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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Biblical Creationists Embrace Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

In anticipation of the tenth annual Question Evolution Day on February 12, we should mount up and head for yonder hill to get a bigger perspective. Misotheists and other evolutionists say that biblical creationists believe "myths" and "fairy tales" despite scientific evidence. This raises some important questions.

Evolutionists and atheists say that biblical creationists believe in myths. That raises several questions, including why they do science and debates.
Image Credit: US Geological Survey (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Actually, the questions that are raised fit under an umbrella question: Why don't biblical creationists fear science? People who have something to hide or know that their belief systems won't withstand scrutiny seem to shun science, logic, and good theology. But we embrace such things.

If natural sciences like geology truly support deep time, why are there organized tours by creationists?

There are many, with people and organizations such as:

"Yeah, Cowboy Bob, they're just brainwashing people with religion. Secularists need equal time!"

Such muddy thinking is based on the concept that people are stupid and unable to ask questions — mayhaps they're worried that they'll ask probing questions. In addition, materialists are indoctrinating both children and adults constantly — especially in school systems — with millions of years and evolution. I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine, we are equal time. Biblical creation science is bad medicine for secularists, so they spend hours conditioning people by telling them what to think. We want to teach them how to think.

Tenth annual Question Evolution Day

In fact, one purpose of Question Evolution Day is to encourage people who believe in universal common ancestor evolution to examine the actual science behind their beliefs. If they strip away the presuppositions and lousy logic, they might realize that evolution is not supported by science.

Another question: Why do people skilled in creation science, including scientists, seek debates?

For several years, Dr. Duane Gish was a leading debater of evolutionists. He was libeled with the term "Gish Gallop", coined by Dr. Eugenie Scott (see "Should Scientists Debate Creationists?", and note the loaded terminology in the title, which implies creationists are not scientists). In fact, evolutionists are the ones who use sneaky debate tactics. One example is when Bill Nye the Leftist Activist Guy used the falsely-attributed "Gish Gallop" tactic (or elephant hurling) in his contrary-to-advice debate with Ken Ham. Dr. Gish did not advocate for that kind of tactic, and Nye admitted to using it.

By the way, when misotheists and Darwin's acolytes consult their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ to use that ridiculous "Gish Gallop" expression, I wonder how many have ever watched or heard any of the 300-plus debates. Of course, defamers think and say what they are told.

Creationists have issued debate challenges, but the high priests of evolutionism tell secular scientists to avoid them. Sure, there are debates with low-level evolutionists and atheists, but frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), I would pay to watch a debate between Dr. Richard Dawkins and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, for instance. Interestingly, Dr. Jason Lisle had a debate of sorts with Dr. Eugenie Scott on CNN. Creation Ministries International has offered to debate atheists and evolutionists, but are rejected out of hand.

This raises another question: Why not just shut us down with real science?

Readers of this site and others by biblical creationists can easily see that science is saturated with presuppositions, assumptions, circular reasoning, faulty and incomplete research, numerous logical fallacies, and more. They do not shut us down through science because they cannot. Indeed, the science is on our side, not only refuting deep time and evolution, but also affirming recent creation and the Genesis Flood. The world is young, Yorick. God is our Creator, and he makes the rules.

Also ask: If evolution were a "fact" of science as some internet denizens proclaim, why is there so much fraud?

There have been numerous frauds used in an effort to not only trick people into believing in evolutionism, but many were to gain fame and fortune for the "discoverers". We have seen fake news, bad science, retracted papers cited, the reproducibility crisis in peer-reviewed papers, and so much more. While any field of operational or historical science will have errors, I can't rightly recollect that they have had rampant fraud and bad science.

We affirm science

Despite the unfounded claims of our detractors, creationists affirm and embrace science. We reject secularist storytelling and irrational assertions, of course. Also, there are many scientists who doubt Darwin, reject evolution, or are full-on creationists. If someone wants to challenge us, they need to do it without fallacies, misrepresentation, and tall tales. You savvy that?

Okay, it's been a while since I had us ride up on top of this hill for a bigger picture. I hope you got it, and maybe a selfie as well. We can get back to doing whatever stuff we were doing before. Thanks.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Retracted Papers and Peer Review

The secular peer-review process is enounced as if it were a guarantee of truth and objectivity, but these folks do not understand what is involved. Academia requires publishing, and many researchers want to promote the next big thing in science. There are serious problems in this elite club.

The secular-peer review process is believed to be a guarantee of truth and accuracy. It is beset with problems including use of retracted papers.
Credit: FreeDigitalImages / Renjith Krishnan

The secular science industry is beset with problems. There is a reproducibility crisis, which means that papers are submitted, reviewed, and published — but the results have not been reproduced. How valid is that paper? Researchers cite papers that are dubious, and some are even fraudulent. It was discovered that retracted papers are also used to support research.

