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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Strontium Ratios and the Genesis Flood

Scientists of the biblical creation persuasion are able to use the same evidence that is available to everyone. That is, there is no such thing as "their" evidence and "our" evidence, it is a matter of interpretations of facts based on worldviews. Scientists committed to naturalism often fail in matters of deep time and minerals-to-mycologist evolution. Take the oceanic strontium ratios as another example.

Secular scientists have ideas about strontium ratios in Earth history, but they are inadequate. Creation Science Flood models better explain what is observed.
Credit: Freeimages / Matt Sullivan
Creationists use secular materials and timescales, but only for points of reference and communication purposes. When checking the rise of the sea levels over millions of Darwin years, there is a change in the strontium isotope ratios. Using a creation science Genesis Flood model (and yes, despite the whining of atheopath sidewinders, there are creation scientists), it can be clearly seen that strontium ratios and other factors support the Genesis Flood. The facts do not support secular paradigms very well.
Using the secular timescale on the left side, sea level steadily increased from the Precambrian era (~540 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous system (~66 million years ago). This was based on the progressive continental sediment coverage we observed. Global sea level shows a precipitous decrease from the Cretaceous system to the late Neogene system (~2.5 million years ago). The accompanying rise in the 87Sr/86Sr ratio is typically interpreted as reflecting the uplift of the Himalayas during the Paleogene system.
You can read the article in its short but rather technical entirety by clicking on "Flood Evidence from Sea Levels and Strontium".

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Apex Predators Before the Flood

It is interesting to think of how critters lived before the Genesis Flood, especially those predators that would not take any guff off anyone. But like in the Old West movies where someone says, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us", there is no reason to think that the mean ones all lived in the same area.

It is interesting to think about how dinosaur predators existed with other predators before the Genesis Flood. Answers may be inferred from predators living today.
The Animals Entering Noah' Ark, Jacopo Bassano, 1570s
Dinosaurs with sharp claws and (as Tim the Enchanter might say) nasty big pointy teeth. It may be fun to watch them strutting around looking for a fight like rival gang members, but is that plausible? We know from fossil evidence that there were some rip snortin' fights, but those were probably the exceptions. The same kind of safe distance thing can be inferred from predatory animals living today.
A [CMI] reader from Ukraine, B.V., asks some interesting questions about what dinosaurs are found buried together and why. His message follows, with a response from Philip Bell, intended to provoke fruitful thought on the topic, not as an exhaustive answer to the questions raised.
How did that many animals get along before the Flood? For example, there were such apex predators in North America, as Tyrannosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Siats, Acrocanthosaurus, Torvosaurus, Allosaurus etc.

We see traces of interaction between T. rex and Triceratops, Allosaurus and Stegosaurus. If they lived at the same time, why don’t we see traces of interaction between T. rex and Stegosaurus or Allosaurus and Triceratops?

There were some intelligent and agile creatures among dinosaurs. Why aren’t they as high as most of mammals in the fossil record?
Philip Bell replies:

Thank you for your question. I’d like to answer your question in a slightly unusual way.
To bite into the answer, click on "Pre-Flood predatory dinosaur interactions and the fossil record".

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creation Virology and COVID-19

At this point in time, we are all learning about the virus that is known scientifically as SARS-CoV-2. People are wondering why it has been so difficult to deal with, but it is unique and that is why you will often hear the word novel associated with it — everyone is learning. Despite the claims of one owlhoot, COVID-19 is not the end for creationism. In fact, a creation approach is crucial in understanding the virus.

Evolutionary thinking is harmful to medical science and virology. A creation approach is far more effective in dealing with COVID-19.
Original image from the CDC, then modified with FotoSketcher
Darwinian medicine is not only foolish, but downright dangerous. Some people are claiming that this virus is evidence for evolution, but that is completely false. In the original very good creation, viruses, bacteria, and other microbes were prolific and our Creator had a purpose for them. Creation virologists point out that many (if not most) viruses are beneficial. Interestingly, there is disagreement as to whether or not viruses are living things because they do have DNA but do not have cells.

A few important articles are listed here. The first is written in a Q and A format. It is not overly technical and the author is extremely qualified to write it. I recommend clicking on "COVID-19, Coronavirus, and Creation Virology". Another article, written by a medical doctor, is also of interest, "How COVID-19 Started and Where It’s Going". Finally, there is a much longer in-depth article from 1999 that is still relevant. I am linking to the audio version, but if you scroll down, you can find a link to the print version as well as other resources. For this one, click on "Did God Make Pathogenic Viruses?"

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Fooling with Radiocarbon Contamination Claims

Secular scientists have been stunned — stunned, I tell you — when C-14 has been found in diverse items (including diamonds) that they claim are millions of years old. For a mighty long time, their presuppositions prevented them from bothering to test these things for radiocarbon.

When diamonds and other things show radiocarbon, scientists and others claim there was contamination. The burden of proof is on them and their assumptions.
Credit: GoodFreePhotos / Thorn Yang
I'll allow that there are some things we simply know and do not feel a need to check; I know that when Basement Cat goes down the steps, she will not float to the ceiling because she's not equipped to defy gravity. When it comes to the age of the earth and things in it, believers in deep time do not actually know the facts (and some question those assumptions). It is inferred, then they presuppose that previous assumptions are correct and that oil, diamonds, and so forth cannot have radiocarbon in them. But they do. That is because the earth is not billions of years old, and the best explanation can be backtracked to the Genesis Flood.

