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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

T. Rex Research and Pack Hunting

Those Jurassic Park/World movies took many liberties which included the speed of Tyrannosaurus rex and the increased size of the velociraptors. In their defense, the movies are money-making ventures to provide entertainment, not education. Also, new research on the critters came later. I have another rescuing device to offer.

Research on T. Rex indicates that they were not fast runners, and they may have hunted in packs. Some relevant evidence was ignored in the research.

When we go to movies, watch television, or even when reading novels, we have to suspend our disbelief and accept that reality. The dinosaurs in the Jurassic flicks were modified dinosaurs, so T. rex was fast and velociraptors not only taught their young, but were much larger than the turkey-sized versions that were fossilized. But that's just for fun and we have some interesting research to ponder.

Calculating body mass, bone density, comparison to living animals, and other factors, Tyrannosaurus rex was probably not entering foot races and jumping contests. A fall would probably be fatal, so it wouldn't be chasing after the other dinosaurs who taunted it by singing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands..."

We recently saw questions raised about velociraptors and whether or not they hunted alone. T. rex is portrayed as a solitary hunter, but questions have been raised about whether or not they were also pack hunters because evolution. Since naturalists presuppose evolution and "pressures", evidence was interpreted in only one way, and fossils that were used in the research could be explained by the Genesis Flood. There is no evidence of dinosaur evolution (because they were created, not evolved), but the narrative of naturalism controls how evidence in interpreted.
Noting that slow-moving sauropods (a large herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaur) were rare in those communities where tyrannosaurs existed, with only a single taxon from North America known—and it lived in the southernmost portion of Tyrannosaurus’ range—the researchers believe that T. rex had to target faster prey like hadrosaurs (duck-billed dinosaurs) and ceratopsians (like Triceratops). Because hadrosaurs and ceratopsians are smaller and not as calorie-dense as sauropods, they reasoned that T. rex had “pressure for obtaining more kills due to the fact that each kill provides less resources, thus necessitating minimizing energy expenditure per hunt and maximizing resource extraction per kill, especially if that kill is shared amongst a group, [and which therefore] influenced selection for longer limbs in Tyrannosauridae.”
To read the full article, click on "T. Rex Revisited: Fast, Slow, or Pack Hunter?"

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Date Selection and Radiometric Dating

Except for fundamentalist evolutionists, many people know that radiometric dating is tenuous at best. It involves a number of assumptions, which is bad enough, but there is a passel of circular reasoning and cherry-picking of data to fit deep time presuppositions. The same is true in radiocarbon dating.

Radiometric dating has a number of assumptions, cherry-picked data based on preferences, and circular reasoning.
Credit: Freeimages / Pedro Simao
Some hominid remains were discovered in Portugal, and secularists commenced to assigning dates to the rocks. However, the standard used was predetermined to give researchers the deep time that they wanted to have. They also had results that were the opposite of what they wanted, and inconvenient dates were simply rejected. Very unscientific and dishonest.
A recent Neanderthal study in the journal Science mixed detailed archaeological finds with stories about human origins. As is typical, the report’s age assignments for fossils fit evolutionary time instead of the Bible’s much shorter timeline of thousands of years. Its age-dating exercises reveal more about what these scientists believe than what the rocks and fossils actually show.

The Neanderthal human remains were found in a cave on the Portuguese coast. The Science report dated them “to ~86 to 106 thousand years ago.” What evidence demands that we accept this age instead of the Bible’s historical timeline?
You can read the rest by following the link to "How Not to Date Hominid Remains", and we have another article to examine on a closely related subject next:

Carbon-14 dating is reasonably useful when the years in question are comparatively recent, and it is mighty helpful when written records and other corroborating items are available. But C14 needs to be occasionally recalibrated. One reason is that scientists realize that there are factors that affect the dates, so when this recalibration occurs, the dates are no longer accurate. Secularists reject the Genesis Flood, but that cataclysmic event had a multitude of effects all over the recently-created world.
It’s the best-known radiometric dating technique for recent events, but it relies on numerous shaky input measures.

Radiocarbon dating is the “archaeological workhorse” of dating techniques but is the horse overworked? In her article in Nature May 19, Nicola Jones puts the best hoof forward on this widely-trusted dating technique, but also exposes numerous assumptions and educated guesses that go into the method. Radiocarbon dating is getting a “major reboot,” she says, and the consequences will change history: “A long-anticipated recalibration of radiocarbon dating could shift the age of some prehistoric samples hundreds of years.”
For old times' sake, you can read the rest by clicking on "Guesswork in Carbon Dating Exposed".

Each year, it’s fun to celebrate birthdays. If we’re not sure of someone’s age, we can always check their birth certificate. But can any reliable methods determine the age of an object without a historical record?