Mockers reject peer-reviewed papers by biblical creationists, but they have very different motivations by secularists and are apparently not dealing with such issues. Don't be disunderstanding me. I'm not gilding the lily and pretending there are no sidewinders pretending to be creationists, or that they are without fault. But with desires to uphold the Word of God and seek the truth, creationists as a whole are disinclined to cheat. Savvy?

There’s another case of zombie science in peer-reviewed publishing: retracted papers that don’t stay dead.

Proponents of scientism often argue that science, unlike other realms of scholarship, is self-correcting. Peer review prevents bad papers from getting published (so goes the argument), but even after publication, other experts or the authors themselves can find flaws and notify the journal, which can issue a retraction. All well and good. . . . Why, then, are some papers still being cited over a decade after they were retracted?

To read this interesting and useful article, ride on over to "Retracted Papers Never Die".

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Toumai Man: Another Evolutionary Ancestor Discarded

We often see the hands at the Darwin Ranch getting all excited about the latest evolutionary discovery, then the sensationalistic press makes a monolith out of it. But those monoliths disappear and become footnotes in the history of evolutionary fake news. This is happening with "Toumai man".

This was touted as evidence for evolution, but was doubted by some. Evidence was suppressed, and Toumai man may be another Piltdown Man fraud.
Credit: Flickr / Tim Evanson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
"We didn't evolve from apes", but our "ancestors" sure looked like them!
At least the modeler did not give the critter whites in the eyes.
When secularists conduct incomplete research or even suppress important information, their alleged evidence for evolution, the Big Bang, and other things fade away upon further examination. Sometimes it happens rather quickly (like the "proof" of the Big Bang inflation and gravitational waves), and other instances take a few years — even when there is reasonable doubt at the onset.

Something I advise in many cases is to take a "wait and see" approach. After all, not only do many proclamations collapse later, but our faith is in the Word of God; atheistic interpretations of observations cannot destroy biblical creation science or kick God off the throne!

Please pay attention: A question I recommend using that troubles naturalists is that if evolution is true and "settled science", why are there so many examples of blatant fraud and poor research?

Indeed, an article in 2002 at Creation Ministries International discussed problems with Tourani man, and was quickly amended with additional information where secular scientists were also trying to pull back on the reins and slow the gallop.

Interesting that there was not much interest shown in Toumai man (Sahelanthropus tchadensis) when misotheists would attempt to silence creationists with things they considered evidence for evolution. They use other outdated items, but this one was left out (at least in my experience). There were reasons to doubt its validity from the get-go, but there was grant money to be had and the narrative of naturalism had to be maintained.

Now we're learning that this may be similar to the Piltdown Man fraud that fooled secularists for over forty years. You can see outdated propaganda documentaries, and "Toumai, the Oldest Human Ancestor" can be found on some streaming platforms.

A new research study has debunked one of the most important human evolution fossils ever discovered, commonly known as Toumai man. Soon after his remains were discovered, the world’s leading science journal, Nature, featured a photograph of him on the cover, above which were printed in bold letters the words announcing the finding as “The Earliest Known Hominid.” The Nature article about the hominid listed 38 authors who predicted it was going to shake up the human family tree. These 38 authors included some of the most distinguished paleoanthropologists alive today, many teaching at the world’s leading universities. The seven-page-long article included numerous color photographs of the find, plus several pages that meticulously described him in fine detail.

It would be beneficial to you to continued reading "Early Man: Toumai Deposed". This short video from 2013 is also helpful:

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Fake Spider Fossil News and Peer Review

Many times over the years, we have seen that the vaunted secular peer review process is not as helpful as people think. While the process was made with good intentions, there is a large amount of fraud, bad research, favoritism, honest mistakes, and more. A fake spider fossil passed peer review.

Many people think peer review is a guarantee of good science. That is not the case, and a faked spider fossils should never have passed the review process.
Credit: Flickr / Magnus Hagdorn (CC BY-SA 2.0)
If it had been real, this would have been an interesting find because fossils of fragile creatures are much rarer than all those billions of marine creatures and such. It was "found" in the wretched hive of villainy known as the Liaoning Province in China. Many fake fossils have been procured there by people wanting to have a few yuan in their pockets. Or it could be the result of global warming. Apparently some people are good at faking fossils, mayhaps they could market unique crafts instead of being dishonest? While this fugazi fossil may have been purchased, it may have been faked from the get-go.
At a first glance it looks like a very cool, exceptionally preserved fossilised spider, and that’s what you are meant to think. Unfortunately, despite being published in a peer reviewed secular journal as a fossil spider, it most definitely is not.

Published in Acta Geologica Sinica the research team examined it under a microscope, described it in detail, photographed it and drew a diagram of what they thought was a large netted spider. Due to a number of features, including longer legs than other spiders in its supposed genus, the researchers named the new species Mongolarachne chaoyangensis.
To read the rest of this first article, click on "Fake spider fossil passes peer review! — What lessons should be learnt?" I hope you'll come back for the second eye-opening article below.

