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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Denying the Order of Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There are certain elements in our lives that, try as some people may, still reflect what our Creator has designed us to know. When we say that something is morally right or wrong, we are appealing to a higher authority. This may be simply the law or cultural trends, but we ultimately appeal to God's laws. Men and women are made to be different and complement each other in marriage. Despite notions to the contrary, the truth that is inside us (Rom. 2:15-16) still affirms the order of creation.

Despite the efforts of social activists, the order of creation and the design for marriage that God ordained still shows within people.
The Holy Family by Martin Schongauer, 1480 - 1490
Believers in universal common ancestor evolution are unable to cogently explain why sexual reproduction even exists. After all, it's a mite inefficient in an evolutionary worldview because asexual reproduction is better. The plan of our Creator was for marriage to be between one man and one woman.

In an episode of The Briefing, Dr. Mohler was discussing articles about what is called homosexual "marriage". Let me rein in for a moment and mention that you can call it marriage, but that does not make it so. (I can call this here computer a rutabaga but that does not change reality.) Sure, "gay marriage" has been legalized, but human courts are not the final arbiters of ultimate truth. Polyamory is not marriage, either. You savvy that? For the sake of convenience, I will call it marriage. By the way, how did the word gay get hijacked and redefined?

Before I so rudely interrupted myself, Dr. Mohler was discussing how people celebrated the legalization of what is called gay marriage. Some have even said that heterosexual couples can learn from them. Why? I am not interested in learning from secularists who are in rebellion against God's plan so my wife and I can "improve" our relationship. If changes are necessary, they will come from God's Word and biblical counseling.

It seems that there is less stress in gay marriage. If you study on it, that should not be such a surprise because the people who are together are the same sex with the same kind of "wiring". That is, men and women have different desires, ways of thinking, are designed with physical differences beyond reproductive organs, and more. There is by necessity stress between married men and women. We understand it and work with it.

At Christmas, we celebrate that Jesus was born of a virgin and was raised by Mary and her husband Joseph. Jesus was not born to Joseph and Judas through contrived artificial methods. Back in Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, and there was no "thrupple" with Bruce or Ellen.

Moral revolutionaries are attempting to destroy marriage — real marriage and the family unit that God designed. Some of them even admit that. 

Used under Fair Use provisions for educational purposes
No matter how much social justice warriors and the "woke" jaspers object, God is there, he has a plan, and the truth is within us. It is expected that the rest of the world have a problem with biblical authority, but so do some professing Christians. When it is not actively suppressed (Rom. 1:18-32), the truth about the order of creation is still heard.

To hear or read Dr. Mohler's insightful comments that inspired this article, click on The Briefing for Monday, February 17, 2020. You'll thank me later.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

SETI Wasting Money and Resources

It is eminently logical that one cannot locate something that does not exist. The fun people at the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence outfit have spent many years and mucho dinero searching and hoping that space aliens are saying, "Howdy, Earth folks!" But they come up empty, and want more.

SETI has wasted time and money searching for ETs. Now they want more money and resources that will be wasted.
Alien image credit: Pixabay / 024-657-834
Frame and other items: PhotoFunia
What would they do with an alien if they found one? According to the pronouncements of deep time proponents, any signals we might receive would have been sent many years ago. Maybe they should get with the people who believe that Uncle Xaphizd and his companions have been living among us for a mighty long time. It's on YouTube, so it must be true.

Biblical creationists contend that there are no intelligent life forms in outer space, and that secularists are riding at full gallop to try to find some sign of ET life because they think it would validate atoms-to alien evolution so they can deny the Creator even more. It might also make them feel validated on their origin-of-life speculations. It may even justify the pseudoscience of astrobiology. At any rate, the SETI people want to use the good equipment in the United States and hope that the taxpayers will help them keep their phony-baloney jobs.
If people want to engage in fruitless searchers on their own dime, that’s fine. The people’s representatives long ago considered SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) a low-priority endeavor that should not be funded by tax dollars. (In 1979, it won the “Golden Fleece Award” for government waste). The SETI Institute and other groups have gotten by on private donations, and made progress by updating equipment and improving search techniques. In 2016, Russian rich guy Yuri Milner gave SETI $100 million to spend on projects like “Breakthrough Listen” to keep the dream alive. So far, they have found nothing. They can always claim they haven’t looked at enough stars yet. The dreamers crave money, and there’s never enough. Now, some are crying for a spot at the public till again.
No need to feel alien-ated. You can read the entire article at "SETI Wants Your Money to Look at Nothing". Also, you may want to read "Aliens and Evolutionary Indoctrination".

