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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Evil and Worldviews

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

When people use the word evil, it can have different meanings. Angry atheists can call Christians evil for exposing their bad logic. Sometimes, people are referred to as evil simply because they do not like someone else. If you think on it, such casual references take away from what can be considered as genuinely evil. Today we are going to look at two kinds of evil in California — one is moral, the other is natural.

Two stories from California prompt us to look at what we call "evil". One is the shooting in Thousand Oaks, the other is the series of wildfires.
Credit: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
First, there is the murderous rampage in Thousand Oaks. As of this writing (you may want to search for updates as information is gathered), a shooter planned his murderous attack where he killed twelve people before killing himself. Most people will not have a problem referring to this as evil.

The next item to be referred to as evil is the abundance of fast-moving wildfires. News reports include words like "ruthless" and "furious". Those are inaccurate words to use, because they commit the fallacy of reification, where non-entities (the fires) are given human characteristics, such as volition. 

In an atheistic evolutionary worldview, to call such things evil is inconsistent. The murders are simply a human bundle of chemicals acting on its impulses, and there should be no judgment of right or wrong. In the second, this universe is here by accident anyway, and stuff happens. The world keeps on turning.

However, the biblical worldview is consistent and we are justified by responding with outrage at murder, and compassion. We care about people because we are created in God's image. Also, we care about wildlife and other aspects of God's creation in California. Only the Christian worldview has the necessary preconditions of intelligibility — beginning from the first verse of the Bible.

Now I'd like to turn you over to Dr. Albert Mohler, who inspired this post. To hear the podcast or read the transcript, click on "Two stories about death and evil—one moral evil, one natural evil—dominate weekend headlines out of California".

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Taking Up Space — Book Review

The book "Taking Up Space" by Steven J. Wright deals with the sanctity of life, and has national healthcare crises. It will grab the reader's attention and also cause some serious thinking.
by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

On Saturday, October 20, I had just finished reading a Western novel, which I do from time to time to "decompress". Shortly after lights out, Steven J. Wright sent me a message that I discovered the next morning. He wondered if I would do a review of his new novel, Taking Up Space, which was going to be published very soon. (After all, I wrote about his novel The Deception back in twenty aught thirteen.) I warned him that I would have to mention things I did not care for as well as positive, and he was okay with that. This child saddled up with some free ebook reading material under no obligation to give a glowing review. So, that's the disclaimer as well as a personal anecdote.

Most folks don't know that I am writing up a review for a book, video, or whatever. This was an interesting experience. I was corresponding with Mr. Wright and giving him progress reports as well as some thoughts along the way.

Although you have seen some book reviews on this site, I actually read very little Christian fiction. Writers (and movie makers) tend to have stereotypical characters, get preachy, and give sappy endings. Not in this case. Mr. Wright did not write a "Christian" novel here. Instead, it is a novel from a Christian perspective about the sanctity of life. A couple of times (don't tell anyone this, it'll spoil my tough guy image), I was almost moved to tears — both of sadness and anger. There's your first indication that you get involved in the story.

It is not difficult to imagine a writer with a secular worldview adding graphic violence and excessive profanity. No profanity here, and most of the violence is short. This shows that a good story can be told without going into such things.

Some of the material was influenced by the author's experiences. Wright mentions a place called The Sinks in the Smoky Mountains, a place he has visited several times. An exceptionally evil character that is introduced early in the book has the nickname Black Dog, which came from one of the Bell Witch legends. Steven is acquainted with the Bell Witch tales. Part of the book deals with the elderly and infirm, and their quality of life. He works with the elderly and handicapped, so he has direct knowledge of some of these subjects.

I like short chapters, and Taking Up Space has 37. This not only helps busy readers have a place to put it down (if they can) but to advance storylines. Yes, there are several stories here. We are introduced to important characters in the early chapters as the book progresses. I still wondered, "Who are these people, and what are they doing in my story?" The threads come together for the most part, directly or indirectly.

We have an unwanted pregnancy, weaselly legal manipulation, two national crises (this was the big story), and a section on euthanizing the handicapped and infirm. Although Mr. Wright does not use the term, eugenics is involved. Eugenics is closely tied to abortion, rejecting the sanctity of life. This is what happens when people reject our Creator's plans values.

One bad habit I have when reading or watching a show is to try and predict what is going to happen. That did not work very often here. I would be thinking, "I know what's gonna happen", and be wrong. That's a good thing because I think predictability is good in science, but undesirable in novels, movies, and so on.