It is not uncommon to come across atheists and other evolutionists who refuse to read creationist material "because it hasn't been peer reviewed". In my experience, using that genetic fallacy (and subtle ad hominem) is cowardly. I lack believe that Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ would understand peer-reviewed papers in the first place. (Creationists are usually excluded from secular science considerations because they don't saddle up and ride for the naturalism brand. However, biblical creationists have their own peer-reviewing processes.) We have seen that the secular peer-review system is saturated with serious problems.

This next article has a bit of overlap with the first one, but it has some first-hand insights into peer review and some additional information related to the false fossil discussed. Sure is a great deal of effort in which to engage because of a commitment to naturalism and to deny the Creator, old son.
The first lesson is, although the common claim, at least by laypersons, is that peer review firmly proves the value and validity of a scientific article, such is not always the case. Since I now have close to 1,500 publications, the vast majority of which were peer-reviewed, I have some experience in the procedure, both its merits and shortcomings. I also have published a peer-reviewed monograph on the subject of scientific peer review.

A major problem is that often the author knows more about the subject than the peer reviewers do. Thus, journal editors try to find peer reviewers that are at least as knowledgeable as the author. Then, when they are located, they often have little incentive to spend the time and energy necessary to carefully review the article, unless the university gives them credit for their work. Another concern is time constraints may not allow the required time to do the review properly. This is probably the most common problem.

Finally, the quality of peer review varies enormously. In my experience it is common to send an article to three reviewers to reduce this problem. . . . In short, peer review is no guarantee of a perfect article, or even a valid study, as clearly illustrated in the case considered below.
You can review this article in its entirety at "Fake Spider Scares Experts". Also, you may want save the link to this post or the two articles featured for use when someone demands peer-reviewed material, expecting that such a thing means that the subject is scientifically established and beyond question.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Recapitulation Zombies of Evolution

We think they are dead, but Darwin's acolytes keep using the black magick of scientism and wishful thinking to bring them back. Not living organisms, but their bad ideas. In this case, the idea that an unborn child goes through evolutionary stages in its development. This has been proven false for a mighty long time, pilgrim, but it is still used to justify abortion.

The idea of recapitulation and Haeckel's fake drawings are still brought back to justify abortion and promote evolution.
Original image credit: Pixabay / Ahmadreza Heidaripoor
If scum-to-sorcerer evolution were "settled science" or a fact, there should be no need to use bad logic, misrepresentation, startlingly bad mistakes — and outright fraud. When posting about Haeckel's fake drawings on social media, people said those long-discredited things coupled with the rejected recapitulation idea can be found in modern textbooks. As any knowledgeable propagandist can tell you, concentration and repetition coupled with the Big Lie are effective tools to influence the undiscerning.

Devious Darwinists seem to be trying to make intellectual zombies of the public. One tinhorn said that even though the drawings were fake, the concept is true. Or perhaps he simply does not understand his own mythology. (Also, Dan Rather used forged documents in an attack on George W. Bush: the story was "correct" even though the documents were fake. That's logic, uh huh.) Ja, meine Herren, ze end justifies ze means!  

Some evolutionists are imprisoned by academia and training, knowing nothing other than evolution. Others are reprobates, and when they are shown the truth, they run away, screaming, "Galileo Figaro, the facts are very very frightening!" We must not let them get away with bringing back zombified fake science. People are determined to deny the God of creation.
So entrenched has evolutionary theory become, Darwinists keep looking for ghosts of vanished human ancestry in the human body. It was false when Ernst Haeckel falsified embryo drawings; it is false now. In chapter 10 of Dr Jerry Bergman’s book Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries, Bergman shows how this so-called “Biogenetic Law” that ontogeny (the development of the embryo) recapitulates phylogeny (the evolutionary history of the animal) has been used to justify racism and abortion. He quotes W. J. Bock in  who wrote in Science as far back as 1969...
You can find out the rest by clicking on "Recapitulation Theory Zombie Needs Permanent Burial".  For your further education, there are several links beginning with "Still Using Haeckel's Drawings to Lie for Evolution".

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Peppered Moth and Evolutionary Fake News

On the plus side, Darwin bots can get away with bad science, dishonesty, and outright fraud for decades. However, the down side is that the embarrassing truth is often discovered. Those of us who appreciate truth in science (and science reporting) do not cotton to being deceived for the sake of getting us to believe in evolution.

Peppered moth evolution was never real, and has been further shown to be fake news
Light and dark varieties of peppered moths
Credit: both from Wikimedia Commons / Olaf Leillinger (link to top is here, link to bottom is here)
One of the oldest "proofs" of evolution is the peppered moth. Essentially, the dark version supposedly alighted on soot-covered trees in England and were left alone while the light version was victuals for birds. The population of the lighter critters decreased. "Aha! Evolution! Hail Darwin, blessed be!" No. Most of the story was fake news.

Actually, it may have been an example of natural selection (a concept that creationists also accept), but they were still moths. Nothing changed into something else. I get to cognating that people are very gullible when it comes to what "scientists say", whether real ones or failed television comedians. Basic observation should tell practically anyone that there were no significant changes. Asking questions about research to back the assertions would have been helpful, whether street waif or scientist, and anyone in between.