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Consider the Barn Owl

When I step out on the porch at night or when walking to the car in the early morning darkness, I hear an owl hooting. We live on the outskirts of town and there are many trees, so this is not surprising. I've never heard one in nature before. However, it is not the subject of the post because barn owls do not hoot.

Barn owls are widespread, and the design of their faces are a part of their intricate hearing provided by the Creator.
Credit: Unsplash / Joshua J. Cotten
These birds are widely distributed and can be found on most continents. The name is simple enough, because they like to nest in barns. Farmers like them because these hunters help themselves to rodents. (I heard that they were also called church owls, but atheists probably sued someone over the name.) Ever notice the "heart"-shaped face? It is a part of the elaborate mechanism that the Creator used when designing their sensitive and accurate hearing ability.
The valentine face of a barn owl is not just for decoration. It actually helps him find dinner. The two sides of this distinctive facial disk serve as sound collectors, which direct sound toward the barn owl’s two ears, located behind each eye. The stiff, dense facial feathers help focus the sounds even better toward each ear. This system works so well that barn owls can pick out the sound of a timid mouse rustling 75 feet away.
You can finish reading this extremely short article by clicking on "Barn Owl & Heart-Shaped Hearing".

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Junk DNA Beliefs Interfere with Medical Science

It is bad enough when minerals-to-microbiologist proponents use faulty arguments to put the spurs to their beliefs, but it is far worse when they hinder science. Especially medical science. We have seen the harmful results of this with so-called vestigial structures, and evolutionary reasoning has given us "junk" DNA.

The embarrassing idea of junk DNA is based on evolutionary presuppositions. It has been harmful to medical science.

This embarrassing concept is based on ignorance as well as presupposing evolution. Basically, "We can't find a use for what we see, so it must be useless leftovers from evolution". Creationists have said all along that the Master Engineer puts things in their places for definite purposes, and subsequent findings for non-coding DNA have shown it to be essential. Yippie ky yay, secularists! However, medical science has been held back by such evolutionary foolishness.
The term ‘junk DNA’ became popular in the 1960s. It was used to support neo-Darwinism, since it is widely known that recessive mutations accumulate relentlessly in sexually reproducing multicellular organisms. This happens because natural selection ‘does not see’ the many nearly neutral recessive mutations and thus few of them are eliminated. Until 2012 it was thought that up to 98.5% of the human genome is non-functional, mutational junk that has accumulated during millions of years of evolution. That only 1–2% of our DNA codes for proteins was used to bolster this idea. In 1976 Richard Dawkins summarized this view in his book The Selfish Gene:
You can read the rest of this very informative article by clicking on "Junk DNA—from science stopper to sickness source".

Darwinists assume creatures evolved through random mutations. This leads to another assumption that human DNA must be full of useless sequences. They call it “junk" DNA.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Seafloor Nodules and Faulty Deep Time Reasoning

Way down where it is mighty damp, the seafloor, are some things called nodules or pellets. Secular scientists insist through radiometric dating that the things take millions of years to form. Like so many other attempts to make the earth seem old, bad logic is necessary.

Nodules are thought by secularists to form over millions of years, but the narrative is more important than observed data.
Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
These nuggets — millions of them — are formed when exposed to seawater, but stop when covered by a certain amount of sediment. This raises questions about some of the larger nodules, because according to secularist reckoning, they shouldn't be there. Since they are there and a potential source of materials that humans need, forms of deep-sea mining are being developed. Once again, the narrative supersedes observed evidence and interferes with actual scientific research.
Pellets (or nodules) composed of various metals, such as manganese and iron, often litter the ocean floor. These nodules form when chemicals dissolved in seawater precipitate onto a small object lying on the ocean floor. Because these nodules are a potentially valuable natural resource, scientists are interested in discerning the factors that affect nodule growth rates. To that end, scientists have used computers and a method called machine learning to analyze global data regarding nodule locations. This research has recently been described in both popular-level and technical sources.
You can read the rest by clicking on "Manganese Nodules Inconsistent with Radiometric Dating".

