erroneous secular philosophy, namely Darwinism. This display was one result of the rejection of the Genesis account that teaches all men are descendants of our first parents, Adam and Eve; thus all humans are of one race (the human race) and one kind (mankind).

To read the rest, brace yourselves and see "The Failed Attempt to Prove Jewish Inferiority by a Skeleton Collection". It is useful and informative, but also unpleasant.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Punctuating the Crocodile Evolution

Sometimes it get baffling how people persist in believing universal common descent evolution, what with all the bad science, frauds, and all. Then I remember that such pedagese exists because naturalists will believe anything rather than allow a Divine foot in the door. Consider crocodiles and punctuated equilibrium.

Some evolutionists admit that they do not have the transitional fossil forms they need. Punctuated equilibrium, rapid change without evidence is used as an explanation for crocodile non-evolution.
Modified from an image at Pexels / Rutpratheep Nilpechr

It's been "the trade secret of paleontology" that there are no undisputed transitional fossils. (In fact, many putative transitional forms were simply different genders, adults, juveniles, variations of the same critter.) Since Papa Darwin knew that the fossils did not support his views, he took it by faith that they would be found someday (which is not science in the least). Since there is no actual evidence for evolution, what's a Darwin devotee to do?

Trade one story without evidence for another tall tale, of course! Otto Schindewolf proposed that evolution happened in bursts, so that's why there's no evidence. Richard Goldschmidt later came up with the "hopeful monster" idea, where (short version) a bird laid an egg and a lizard hatched. He ran this one up the flagpole but nobody saluted it, so it faded.

Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge bought it out of the root cellar and gave it the expensive moniker of punctuated equilibrium, which is sort of like all those movie "reboots" where the dreadful phrase, "The same thing only different" applies.

Whether fundamentalist evolutionism or sudden leaps, all of this presupposes some form of evolution and denies the truth of our Creator. Then they build their ranch spread firmly in the air with no actual foundation, with a heapin' helpin' of faith to keep it hanging there. Since evolution can explain anything (which means it explains nothing), the irresistible force of evolution can be suspended; something doesn't evolve if it doesn't need to. No "evolutionary pressures" happened over millions of Darwin years, so an organism remained in stasis.

They are pulling these pieces of non-science together to explain the lack of evidence for crocodile evolution. In fact, since they cannot admit that evidence doesn't exist and they are simply using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. They are also trying to marry up gradualism with rapid processes, and people are getting paid lotsa grotzits for doing nothing. And they do it quite well.

Evolution is fast except when it is slow. It explains all, including why crocodiles are largely unchanged for 200 mya.

The theory of punctuated equilibrium (“punk eek”) was the Darwin-rescue device concocted by Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge in 1972, when the paleontologists realized that evolution appears to change organisms rapidly between long periods of stasis (i.e., no evolution). The PBS Evolution site treats punk eek as a valid hypothesis still needing answers, but at the time, evolutionists revolted at the idea. They had been trained to think in Darwin’s terms of slow, gradual accumulation of small variations. With smile mask on, the PBS writer smooths over the controversy:

You can snap up the rest of this article at "What a Croc: Punk-Eek Invoked for Crocodile Evolution".

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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Masterful Engineering of Trees

It would be easy for someone to take trees for granted, even though we know that they give us wood products, homes for assorted critters, and produce oxygen. What is easy to overlook is how they are exquisite examples of our Creator's genius.

We may not think much about trees other than wood, producing oxygen, and so on. However, despite misotheists, they are superb examples of design.
Modified from a US Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Aaron Henson
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents by the Marines
or the US Department of Defense, but my USMC brother might approve)
Trees can be likened to buildings. A favorite argument of many creationists and those in the Intelligent Design movement is that a painting has a painter, a building has a builder, etc., but the extreme complexity of life is the product of atheistic naturalism and evolution. That's willful ignorance, old son, just like the absurd canard that things only appear to be designed — which is just an opinion.

"Didn't George Carlin ask why they're called buildings when they're already built, Cowboy Bob?"

I think that was him. Moving on...