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Distinctive Fossils Oppose Evolution

We recently saw how an odd critter known as the Tully monster has caused problems for evolutionists. While information can be obtained from fossils, it is limited. It becomes even more difficult for paleontologists when they have nothing to draw from for comparisons.

An increasing number of fossils have recently caused consternation in evolutionary circles. A link to brief examinations of three of them are provided.
A newly-discovered fossil of the spinosaurus (spine lizard) caused consternation because all of the assumptions were wrong. This is because it appears that the tail could have been used for swimming, and not many dinosaurs are known for being champion swimmers. Of course, a great deal of speculation exists in secular imaginations. Another crazy beast to consider was discovered in Madagascar in 1999 but not discussed so much until recently. Evolutionary history? This unique mammal not only interferes with evolutionary timelines (we've seen that happening quite a bit recently), but it has no so-called evolutionary history.

The three critters discussed in the link below (as well as the one up topside) are further indications of recent creation. Mayhaps the secularists should consider the evidence and declare their independence from the chains of Darwinism. That would not only be good for them, but for science as well.
When fossils are found of one-off creatures without apparent relatives, how could Darwinism explain that?

God must have a sense of humor. Sometimes it seems He likes to confuse the experts who want to explain everything without Him. Here are three fossil discoveries of strange beasts that just don’t fit a nice, smooth, gradual sequence of evolution.
You can finish reading by clicking on "Unique Fossils Defy Evolution".

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Friday, July 3, 2020

A Multitude of Microbes in the Oceans

There are many life forms in the sea for us to admire. Some are cute, others mysterious, and there are those than most of us can only see with videos because they are way down yonder where untrained and unprotected people cannot go. There are also billions, even trillions, at the microscopic level.

Our Creator has made many microbes, which are everywhere. The ocean is full of them, and viruses keep bacteria under control.
Structure of a Myovirida bacteriophage
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Chelsea Bonnain, Mya Breitbart and Kristen N. Buck (CC BY-SA 4.0)
There a billions of viruses out there, too. No, don't be getting all nervous on me. The only viruses we hear about are the few that get into news reports. Most are harmless to humans, and some are even important to life. They are everywhere, including within each of us. the ocean is also full of bacteria. They reproduce. Our Creator designed a control mechanism with bacteriophages.
Viruses are found virtually everywhere, especially in the world’s oceans where their numbers are astounding. In just a few drops of surface seawater there can be as many as 10 to 100 million of them per milliliter. Marine microorganisms, including viruses, make up about 70% of the oceanic biomass, and all those tiny creatures together are called the marine microbiome. Biologists estimate marine viruses are in concentrations of approximately three billion per ounce of seawater.
You can read all of this short article by clicking on "An Ocean of Viruses".

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Evolutionists Indoctrinating Your Children

In "Evolutionists Joyfully Celebrating Indoctrination", we saw how Darwin's disciples are thrilled that they are making converts to atheistic naturalism and evolutionary thinking. Not through science and logic, of course, but through more devious means. They also have systems of indoctrinating your children.

Darwin's disciples are making converts through subterfuge, not science and logic. They want your children by any means necessary.
I almost felt bad modifying this picture from FreeDigialPhotos.net / imagerymajestic
Let's face it, the state controls children and education is mandatory. Even homeschooling (or home education) is usually highly regulated. Something I frequently point out is that atheists and evolutionists have conniption fits and accuse Christian parent of "indoctrination" and hypocritically refer to secular institutions of have the kids an average of 1,170 hours each school year. No, that is indoctrination, old son. For that matter, secular values are instilled in them and their Christian, Jewish, or other beliefs are gradually pushed out.

As we see in daily life and especially political activism, people are more inclined to follow emotional manipulation than to use reason. Indeed, logic is not taught nearly as much as it should be and most people do not seem to respect people who think. However, evolutionists who are indoctrinating children are insidious sidewinders, using manipulation, cherry-picked (and even outdated) information, and using subtle methods.
Give me four years to teach the children and in four years the seed I have sown will never bee uprooted.
— Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
— Adolf Hitler
Image courtesy of Why?Outreach
Let's be blunt. Secularists are very concerned that people accept the pseudoscience of evolution because it is foundational for atheistic naturalism. When given sufficient, unvarnished information, young people are able to see the foolishness of evolution for what it is, and are more willing to resist it. Biblical creation science ministries are here to equip Christians to present the truth in this pagan-dominated culture, to help individuals understand what and why they believe, and to help teach children so they are not so easily swayed by manipulation.
Over the past few decades, dozens of science education papers have been published detailing how evolutionists are trying to convince Christian college students into accepting evolution. College educators have already gotten this down to a science. Polling information shows that they have also been quite successful in achieving this.