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Fossils but no Evolution — Again

Believers in universal common descent often claim that fossils support their views. Fossils are discovered, but there are still no undisputed transitional forms. They will point to fossils of critters that were much larger in the past, then cry "Darwin!" and release the dogs of evolution — when none exists.

Evolutionists cheer about fossils and claim they have evidence for their beliefs. Recent discoveries such as a ginat turtle fossil are hailed, but are actually nothing.
Original image from Pixno by Richard Segal
A mighty huge sea turtle fossil is bringing forward the bravado from fundamentalist evolutionists, saying that it gives insight into turtle evolution but they have to rewrite the science books again. They certainly have a passel of hubris. Then Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ troll social media proclaiming victory over creationists, but they are actually carrying bags of hot air brought on by global warming.

Moving on... A new tyrannosaur was dubbed the "Reaper of Death" and the faith that maybe they would get answers in the future (that ain't how science works, Hoss) was written. A bee fossil was found that was essentially the same as a modern bee. This is newsworthy? Not hardly! What would be real news to them is to take off their Darwin spectacles and then they could see that everything was created recently and that the Bearded Buddha was a fraud.

You can read about these and other findings (take note of the dodgy words these sidewinders use to convince the public, and maybe themselves, that they have evidence for evolution) by clicking on "Fossils: Where's the Evolution?".

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Betelgeuse Befuddles Astronomers

Secular astronomers and scientists doing the research with space probes are constantly being amazed by what they have found. That is because the universe is recalcitrant when it comes to obeying celestial evolution dogma. So, some of us are not so surprised that they are surprised about Betelgeuse.

Astronomers are wondering what Betelgeuse is doing. Some of their confusion lies in their deep time stellar evolution assumptions.
Orion with Betelgeuse emphasized
Modified from an image by Pixabay / sl1990
Betelgeuse is a red giant. Secularists have their scheme of things regarding how stars are formed and eventually "die", but this extremely large star is not acting in an expected manner. Mayhaps they should put aside their deep time assumptions and check out the truth of recent creation. Anyway, that dimming thing leaves us wondering what Betelgeuse will do, but seeing it growing dimmer is baffling.
Astronomers are puzzled by the dimming of one of the brightest stars in the sky, Betelgeuse in Orion.

Amateur astronomers quickly learn to identify Betelgeuse, the right shoulder in the constellation Orion. After getting over the initial chuckle that a star could be named beetle-juice (more accurately, betel-jooz, an Arabic name also amusing, meaning ‘armpit of Orion’), the new astronomer learns it is a red giant star 650 light-years away. Astrophysics students learn that red giants are fated to blow up as supernovas, according to stellar evolution theory. They learn the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram that astronomers use to connect the dots between star types, showing how one type evolves into another over billions of years. The diagram was not made for stellar evolution theory, though; it was merely a diagram to conveniently graph luminosity to temperature. Stellar evolution theory followed later.
If you've taken a shine to the article, you can read the rest at "What’s Happening at Betelgeuse?" You may also want to see Dr. Faulkner's article, "Betelgeuse: Supernova or Fading Star?"

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Creation and Biological Production Clocks

When an engineer is contracted for a project, many things must be established from the beginning. Production clocks are essential because a project would be chaotic if things were not done properly and in order. Embryonic clocks support a creation science model for biological engineering.

Embryonic clocks support a creation science model for biological engineering and show that our Creator knew what he was doing.
Credit: Freeimages / Frederic Carmel
In a study of chicken embryos, researchers saw that development progresses in a distinct order. There are several biological development clocks in organisms, some work faster, slower, adjust speeds, and more. They also sense conditions in their environments and adjust accordingly. This specified complexity cannot be explained by molecules-to-mother evolution, but makes complete sense when we realize that we have a Creator. This Creator has explained himself in the Bible.
Two recent findings in biology add confirmation that biological functions are best characterized by engineering principles. This research describes a number of sophisticated internal clocks that control the timing of key events during embryological development. These clocks are part of systems that function just like a construction schedule used to guide decisions by human project managers.

. . .

