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Refuting the D.M.S. Watson Quote Mining Accusation

Acolytes in the Darwin Death Cult™ tend to lie. A lot. Especially those patrolling the web, seeking to destroy infidels who have the unmitigated gall  to dare question evolution. Evidence against evolution, evidence for  special creation, those are bad enough. But quotes by evolutionists who express doubt? Katie, bar the door! When creationists quote Darwinists who admit that there are problems with their belief system, things get...truly bizarre. Although the secular science industry, its press, and supporters on the internet have had their dishonesty documented numerous times, they accuse us  of lying. Pixabay /  Henryk Niestrój It really puts burrs under the saddles of misotheists and evolutionists when we point out that evolutionists are not in agreement, and many know they don't have science on their side. There are far more than one might expect. A principle in US law applies here: remarks that work against people saying or writing them are admissible in court as statements a

That "Quote Mining" Monkey Business

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen There was a time when people would cite something, give a reference, and that was that. If there was an inaccuracy, it would be calmly pointed out and corrected. Not so much on the Internet anymore. Sometimes creationists produce quotes from evolutionists who admit doubts about their belief systems, their commitment to naturalism, flaws in their process and so on. We can almost guarantee that atheists and anti-creationists will cry, "Quote mining!" Naturally, they'll quote mine the Bible up one side and down the other, but never mind about that now. Quote mining is finding a quote or phrase and lifting it out of context for misleading purposes. It is essentially making someone say something contrary to what he or she really meant, and twisting it for your own purposes. It's similar to selective citing, and all of this is related to the straw man fallacy . Most of the time when I've seen the accusation of quote mining, it is because