Buildings begin with plans (information), and trees have their information packed into tiny seeds. Materials must be brought to the building's site, but trees are designed to use what is available. Energy needs to be installed in a building, but trees are made for photosynthesis. This process uses sunlight, carbon dioxide, and organic compounds to provide energy. There are more details of the specified complexity in trees to consider and appreciate in our Creator's work.
Trees are given a prominent position in God’s Word. Psalm 1 compares a man who bases his life on God’s law to a tree growing close to streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.

To most people, trees are the very essence of ‘naturalness’, which basically implies absence of artificial human input. In recent decades, secular literature has shown a noticeable shift towards interpreting naturalness as absence of divine input—as merely the product of chance, by evolution. Nothing could be further from the truth; a tree is not a product of chance, but of divine design.

I may be going out on a limb, but you may like the rest of the article at "Trees: God’s creative power on display". Also, you could branch off and read a similar post, "Trees Leaf Evolutionists Puzzled".

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Science, the Bible, and Islam

Someone made a galactically vapid attack on "religion", stating that since all religions cannot be right, none of them are. Misotheists often categorize religion as if they were all the same. We shall consider the two largest monotheistic religions regarding science and culture.

There are superficial resemblances between Islam and Christianity. When we look at the Koran, the Bible, and science, differences become apparent.
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When pointing out how science thrives in the proper environment and that many of the founders of modern science were not only Christians but also biblical creationists, scoffers sometimes bring up ancient Persian astronomers and mathematicians. However, Mohammedanism is not conducive to science. (How many Islamic scientists who have contributed to society can you name?) Indeed, many things attributed to ancient Persians were actually borrowed from other cultures.

For that matter, how many have contributed to culture? Their architecture is not original, and the Koran takes a dim view of music. Those who are in the performing arts are obviously not fundamentalists.

The Bible and the Koran agree superficially that life was created, but the details are extremely different. (Allah may do reverse evolution by turning someone into an ape!) When contrasting the creation narrative of the Bible with remarks about creation in the Koran, it is easy to tell that the Bible was written with knowledge and authority. Add to this that Islam has some distinctly unscientific teachings, but the Bible has never been wrong on scientific facts.

If a religion is the one true religion then the god of that religion, the claimed creator, must be a supernatural being; one who is separate from and beyond nature. If that god is a holy god who is all powerful and all knowing, then that god would know all things absolutely and would communicate accurate and truthful facts about history, medicine, music, art and science. 

The Christian Bible, although available in many translations from the original texts, is filled with accurate statements about history, medicine, music, art and science. The 14 variants (seven major texts, each with two equally accepted versions) of the Koran (also Quran or Qurʼan) are filled with inaccurate statements about history, medicine, music, art and science.

. . . 

Any religion is founded upon its “creation” account consisting of who or what is responsible and how all things came into existence. That creation foundation determines the relationship between the god and the people that were created. The first test for the one true religion must be that its creation account is rational, reasonable, logical and based in evidence (scientifically accurate). Consider the following comparisons between the creation accounts of the Bible and the Korans and get a sense of which one fits these four standards:

To read this extremely interesting by quite long article, saddle up and ride over to "Is Islam a Scientifically Valid Religion?" For the record, the article was posted in 2020, but I believe it was written before that. This only affects superficial details.

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Layers of Folded Rocks

We recently looked at how it is reasonable to expect to find certain things if an idea is correct, and this is borne out in the Grand Canyon in support of creation science Flood geology. We need to visit there again and examine folded rock layers.

Another thing that secular geologists cannot reasonably explain is how rock layers around the earth are bent and curved. Creation Science explains.
Credit: US National Park Service (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)

Believers in deep time seem to want us to believe irrational and contradictory things. Sedimentary layers are supposedly laid down gradually over hundreds of millions of years, but using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™, these stiff rocks folded under proper conditions. (By the way, folded is used to describe curved layers as well as those which aremore dramatically folded.) Still waiting on empirical evidence to support these unobserved events in the distant past.