In general, a little less than half of Americans disbelieve evolution. And among those who do, a large portion believe that some god guided the process. On the other hand, these statistics are not the same for young people under the age of 30.
. . .
These trends should be very worrisome to Christian parents and church leaders alike. We should also ask, how are the secularists achieving their goal? What does it mean for us? What should we do?
To read all of this very important article, click on "The priests of Darwin want your children".

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Tully Monster Menaces Evolution

This creature really is called the Tully monster, and that is built into its Latin designation of Tullimonstrum gregarium. It looks like the hands at the Darwin Ranch were chawin' on peyote again and decided to design a submarine. Scientists have been baffled by the monster's mash-up appearance for decades.

A fossilized Tully monster that has baffled scientists for decades still defies classification. New developments made things worse for Darwin's disciples.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Петр Меньшиков (CC BY-SA 4.0)
We examined information on Tully a few years ago, but more information has come to light. Well, not that much light because scientists are arguing about the findings of their experiments. Evolutionary classification still eludes them. It doesn't help matters that there are living critters that also defy evolutionary classification, and look like they were made from spare parts. Our Creator has a sense of humor and has pranked evolutionists!

"Wasn't Tully the lady FBI agent on X-Files, Cowboy Bob?

You're thinking of Dana Scully. But this thing almost fits the format of that weird show, doesn't it? Do a search on it and you'll have evolutionary sites proclaiming, "Mystery solved", with words like maybe, perhaps, scientist think, and so on. Then you'll find contradictory information.

Of course, it seems to be protocol to ignore the monster in the room. In this case, why are they able to use organic compounds that are about 300 million Darwin years old? They cannot exist. That's because they insist on using fundamentally flawed dating methods. The world was created recently. Cognate on that a spell and the facts make a whole heap more sense.
The pre-Flood world was teeming with some pretty amazing animals. Then the Flood came, rapidly burying and entombing trillions of creatures in sediments that lithified into rocks such as shale, limestone, and sandstone.

. . . Tullimonstrum has a grasping mouth with tiny, sharp teeth on a long neck, a squid-like tail with ventral and dorsal fin lobes, and eyes at the end of long, narrow stalks, or “bar” organs. Looking like a visitor from an alien world, this was a creature with a strange body plan and bizarre appearance!
To read the rest, click on "Tully Monster Has the Last Laugh on Evolution".

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Evolutionists Joyfully Celebrating Indoctrination

Like any skilled totalitarian knows, it is vitally important to control broadcast, social media, the press, the courts, and so on. Free speech is a pretense, where it is supported — but only when approved sentiments are uttered. From there, the Ministry of Truth indoctrinates people through propaganda. Evolutionary propaganda is becoming increasingly successful.

Elitist evolutionists are gleeful about gaining ground in promoting their views. However, they are not successful because of evidence and logic.
Background image furnished by Why?Outreach
Darwin's disciples in the secular science industry and academia are smarter than we are, even though they think we evolved from the same primordial slime. Just ask them. So, they get to decide what people think. (Not that they want to teach people how to think, just what to think.) They are gleeful about their victories — but they are not winning because of convincing evidence and devastating logic, but through activist judges and legislation that favors the worldview of atheistic naturalism.

It is interesting that many scientists and academicians simply assume evolution because that's all they've been taught, and they do their jobs with little or no homage to Darwin. Others reject evolution, but because of pressures of naturalists, lose their jobs or clam up about their creation beliefs.

There are still many people outside of the elitist circles who have the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to reject evolution not only on theological grounds, but on scientific grounds as well. Unfortunately, many professing creationists don't bother to actually learn the material. When an atheist or evolutionist who has learned the talking points, the creationist gets trounced. Guess clicking "Like" on captioned pictures didn't do so much for you, huh? 

Showdowns between creation scientists and evolutionary scientists are very few, because the evidence is on our side. In fact, atheopaths are ornery cusses when dealing with informed creationists who call them out on bad logic and fake evolutionary news. Creation science information ministries like the one you're looking at right now exist to equip Christians and creationists with not only evidence, but logical thinking and valid theology. This site also links to several other biblical creation science sites to help equip you.
Anti-creationists correctly state that few average creationists or intelligent design supporters can defend their belief. Pair one with a well-informed evolutionist and he or she will often lose the debate. In my experience, though, the average evolutionist likewise cannot defend his or her worldview. They just “know” evolution is true, but unless they undertake a long-term detailed study of the problems of evolution, or unless their career specialization concerns evolution, most scientists have little in-depth knowledge of the problems with evolution.
This assessment appears to apply to the author of the paper reviewed here published in Nature. Nonetheless, evolution prevails in government schools. The author of a new article in Nature, Ann Reid, boasts:
To read the rest of this informative article, click on "Journal Brags that Darwin Indoctrination Works". Be sure to see the related post, "Evolutionists Indoctrinating Your Children".

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