On a similar note, Dr. James White says that we must "demythologize scholarship". Just because someone has a bunch of letters after their name does not mean you cannot challenge their presuppositional errors.  

A more recent genetic study confirms that there was no evolution. Yippie ky yay, secularists! Moths were created to be moths, and not to turn into something completely different.
Back in 2003, ICR founder Dr. Henry Morris explained a few ways evolutionists themselves criticized the use of the peppered moth as an example of evolutionary beliefs. New genetic research validates those criticisms.
The moth earned fame as a key player in a classic evolutionary story in the late 19th century. In England, a population of peppered moths supposedly shifted their coloring from mostly white to mostly black after soot from the industrial revolution darkened their tree-trunk homes. According to the tale, bird predators had a difficult time seeing the now-camouflaged dark moths, so those moths began to thrive.
That story helped rescue Darwin's conception of natural selection from a round of early 20th century criticisms, such as a lack of supporting field evidence.
To read the rest of this rather short article, click on "Peppered Moth Still Not Evolving".

Monday, January 8, 2018

Telling Evolutionary Whale Tales

One of the strangest Just-So Stories told by Darwin's true believers is that of whale evolution. It was bad enough telling us that rain washed minerals from primordial rocks, life originated, then evolved in the sea, moved to land, and here we are. It becomes more absurd when some critter took the notion that life on land isn't such fun after all and went back to evolving for sea life. That is where whales and their relatives came from. Not hardly! You get tales of whale evolution, but they have no actual scientific or logical basis.

Secularists cannot provide a plausible scientific model for whale evolution
Credit: Freeimages / Kym Parry
I'll allow that I oversimplified the evolution story, but we've got things to do, and you get their version of it easily enough. For example, you can go to the museum of Darwinist indoctrination — I mean, natural history — and see the exhibits. Of course, they won't tell you about fraudulent exhibits (see "Faking the Fossil Whales"), nor the duplicity of atheopaths in protecting evolutionism from scrutiny and their admirers (see "Faking the Fossil Whales — Revisited"). The airbrushed version of whale evolution leaves out a prairie schooner full of very important considerations, which if included, might cause people to question evolution and realize that life was created by the Master Engineer. Secularists can't allow that, no siree!
I have a couple of items by Brett Miller for your consideration. First:
How would you identify a whale as a whale? Evolutionists think that a small land dwelling creature called pakicetus was a whale. The question is, what is it about the pakicetus that makes them call it a whale? If you saw a pakicetus in a line up with a blue whale, a humpback whale and a dolphin you’d laugh at how simple it was to dismiss it from the group. But Evolutionists insist that it’s a whale.
To read the rest (be sure to come back for the next item), click on "Walking the Whale".

Second, and even more startling:
While studying whale evolution and looking at what type of evidence is presented, I found that no macro evolutionary evidence was presented from a biological process for several critical integrated biological systems. The evidence was mainly from homology and fossil placement and it assumed undocumented and unexamined biological changes throughout millions of years. Evolution was given credit, without scientific analysis of biological processes. Of course, this is typical of evolutionary science.
No mutational evidence was presented, but many things could be attributed to genetic malfunction rather than genetic innovation. For instance: hind legs and pelvis withering away or the esophagus and trachea failing to join together in the embryo stage, or in skull development, or fin development being a mutated outgrowth of blood vessels. The critical timing of these changes to make them work together was not addressed. Most evolutionists must therefore believe by faith, that through fortunate mutations, they arose when they were needed. But whales are not malfunctioning land mammals. How could the biological process of mutation account for the innovative features in whales?
I hope you take the time to read the rest of this thought-provoking article. Just click on "Whales Evolved Not".

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Science Industry Supports Abortion

Regular readers know that I keep emphasizing that scientists are not the dispassionate automatons that many people think. They are not running around, gathering facts, then following where the evidence leads. Rather, they are human, having their preconceptions as well as good and bad character traits. It's been more obvious lately (or has the trend increased?) that the secular science industry has a definite leftist penchant (see references 7,8,9 at this link). It gets worse.

The science industry has serious problems with its moral compass, and is becoming increasingly activistic for abortion.
Image credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
The scientific establishment also has some intrinsic moral problems, and needs to borrow a moral compass. Moral concerns of scientists would definitely be improved by biblical Christianity, especially since left-learning science institutions are increasingly activistic for the murder of unborn humans in the womb. If you study on it a spell, you'll see it's not all that surprising, since they deny God the Creator (therefore, denying that we are created in God's image), and try to make evolution a creator. It also follows that evolution has been used to justify abortion on demand, with "It's just a tissues", or, "It's in a fish stage of recapitulation", which was based on the fraud of Haeckel the jackal.

Is the feeling of justification by science part of the reason that pro-abortionists make their view a "rights" cause? My speculation is that science feeds society which feeds science in areas like this. Lena Dunham regrets never having had an abortion, which would apparently give her more credibility in her support of murder of a child that was created in God's image. 