Circle the wagons! The most popular rescuing device is that materials that were tested were contaminated. Wow, that sure was a passel of contamination in many items to be detected by your equipment, Hoss. Also, it's a big insult to the scientists who do that for a living. Hypocritically, they depend on the lab results when their biases are confirmed. Stating that there is contamination gives the accusers the burden of proof.
Radiocarbon (C-14) keeps popping up in the wrong places. Carbon-dating labs have struggled to find ancient samples with zero radiocarbon levels. C-14 has turned up in coal, natural gas, and fossils. Naturalists believe all these specimens are many times older than radiocarbon can theoretically last, which is fewer than 100,000 carbon years.

In contrast, biblical scientists believe Noah’s Flood deposited these materials thousands, not millions, of years ago. A colleague and I expected to find radiocarbon in similarly old samples, and we did.
You can finish reading by clicking on "Contamination Claims Can’t Cancel Radiocarbon Results".

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Evolution and Chimps Swaying to Music

Another example of molecules-to-monkey research that could prompt responses of apathy, laughter, or even rage. Mayhaps people should be angry at the way their tax dollars are wasted in risible attempts to link humans and apes in their fetid family tree. Chimpanzees sway to music. Big deal.

Chimpanzees sway to the beat. For some reason, researchers think this is a link to our alleged evolutionary past. Nope.
Credit: cropped from an image at Pixabay by Gerhard Gellinger
Rhythmic music can evoke swaying in chimpanzees, therefore, evolution. (Did playing rap cause them to treat females with disrespect or even violence? Asking for a friend.) The chimps swayed to both random and rhythmic beats, but humans are none to keep on random beats. Not that they make and play their own instruments or hum a happy tune, or bothered to ask Piltdown Superman to play the drums. Serious difficulties with the research and bad reasoning don't do anything to solve the music question that bothered the Bearded Buddha himself. Know why? Because we did not evolve from a common ancestor. Instead, we were created separately, and humans were created in God's image. 
The goal of the PNAS study was to support evolution based on the theory that  “some biological foundation for dancing existed in the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees ∼6 million years ago. As such, this study supports the evolutionary origins of musicality.” Specifically, the authors believe it supports the evolutionary origins of humans from a chimpanzee-like a primate. Furthermore, they concluded their “results suggest that pre-requisites for music and dance are deeply rooted and existed in the common ancestor shared by humans and chimpanzees, approximately 6 million years ago.” Note that they use the term suggest, admitting that their conclusions are closer to speculative just-so stories than fact.
You can get with the beat and read the full article at "Musical Response in Animals Proves Evolution".

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Pigments Ages of the Imagination

Believers in deep time are constantly denying facts as well as principles of science, giving them false confirmation of their biases. For example, despite all the dinosaur soft tissues and other remnants, the discovery of dinosaur DNA, and more, materialists have a "Whaddya know, that stuff does last millions of years!" approach. The same thing is happening with the "oldest" biological pigments.

Secularists confirm their biases by denying facts supporting a young earth, so it is not surprising that they deny the evidence regarding biological pigments.
Credit: Pexels / Sharon McCutcheon
 We've seen science denial (after all, the narrative trumps observed evidence) in the colors of dinosaurs and in dinosaur eggs. While this post is not about dinosaurs, these examples show how secularists clutch their pearls and deny inconvenient facts. It is no surprise that they believe the impossible about other biological pigments (perhaps they studied under Joe Biden at the University of Pennsylvania or something). Cyanobacteria were apparently the culprits that led to colors extracted from marine black shale, but the earth is not nearly as old as secularists want it to be.
Just how long can organic colours survive for? A new study claims they have survived for a whopping 1.1 billion years, more than 600 million years longer than previous similar discoveries. They have found intact porphyrins, ring molecules that are important components of many biological pigments, including hemoglobin and chlorophyll.
You can read the rest of this short article by clicking on "‘Oldest’ biological colour discovered".

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

So Mother Earth is Punishing Us with COVID-19

When riding the trails of social media, it is not surprising to find some mighty strange ideas about COVID-19. An actor thinks that Earth is punishing us for our environmental crimes. Idris Elba is promoting a pagan view of Earth as a living thing, which has grown in popularity even in evolutionary circles (see "More Gaia Paganism in Evolution"). Earth is not an entity, old son.

An actor believes that COVID-19 is Earth punishing us. This is a pagan idea, and scientific facts as well as a creation worldview show otherwise.
Earth image from Clker Clipart blended with COVID-19 image from the CDC
It is interesting that Elba is "race conscious" by stating the obvious: black people can get the virus. His worldview probably excludes the biblical fact that there are no races. Ethnic groups, sure. But we're all the same race.

It is amazing to this child that people foolishly look to uninformed but highly opinionated celebrities for medical and political advice. Since Earth is not a living being, it cannot decide to make a virus to punish us. Elba does not indicate how he knows that the pagan deity chose to make this virus, and why it was made. Actually, COVID-19 fits into Darwinian mythology, but as a punishment humanity, it fails because most people survive. We did not hear such foolish claims about Earth punishing us with other, more deadly, viruses. For far more rational information, see "How COVID-19 Started and Where It’s Going". (I've seen similar remarks from global warming cultists.) This is not a time to be making up your own "facts", people.
English actor Idris Elba believes the COVID-19 virus is a defensive action by the Earth against the harm humanity is doing to it.

Elba and his wife have both tested positive for the virus but have not shown any symptoms.2 In a video interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actor said, “Our world has been taking a kicking. We have damaged our world and it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.”

Although Elba didn’t explicitly say so, it seems he was referring to environmental damage caused by pollution and/or “climate change.” He compared the Earth to an organism attempting to defend itself against an infection. He also said,
You can find out more by clicking on "Actor Says Virus Is Earth’s Response to Humanity". NOTE: Be patient, this site has been very slow on weekends.

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