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More Conflicts in Snake Evolution Stories

Like so many other tales told by proponents of common-ancestor evolution, the lineage of the snake has been weak at best. For the most part, fossils of snakes have been quite a bit like snakes that are living today. A few fossils have been presented as transitional forms, but not without controversy among evolutionists. Credit: US National Park Service The wild-eyed science press, in their ongoing quest for sensational stories (and to bolster the secular science industry), has been mighty unhelpful by leaving out pertinent details and presenting fake science images. Further, one of the fossils shows what appear to be hind legs. I can't rightly recollect a snake doing any strolling these days, just slithering. Yet some evolutionists insist that a loss of features is evidence of advancing upward evolution. Not hardly! That's devolution. The great irony for secularists is that the fossils actually affirm creation. Until early 2015, the ‘earliest’ date reported for a fo

Snake Venom, Creation, and Genetics

First up, I want to get some important information out regarding snakes, especially since summer's coming to these here United States, Canada, and the Northern Hemisphere. Don't be thinking you know something about snakes because you watched some movies and television. Some rattlesnakes don't do you the courtesy of coiling up before striking, or even rattling. Watch your step (got hiking boots?), and don't be groping under rocks, woodpiles, and that sort of thing. If you're out for a hike or a dinosaur dig and you encounter a snake — any snake — leave it alone! The same for if you find one in your shed, garage, or some other place. They don't want to deal with you and usually want to just get away. Freeze, visually locate the critter, and slowly back off, Pilgrim. Image credit: Rattlesnake at Echo Park, Dinosaur National Monument / US National Park Serpents — I mean, Service Here are some articles on what to do when you encounter them:  Dealing With Sna