Is the ending of human life trendy? Maybe we'll see combination hair, tattoo, and abortion salons soon. Albert Mohler has some insightful comments on this in his January 9, 2017 episode of The Briefing (you can listen or read the transcript). Further, Dr. Mohler discussed how religious people, including ultra-liberal "Christians", Hindus, and others, blessed an abortion clinic as "sacred. See or hear the January 12, 2017 episode of The Briefing for more about this immoral behavior.

Society is trending toward such casual treatment of human life, and the immoral views of the science industry fit right in. Meanwhile, there are still those of us who believe that defending the defenseless are some of the hallmarks of a just society

Further, the hysterical asperity spewed forth in a Nature editorial rivals that of cyberstalkers. They are demonizing those of us who believe that unborn lives should be protected, wanting access to baby parts in the name of "science". Secular scientists are objective? That'll be the day!
Is there any logical or empirical reason why science journals and secular reporters should always take the pro-abortion position?

Pardon, Big Science, your bias is showing. When it comes to abortion and other ethical controversies, secular journals and science editors almost always throw in their lot with the leftist, progressive, liberal crowd who chant for abortion on demand, unlimited access to embryonic stem cells, funding for Planned Parenthood, and other Democrat Party platform positions. Why is that? Don’t they realize they themselves could have been aborted? Do they have any scientific evidence that an unborn baby is not a person? No. The bias is clear; any restrictions on abortion are viewed as bad. Any limits on access to human embryos and fetal tissue are presented as a step “backward” for society. Here are some examples.
To see the examples and commentary, click on "Big Science Leans Pro-Death".

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Resource — Lucy the Ape Continues to Fall

I wasn't going to post about "Lucy" again so soon, but more information has come in and this will be a link-loaded resource, including articles and a new video.

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have been mighty glum lately. News about the alleged transitional form known as Lucy have been going from bad to worse, and it's not only because of biblical creationists. That's right, even evolutionists are admitting that Lucy's status upright-walking link is poor. Some of Darwin's Cheerleaders will deny the evidence (preferring outdated material and uninformed opinions to credible evidence). Do they know that one of the bones assigned to the creature was actually from a baboon?

A new article, new video, other links to show that Lucy was not our evolutionary ancestor.
Modified from a public domain image at Wikimedia Commons
First, an article. Further studies show that this extinct ape was swinging from the trees, but they still cling to their story and say that maybe perhaps somehow she spent part of the time on the ground. Pretty desperate to promote lack of evidence as science in order to deny the fact that we were created, and not the product of random chance evolution, isn't it? To read the report from Creation-Evolution Headlines, click on "Lucy Lived in the Trees".

Next, we have a new video ("webinar") from Genesis Apologetics, the people that brought us the "Debunking Evolution" material. The first part establishes that this is a biblical creation science organization, and gives some other creation science information that people who are not so familiar with the origins controversy may appreciate. Later, Lucy gets the treatment — mostly from evolutionists. One of my favorite video scenes is included, where a cast of the bones are modified to fit together the way they're "supposed" to be! Again, we see that scientists have presuppositions, and sometimes those cause them to tamper with the data. To see "Lucy's Fall from Science", click here and select the last of the four videos.

Here are some other articles to help you put the ape back in the trees:
Yippie ky yay, secularists!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Still Using Haeckel's Drawings to Lie for Evolution

A proponent of Darwinian evolution was Ernst Haeckel, and he was so het up about proving evolution, he made some drawings about it. Ever heard of "ontology recapitulates phylogeny"? That's the fantasy that an embryo goes through the various stages of evolutionary history, and Ernie illustrated it. With fake drawings. The concept has been lassoed and hog-tied for a mighty long time.

Ernst Haeckel wanted to prove evolution, so he made up fake drawings to illustrate a false concept. Although long disproved, the drawings are still used to indoctrinate people today.

But "science" must prevail, even if dishonesty is necessary! So, even though government school indoctrinators and textbook writers know that Haeckel's material was proved to be fake, they use them anyway! Some people have tried to redeem him. I've even had people comment that it doesn't matter if they drawings are fake, what they show is true. Sure, Poindexter. I bet you believe in square circles, too. Can't let people know there's a Creator God, now, can we? Mayhaps they keep bringing this nonsense back is because they use it to support abortion.

There are superficial resemblances to gill slits, tails, and the like. Let's have an honest medical doctor explain.
“Generations of biology students may have been misled by a famous set of drawings of embryos published 123 years ago by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel.” Science magazine is referring to Haeckel’s sketches of diverse animal embryos first published in 1874 (Figure 1). They report that Haeckel fraudulently minimized major differences between animals at the earliest developmental stages. This fraud is peculiar because it is being “rediscovered” by new research. Remarkably, Science notes that some embryologists of Haeckel’s day had doubts about the drawing’s accuracy, and his peers actually got him to admit he used “artistic license.” Yet these drawings (or similar reproductions) have been incorporated into nearly every major biology textbook ever since. So, unlike Piltdown Man, Archaeoraptor, and other evolutionary frauds that only temporarily duped everyone, Haeckel’s blunder misleads to this day.