I suspect that we all know, or have been one ourselves, an "armchair quarterback". That is, someone with an opinion on how to solve problems for which he or has little or no real knowledge. (Sure, you've read the player's statistics, so you know that the coach fouled up by not putting in one player and removing the other. But you weren't there.) Likewise, some folks think they can solve problems their spouses have at their places of employment, or how the government can deal with healthcare. But "solving" one problem can create others.

There are many times where the answers are not easy, and additional problems remain unforeseen. Mr. Wright shows how some subjects are far more difficult than we may imagine. I could write articles on several aspects of Taking Up Space or maybe have discussions in forums. Perhaps a simpler thing to say: this book can make you think.

That said, I still recommend Taking Up Space because it is thought-provoking, gives a strong pro-life position, has believable characters (with faults as well as qualities), intriguing storylines, and more. It certainly is not boring! For that matter, you might want to have members of a group each get a copy and use it for discussions.

Taking Up Space is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. Hey, just in time for Christmas shopping!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Ichthyosaurs Provide Genesis Flood Evidence

Before we commence to showing how ichthyosaurs are frustrating for Darwin's disciples and deep time proponents, I found out that something useful has been reissued. My Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ is kept in a glass case most of the time, but it shows signs of wear. Now trolls and other purveyors of evoporn can all have a new version!

Image furnished by Why?Outreach (click for larger)
Now, down to business. A somewhat baffling critter during dinosaur times was the ichthyosaur, which resembled dolphins and reptiles. There were several different kinds, and their name is Greek for "fish lizard". Dinosaurs had no evolutionary past, and their aquatic pals were also problematic, so instead of admitting that the logical explanation is recent special creation, evolutionists tried to come up with ancestors for ichthyosaurs. They failed, and not even their decoder rings could help. In reality, ichthyosaurs are examples of the design work of the Master Engineer with their fecundity as well as apparent swimming and hunting abilities.

Ichthyosaurs (fish lizards) were aquatic creatures that lived in dinosaur times. Evolutionists cannot provide evidence for their history, and their fossils testify of the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Haplochromis (CC BY-SA 3.0)
These creatures were rapidly buried. Not in one or two instances, but in various parts of the world — some were buried in the process of giving birth! Yet another clear indication of the global Genesis Flood.
One of the earliest complete fossils discovered was Ichthyosaurus, discovered between 1809–1811 by a pair of children in England. While parts of other Ichthyosaurus skeletons had been discovered previously, the English find was the first complete specimen. Since then thousands of ichthyosaur skeletons have been discovered, including numerous complete specimens. These unique creatures have captivated paleontologists for two centuries. They are well studied, and research on their skeletons has provided evidence for incredible design and the global flood.
 To finish reading, click on "Ichthyosaur: Evidence of Design and the Flood".

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Imitating the Rainbow Weevil?

Mention a weevil to a farmer, and you are likely to hear about how certain kinds destroy grain. You may have had them in your stored food. Even so, studying science and creation can provide some amazing insights into the work of the Master Engineer, and the rainbow weevil of the Philippines even inspires imitation.

The rainbow weevil of the Philippines displays the colors of the rainbows in each of its spots, which baffles evolutionists.

Because it displays all the colors of the visible rainbow in its spots, researchers want to examine it for applications (biomimetics) in areas that involve optics. These rainbow spots are the product of complex cell structures, which defy evolutionary explanations.
The beautiful glossy rainbow weevil from the Philippines is unique for the spectacular rainbow colored spots on its thorax and forewing. These circular spots produce all the colors, and in the same order, as those found in a rainbow in a series of successive rings. Many insects exhibit the ability to produce different types of colors, but it’s unusual for one to exhibit such a vast spectrum.

Researchers are deeply interested in understanding and mimicking this amazing engineering for many types of advanced applications. One team just published a paper evaluating the weevil’s novel trait.
To read the rest of the article, click on "Complex Engineering in Weevils Befuddles Evolution".

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Our Stupid Evolutionary Ancestors

If you study on it, you might realize that human evolution scenarios are insulting to our intelligence. According to Darwin's disciples, our alleged ancestors were on this here planet for a mighty long time. They must have been dense as fence posts because they basically did nothing since they arrived — didn't bother to invent fence posts, even. Or develop agriculture. That goes against human nature, old son. 