Both embryological development and human-engineered building projects assemble materials into a final pre-determined product. It would seem, therefore, that a design-based framework to model embryological development could be readily created. It is true that intra-cellular information and DNA do, in many ways, correspond to the plans and specifications produced by human engineers.
You can read the entire article in context by clicking on "Embryonic 'Clocks' Mimic Human Construction Schedules".

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ancient Seeds and the Master Engineer

During some archaeology work in Israel, some seeds were discovered dated at about 2,000 years old. Date is the operative word with two meanings because they were date palm tree seeds. Using controlled conditions, some of those seeds were coaxed into growing.

Date palm seeds from the time of Jesus were discovered and coaxed to grow, illustrating the ingenuity of the Master Engineer.
Phoenix dactylifera image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Wilfredo R Rodriguez (CC0 1.0 PD)
An engineer will develop something for a purpose, and more advanced techniques are included to deal with adverse contingencies. The Master Engineer loads a tremendous amount of genetic information into seeds, and they can die and then come back. More than that, the organisms that come from seeds are also designed to reproduce. Dates are popular for their taste and health benefits, and even medicinal qualities; clearly they are one of God's provisions for humanity.

The extinct Judean variety of Phoenix dactylifera seeds grew, their genome was sequenced and agricultural processes from way back when were discerned. The clever folks used what is now called artificial selection. Researchers now have both male and female trees, and hope to have some pollination happening and bring back the original date palm trees. Of course, homage to Papa Darwin was used. It was nothing but a distraction and was completely irrelevant to the actual science involved.
Trees of a now-extinct date palm celebrated for its fruit have sprouted from 2,000-year-old seeds recovered from Israel.
. . .
Date seeds, growing in clusters from certain varieties of palm trees, have long been relished for their taste and medicinal properties. Date palms are familiar sights to travelers in deserts of Israel and southern California. One particular variety of date palm named Phoenix dactylifera, “described in antiquity for the quality, size, and medicinal properties of its fruit,” had been lost for centuries, say Sallon et al., publishing in Science Advances.
You can read the entire article (bring a date along if you like) by clicking on "Seeds from Time of Christ Sprout, Grow Trees in Israel". The short video below from 2016 has some interesting information from before further developments occurred.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Genesis Flood and Roman Concrete?

We have seen many examples of how evolutionary anthropology and chronological snobbery leads people to think that since we are living in a technologically advanced society, we is far more smarter than ancient folks. Neanderthals proved that wrong, but we can see that the ancient Romans were also intelligent.

Some ancient Roman concrete still exists today. The science they used is similar to sedimentation in the Genesis Flood.
Ancient Roman concrete wall image credit: Flickr / Xerones (CC by-NC 2.0)
Think about it. There are remnants of Roman construction that are a couple thousand years old or more, yet we have concrete buildings constructed by the cheapest bidder that may not last more than a few decades — even with above water. Those old boys way back then knew what they were doing, and this shows in their seaside construction. Similar scientific principles were used by the Romans can also be seen in sedimentation from the Genesis Flood!
The ancient Romans used a type of concrete that is far more durable in seaside applications than our modern concrete. Modern cement in constant contact with the sea eventually weakens, and the steel reinforcing inside then rusts as salty water travels into cracks in the structure. It takes only a few decades for the concrete to begin crumbling away.

However, Roman marine concrete actually cured into a very tough material identical to hard rock. Two millennia old Roman piers and breakwaters are still standing rock-solid today.
To read the rest, click on "Ancient Roman concrete … just like natural rock".

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dark Energy May Fade to Black

First, a word of caution. We keep seeing how materialists get all excited and shoot holes in the saloon ceiling in their exuberance about something they think proves something, then it turns out to be nothing. Research shows big problems in the belief in dark energy.

Image is a type 1a supernova. Dark energy is one of the rescuing devices for the Big Bang. New research causes serious problems for secularists.
Type 1a supernova 2005ke image credit: NASA /Swift /S. Immler
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
The Big Bang took center stage as the main cosmogony by secularists and compromising churchians. However, observations and additional calculations found flaws, so rescuing devices like dark matter and dark energy were cobbled together. They may look good in models, but since they presuppose naturalism instead of the Creator, it is no surprise that further adjustments are frequently necessary for cosmic evolution.