Thus, present biology students are still deceived by a complicated tangle of misleading ideas that clever evolutionists regularly attach to Haeckel’s fraudulent drawings.
To read the rest, click on "Major Evolutionary Blunders: Haeckel's Embryos Born of Evolutionary Imagination". You may also want to see "Haeckel, Fraud, Deceit and Evolutionary Education".


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Archaeoraptor and Learning from Mistakes

Proponents of particles-to-poultry evolution have an unpleasant habit of seeing things that they want to see — even though there's nothing there to see. We keep seeing announcements about some or other"discovery" supporting evolution, only to find out that evolutionists saddled up the wrong horse again. Funny how the retractions don't get nearly as much press as the original objects of excitement, isn't it?

Both the Piltdown Man and Archaeoraptor frauds that fooled scientists have something in common.
Modified Piltdown Gang by John Cooke (1915) with image from openclipart
The most notorious example of seeing what isn't there is probably the Piltdown Man fraud. That sidewinder fooled much of the scientific establishment for over forty years! Somewhat less famous was another fraud, Archaeoraptor. When this one was discovered, it was dubbed the "Piltdown Chicken". Something they have in common is that materialists were so intent on making the Creator irrelevant that they believed lies. (Perhaps they rush into believing nonsense because there's no real evidence to support their paradigm?) Here's a hint, fellas: follow the money and the glory, since you're giving neither to God.
Scientists still don’t know how the Archaeoraptor specimen was smuggled out of China and ended up in the United States. We do know that in 1998 Stephen Czerkas, curator of the Dinosaur Museum in Utah, purchased it for the tidy sum of $80,000. Czerkas labored with Xu Xing of China’s prestigious Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology and Phillip Currie to study the specimen. The National Geographic Society sponsored the project.

Archaeoraptor’s debut was accomplished with widespread publicity. National Geographic’s November 1999 press release used language remarkably similar to other fossil forgeries—such as the 1913 description of Piltdown Man and the 2009 description of Ida, a lemur-like animal thought to document human evolution. In the Archaeoraptor press release, Czerkas states, “It’s a missing link that has the advanced characters of birds and undeniable dinosaurian characters as well.”
To read the entire article in context, click on "Major Evolutionary Blunders: The Imaginary Archaeoraptor". For additional in-depth information, click on these two: "The Frauds Of Evolution #11: Frauds Of A Feather –“Feathered” Dinosaurs, Homology And The Archaeoraptor Hoax" as well as "The Frauds Of Evolution #12: Frauds Of A Feather — NationalGeographic’s Archaeoraptor Hoax Part 2".

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Mysticism of Peer Review?

Creationists frequently encounter atheopaths and other Darwinistas who make inane demands resembling, "Show me just one peer-reviewed creationist paper!" You can tell up front that they don't want answers, otherwise, they'd be doing their own research and finding out that yes, creationists are indeed published in noted journals. (I recently gave one tinhorn a link to "Creationist Scientists and Journal Publication", but he preferred to make childish attacks and refused to click on it. I reckon some people don't want answers.) Many folks expect that peer review is a guarantee of accuracy, and that something is established science if it undergoes peer review. Not hardly!

There are people who act like peer review is a guarantee of quality. Not only is secular peer review full of problems, but some are saying it should be eliminated. One scientist says it borders on mysticism.
Modified from an image at Clker clipart
Creationary scientists have their own peer review systems and seek to honor God as well as strive for excellence in the process. Although all scientists are human after all, secularists seem more prone to plagiarism, misconduct, fraud, bias, and other problems. Do we trust them to be ethical and have integrity? (Well, secular scientists are making chimeras with human embryos, that should give you a clue.) One scientist is adding his voice to the others who say that peer review is no good.
A reviewer of peer review says our reverence for the practice borders on mysticism, not science.

Drummond Rennie has had a lot of experience reviewing peer review. He has seen the seedy side: fraud, plagiarism, destroyed careers. In Nature, he calls to “make peer review scientific” — a startling appeal about a practice assumed to represent a hallmark of science.
To read the rest, click on "Peer Review Is Unscientific". 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chinese Fossils, Facts, and Fraud

Interesting that there's a whole heap of fossils in the Jehol Group (northeast China), and that seems to be the biggest source of alleged bird-to-dinosaur transitional forms. Lots of nice sedimentary rock to find things in, and then they commence to re-dating the layers when the fossils don't fit their paradigms.