Evolutionists insult our intelligence by claiming that after humans evolved, they did nothing for a few hundred thousand years.
Image provided by Why?Outreach, caveman insert from openclipart and modified
Evolutionists make a number of excuses when spinning yarns about our ancestors. Have your intelligence insulted and accept it because evolution. Ignore the fact that Neanderthals never were the dim-witted creatures that evolutionists pretended, but were upgraded to fully human (but "archaic") humans. Some of these tinhorns actually try to make climate change a factor in evolution. Kind of makes you lose your faith in Darwin, doesn't it? We were created recently, and the first man and woman were very intelligent, as were their descendants. Decay began shortly afterward, which may explain the lack of reasoning abilities in supposedly educated people.
Knowing what we know about human beings, ask if the Darwinian story is credible. In just 6,000 years of recorded history, humans went from grass shacks to the moon, computers, and supersonic flight. Darwinians, by contrast, say that nobody ever thought of a farm, a permanent dwelling, or a domesticated animal for at least 50 times as long! They believe that modern humans, as anatomically and mentally as capable as any of us, subsisted in caves as hunter-gatherers for over 300,000 years. And if you add in the Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Homo erectus (all upright-walking tool makers with controlled use of fire, capable of long-distance migration), they stretch human history back over a million years, approaching 200 times the length of human civilization! How can anybody believe that? Our ancestors would have to be complete idiots to go that long without ever inventing anything better than stone tools. Was there no Einstein or Edison among them?
To read the entire article, click on "Darwinism Makes Human Ancestors Out to Be Morons".

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Next Ice Age

Some of us are old enough to remember when people were on news programs and interviews discussing the impending, irreversible ice age. They talked about how bad things would be, doom and gloom, all that nonsense. Then they changed their tune and started talking about global warming and ignoring important evidence so cultists like Bill Nye and his followers could spread fear and push for globalization. Al Gore was getting money and attention, but was way off in his predictions. Under the global climate change moniker, they can have it all: global warming and an ice age.

Before the global warming hysteria, we were given alarming promises of a coming ice age.
Credit: Pixabay / Natalia Kollegova
Secular scientists and compromising old earth Christians believe that there have been several ice ages in the earth's past. However, they cannot agree as to methods and mechanisms for it, especially since an ice age cannot be caused simply by colder temperatures. They cannot give a reasonable prediction of coming disasters.


The most common "evidence" is found in the astronomical (Milankovitch) theory, which relies on a paper that has been discredited. Biblical creation science models rely on the Genesis Flood, which includes volcanoes and plate tectonics. The global Flood will not happen again, we have God's promise on that, so there will not be another ice age. Let's get some things straightened out.
I remember the first time I saw the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I was fairly young, with a wild imagination, so when our community experienced a hailstorm shortly after, I thought we were about to experience another ice age. (I even started planning how my family and I would survive.) Now, years later, with a more informed understanding of the science behind the (actual) Ice Age, I am convinced that there is no reason to fear we will experience another ‘big freeze’. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what caused the Ice Age, and that only the biblical creation model explains it. This has resulted in some (I think unwarranted) panic and confusion on issues like ‘global warming’ and whether or not the earth is heading into another ice age as in the above movie. Let’s put those worries to rest.
To continue reading, click on "Will there be another Ice Age?"

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Genome Evolution Train Wreck

In another post, I mentioned how the head honcho at the Darwin Ranch wants to bring in anger management experts. Fossils are being uncooperative with evolutionary views, and the staff are on the prod lately. Geology has been shown to be an ally of recent creation. Now they have broken open the fire water at the Ranch. The study of genetics, pioneered by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him), is also supportive of biblical creation science.

Another train wreck for evolutionists is the human genome.
If interested, you can find the original 1895 photo at Wikimedia Commons,
and the source of the DNA image is at openclipart
Using bad science, the human genome was falsely declared to be loaded with "junk" DNA. Scientists who actually wanted to do something useful instead of making up tall tales to "prove" evolution undertook the ENCODE project, and learned that most of DNA is not junk. That's what creationists have been saying all along. Of course, some scientists reject the findings because evolution. Gotta keep that narrative going and deny the Creator his due, you know. 

The belief system previously resembled the idea that our genome was just coasting, waiting to be touched by the wand of the evolution fairy. Recent findings are refuting evolution right down to the genome.
A new study just came out that analyzed vast amounts of data from human genome samples from all over the world. Based on the evolutionists’ own theoretical model of evolution, 95% of the human genome is “restrained”—it can’t evolve.

According to the popular neutral model of evolutionary theory, much of the human genome is nothing but randomly evolving junk. All of this so-called neutral DNA that is allegedly not under any “selective restraint” only serves as fodder for functional new genes and traits to somehow magically arise and thus provide the engine of evolution.
To read the rest, click on "95% of Human Genome Can't Evolve".

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