When the data is plugged into creation science Genesis Flood models, what is observed makes a great deal more sense. One thing the secularists have right: sedimentary rocks folded under the right conditions. The conditions were caused by the Flood and uplifts when the rocks were much more pliable and less likely to fracture like the ones we see now.

The fossil-bearing geologic record consists of tens of thousands of feet of sedimentary layers, though not all these layers are found everywhere around the globe, and their thickness varies from place to place. At most locations only a small portion is available to view, such as about 4,500 feet (1371 m) of strata in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Uniformitarian (long-age) geologists believe that these sedimentary layers were deposited and deformed over the past 500 million years. If it really did take millions of years, then individual sediment layers would have been deposited slowly and the sequences would have been laid down sporadically. In contrast, if the global cataclysmic Genesis Flood deposited all these strata in a little more than a year, then the individual layers would have been deposited in rapid succession, one on top of the other.

To read the full article, see "Folded Rock Layers". Also of interest is "How to Fold Rocks".

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Retracted Papers and Peer Review

The secular peer-review process is enounced as if it were a guarantee of truth and objectivity, but these folks do not understand what is involved. Academia requires publishing, and many researchers want to promote the next big thing in science. There are serious problems in this elite club.

The secular-peer review process is believed to be a guarantee of truth and accuracy. It is beset with problems including use of retracted papers.
Credit: FreeDigitalImages / Renjith Krishnan

The secular science industry is beset with problems. There is a reproducibility crisis, which means that papers are submitted, reviewed, and published — but the results have not been reproduced. How valid is that paper? Researchers cite papers that are dubious, and some are even fraudulent. It was discovered that retracted papers are also used to support research.

Mockers reject peer-reviewed papers by biblical creationists, but they have very different motivations by secularists and are apparently not dealing with such issues. Don't be disunderstanding me. I'm not gilding the lily and pretending there are no sidewinders pretending to be creationists, or that they are without fault. But with desires to uphold the Word of God and seek the truth, creationists as a whole are disinclined to cheat. Savvy?

There’s another case of zombie science in peer-reviewed publishing: retracted papers that don’t stay dead.

Proponents of scientism often argue that science, unlike other realms of scholarship, is self-correcting. Peer review prevents bad papers from getting published (so goes the argument), but even after publication, other experts or the authors themselves can find flaws and notify the journal, which can issue a retraction. All well and good. . . . Why, then, are some papers still being cited over a decade after they were retracted?

To read this interesting and useful article, ride on over to "Retracted Papers Never Die".

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Master Design of the Human Ear

When certain sidewinders say that various things around us have the "appearance" of design and imply that they are only the products of fish-to-fool evolution, they are not making scientific statements. The construction of the human ear is clearly engineered by the Master Builder.

Despite the claims of Darwin's disciples, the specified complexity of the human ear and the hearing process defies evolution by its masterful design.
Credit: NIH / NIDCD (background color added)
Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents

Sound happens, disrupting the air with small cycles. When sound reaches the ear, resonance amplifies it in the canal and then things get serious. The brain makes it understandable (unless it's impossible), and we can hear someone calling, a symphony, alarms, water in a stream or ocean, and so much more. The entire process is amazingly complex, and we can defy someone who claims that it is the product of time, chance, random processes, and so on to say how the process and its specified complexity allegedly evolved.

Looking at the ear and how it works, it becomes immediately obvious that there is an awesome and very intricate process underlying our auditory sense. In fact, the human ear is one of the most intricate examples of miniature and sophisticated engineering on the planet.

My background is in mathematics applied to acoustic engineering, having performed research on the role of pressure waves with combustion. This includes very small variations in pressure, called acoustic waves, which travel through the air when we speak. Though small, they can even affect standing flames. That work involves the safety of jet engines which can under a certain phenomenon called ‘resonance’ (when one object vibrates in sympathy with another) amplify acoustic waves such that the vibrations grow and even destroy fan blades in the rotor. As we will see, resonance is an important property in hearing, and in particular in hearing the human voice.

You can finish reading this extremely interesting article at "Our created ear". Also, here is a similar post, "Design of the Ear".

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