Have you noticed that Darwinistas don't let the facts get in the way of a one-sided propaganda rant? Those owlhoots don't just cherry-pick the data, they move entire cherry trees of data! Re-dating, a flock of fake fossils (notably, Archaeoraptor), secular scientists who think the whole dino-to-bird thing is garbage, evidence that interferes with their own theories — yep, the future is bleak for evolutionists. So, they deal from the bottom of the deck so they can claim they have the winning hand. Ain't happening. Creation still wins.
In recent years the Jehol Group of China has provided evidence of catastrophic burial that contradicts current evolutionary hypotheses. Instead of adjusting the hypotheses to fit the new discoveries, evidence has been forced to fit the prevailing paradigm, sometimes through misleading interpretations and occasionally through apparent fraud. The subjective evidence of feathered dinosaurs is widely promoted by the science media. The Jehol Group was originally dated to the Jurassic. However, it has recently been assigned to the Early Cretaceous despite the known equivocal nature of the biostratigraphic evidence that contains dinosauria from the Triassic to the late Cretaceous.
To dig in deeper, read the rest of the article at "Chinese fossil layers and the uniformitarian re-dating of the Jehol Group". 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fraud and Evolution

When evolutionists commit fraud and do bad science, they're simply living up to their worldview. But we don't have to like it. Here are links to a series of four articles on the frauds of evolution.

The Evo Sith will argue from their worldview, we get that. Many are committed to naturalism, and reject any possibility that they are accountable to our Creator. Recent creation? Global Genesis Flood? Easier to teach a sidewinder to herd cats than to get many of these folks to even consider the possibilities.

When they rely on evolutionary thinking, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they hide cards and deal from the bottom of the deck to not only promote their own careers, but to convince people that their paradigm is pristine and proper. It's survival of the fittest, isn't it? We shouldn't be surprised at all the storytelling and outright bad science used in the promotion of evolutionism, nor should be be surprised when fraud is involved. (Many people say that Piltdown Man was a "hoax", but I insist it was a fraud, and fooled many people for about 40 years.) But aren't scientists above such unconscionable acts? Not hardly! They're sinful humans in need of the Redeemer, just like the rest of us.

Here is a series of articles by Tom Shipley that are worth your attention.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Penguin Eggs Put Evolutionary Thinking on Ice

A long, long, time ago, on a continent far, far away, a scientific expedition met its demise. In addition to trying to reach the South Pole, the Scott expedition wanted to prove Darwinian evolution by observing Haeckel's "law of recapitulation" in action with Emperor penguin eggs.

One purpose of the 1912 Scott expedition to the Antarctic was to observe Haeckel's "law of recapitulation" and support evolution. They saw that it was false.
Emperor Penguins / Photo credit: Dr. Paul Panganis, National Science Foundation
Looks like the telegraph lines were down, because they were apparently unaware that Haecke's embryo drawings were known to be faked. The "law of recapitulation" was never true. Still, the expedition found out for themselves that recapitulation doesn't work. That's because there is no particles-to-penguin evolution, the facts support creation.
During January–March 1912, Captain Robert Scott and four other optimistic members of the British Antarctic Terra Nova Expedition braved the bitter-cold summer weather of Antarctica’s Ross Ice Sheet, hoping to be the first to discover the South Pole. Another hope of his team’s quixotic quest was to acquire early-development-stage emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) eggs for marshaling scientific evidence trying to prove the so-called “law” of phylogenetic recapitulation, which holds that embryos reflect the stages of their evolutionary past as they develop. Many assumed this theory, championed by Ernst Haeckel and Charles Darwin, would provide the missing mechanism for justifying Darwin’s natural selection theory.

It was Captain Scott’s second—and last—expedition to Antarctica. One survivor, Apsley Cherry-Garrard, called it “the worst journey in the world.”
To read the rest, click on "Penguin Eggs to Die For".


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Human Evolution Still Lacks Evidence

There are people who insist that bacteria-to-blogger evolution is a fact. Most are deceived by the word games of evolutionists, redefining small changes as evolution when they're nothing of the sort. In addition, sloppy science practices lead to improper allegations of "proof" of evolution, and scientists themselves are often so locked into their worldviews that they are susceptible to fraud.

Despite the claims of proponents of evolution, there is no evidence that humans evolved. There is a great deal of bad science and even fraud in that area, however.
"Piltdown Gang" by John Cooke, 1915 / Public Domain / modified
One of the greatest frauds (generously referred to as a "hoax") in evolutionary history was truly super. "Piltdown Man" fooled much of the scientific establishment from 1912 until 1953. "Nebraska Man" was foolishness where that character, his family, environment, and so on were constructed from a single tooth — and that tooth turned out to be that of a pig that was extinct in the area! These, and more "proofs" of human evolution can be found, with supporting links, at "Willingly Deceived by Evolution".

The fact is, there are no facts supporting evolution. Lots of assertions, but not evidence. Darwin expected evidence to turn up in the fossil record (which was an assertion of his faith), but it has never happened. But boy, do the Darwinistas insist that it happened anyway! I reckon they just don't want to admit that the trail they're riding leads to creation, not evolution.
But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. (Mark 10:6)
Most of us have been exposed to the illustration depicting the ascent of man from an apelike ancestor to a modern human. This concept has been taught to generations of young people as scientific fact and is now so integrated into Western culture that not only the vast majority of people but also the vast majority of scientists simply accept it as fact without bothering to investigate the actual observational evidence that supports or refutes it.

In the early 19th century the opposite was true—i.e., most people believed that God created man and woman on the sixth day of creation. So what happened in the last century and a half to change that? Charles Darwin published his landmark book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859. The secular humanists, who were searching for a hypothesis of human origins that eliminated the need for God, seized the opportunity and quickly integrated the evolutionary principle into their philosophical foundation. They proceeded to identify their philosophy with science itself and systematically persuaded several generations to believe that macroevolution, naturalism, and uniformitarianism were all scientific facts.
To read the rest, click on "No Bones About It! There's No Evidence Humans Evolved".

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Putting a Spin on Dinosaur Feathers

Many evolutionists are so precommitted to their worldview that they state opinions as facts. This is happening with scientists and their eager press regarding an alleged "feathered velociraptor".

We expect Darwinists to argue from their worldviews, everyone does that. But when they commence to stating opinions based on their philosophical precommitments as scientific facts, that's over the line. Many evolutionists insist that dinosaurs evolved into birds despite contrary scientific evidence. Their rampant speculations have caused them a heapin' helpin' of trouble several times in the past (such as Archaeoraptor, the fraud from Liaoning, China). They're setting themselves up for another possible fall again.

A good fossil that they called Zhenyuanlong has been found, so scientists and their sensationalistic press are stampeding to make wild-eyed claims of a feathered velociraptor. There are several problems with the scenario, including the fact that it came from fossil Souvenir Central in (wait for it) Liaoning, China. Lots of fake fossils come from China. The origins of this one are suspicious, and scientists are not in unison that it's a feathered dinosaur, it may (if the thing is real in the first place) be just a flightless bird. These people really need to learn both humility and restraint, since those qualities fit true scientific investigation.
Discoverers admit this could be a flightless bird. That’s not the only problem.

A near-complete skeleton of a “feathered dinosaur,” dubbed Zhenyuanlong, has been announced from China’s Liaoning province. The open-access scientific paper by Junchang Lu and Steven Brusatte appears in Nature’s journal Scientific Reports. Once again, it was donated by “a local farmer, who is not willing to reveal his identity.” The five-foot-long creature has modern-looking feather impressions on its body, arms and tail, but its arms are too short, the authors say, to have allowed it to fly. A Chinese artist’s painting of a toothed creature running through a forest with a variety of multicolored feathers was quickly reproduced by the news media.
To read the rest, click on "Feathered Velociraptor? Untangling the Spin".

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Faking the Fossil Whales — Revisited

Back on May 6, 2014, I posted about "Faking the Fossil Whales". The subject was how Dr. Carl Werner documented altered whale fossils that were sold to museums, and the admission to altering was made in a video. Naturally, this generated heat from some owlhoots who were protecting their religion of evolutionism. After all, whale evolution is supposedly well documented — if you call storytelling from bits and pieces "documentation". I was attacked, Dr. Werner and radio show host Bob Enyart were impugned as well; it's a mite irritating to be called a liar by liars in the course of their lying.

Whale evolution stories are in further trouble. Not only is the evidence against them, but faking fossils only hurts the cause of evolutionism.
Rodhocetus skull at University of Michigan Museum of Natural History / Wikimedia Commons / ellenm1
Some tinhorn came out of the gate with libelous accusations, and claimed that he had corresponded with Phil Gingerich, one of the people Dr. Werner interviewed on his video. Gingerich allegedly wrote in part, "I have been criticized for speculating that Rodhocetus may have had a fluked tail when I didn't have the whole tail, but this was clearly identified as speculation or expectation and not known fact. Subsequent discovery of Maiacetus shows definitively that Maiacetus lacked a tail fluke and contemporary whales like Rodhocetus at this early stage probably lacked a tail fluke too." So it's all a misunderstanding? I reckon not!

If Gingerich was misrepresented in a video, he's had over a year to take action and set the record straight. More interesting to me is that this jasper used an image of photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce for his profile photo. We're defamed by someone using a fake profile picture, and hearsay "evidence". Ain't buyin' it, Benjie. Dr. Werner wrote to me and said that the videos are so straightforward, it's hard to misrepresent those guys. Interesting how some sidewinders will go haywire, taking the word of some stranger because what he says fits their presuppositions, instead of dealing with the documented evidence in front of them. But Darwin's Drones do that kind of stuff.

Now for the best part: the saga continues! Same show, four parts to the interview. Whale evolution speculation is in serious trouble with increasing evidence against it and with tampering. You can listen to or download each episode free (listed below, under the graphic), but don't forget to check the abundance of whale-evolution-refuting material as well. Yippie ky yay, secularists! Declare your independence today from the tyranny of evolutionism, get your freedom by accepting the truth that the Creator has given in his Word!

Dr. Carl Werner, Bob Enyart, Whale Fossils, evolution, Real Science Radio