You know how fundamentalists evolutionists will say foolish things like, "Write a paper and get it peer reviewed, then get a Nobel Prize!" The prize is not all it's cracked up to be, and the paper giving evidence for dark energy won it, but like so many other secular research, it used incomplete methods. 

New research shows that dark energy is not as helpful as was once thought. There was no actual evidence anyway, it was taken by faith because it was required by the Big Bang and cosmic inflation. There are many details involved in the story, but let's be a mite cautious before we go hollering, "Yippie ky yay, secularists!" You savvy? We need to see how it plays out and keep watching for further developments.
The cosmological world was upset in the late 1990s when two teams of astronomers independently found evidence for dark energy. To put this into context, we must briefly survey modern cosmology.
. . .
Dark energy quickly became widely accepted and adapted to the big bang model. But now a new study has called into question the reality of dark energy. These researchers found evidence that other factors could cause type Ia supernovae to appear fainter than expected. They argue that the peak brightness of type Ia supernovae depended upon properties of the galaxies that the supernovae are in. Factors included the morphology (shape), mass, and inferred star formation rate of the host galaxies. The paper suggests that this implies a link between type Ia supernovae brightness and stellar population.
You can read the entire article in context by following the link to "Rethinking Dark Energy: A Fly in the Cosmic Ointment".

The video below is from a secular source and discusses some of why the new dark energy paper is such a big problem:

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Secularist Religious Hypocrisy in Brazil

Since politicians are known to light a shuck out of there when confronted by loud special interest groups, it should be interesting to see how long this lasts. In January of 2020, the administration of Brazil's president appointed a creation advocate for their graduate study programs. Secularists are angry.

Secularists are outraged that Brazil has an official creation advocate for education that has a religious background. However, secularists are religious as well.

Angry, I tell you! The advocate is Benedito GuimarĂ£es Aguiar Neto, and Katie, bar the door, he has a religious background! Worse, he wants to introduce Intelligent Design! First of all, if he's talking about using material from the Intelligent Design movement, they are most certainly not creationists. Don't be riding on ahead of me now and rein in a moment: the ID movement is not creationist, but creationists frequently use intelligent design arguments and examples. You savvy that, pilgrim?

As far as Benedito's qualifications, those are not under consideration. Secularists have a nasty habit of using someone's religion as leverage against them as if that was the primary focus. Here in the United States, religious people in political offices have been attacked, such as questioning John F. Kennedy's Roman Catholicism and his loyalty to the Pope or the Constitution, Mittens Romney's Mormonism, Sarah Palin's religion was in question, and many more.

This is yet another example of the secular science industry inserting itself into leftist political activism.

The hypocrisy comes in because atheism is a religion, whether hiding behind titles like secularist, the gelastic "freethinker" or humanist. (Ironically, Secular Humanism is a religion as well.) We just came off Question Evolution Day, and the atheists and secularists were practically having worship services in the street for "Darwin Day". These owlhoots have their godless religions, but cannot abide by the possiblity that someone who may be "religious" could threaten their dominance of secular indoctrination. Evolution is a foundation for atheistic indoctrination, as we have seen here many times. Like the global warming cultists, secularists get on the prod when their suppression of unpleasant truths is threatened by contrary facts.
The Science article begins by addressing “the encroachment of religion on science and education policy.” Non-evolutionists maintain there is already plenty of religion masquerading as science in public schools—including Brazil. For example, because a Creator is ignored, then it is taught (or inferred) that everything somehow came from nothing in a big explosive event. That is an overtly religious position, because one must have a substantial measure of faith to believe that something can come from nothing.
To read this short article in its entirety, click on "Brazil Appoints 'Creation Advocate'".

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Let Me Be Polystrate With You

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

As we have seen, there are numerous problems with particles-to-paleontologist evolution as well as deep-time dogma. Rusty Swingset and his crew at the Darwin Ranch get mighty ornery about all the discoveries of soft tissues and other remnants, but many people overlook polystrate fossils.

Evidence against deep time and supporting the Genesis Flood is plentiful. Polystrate fossils also support the Flood but are often forgotten.
Polystrate tree in Nova Scotia image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Michael C. Rygel (CC by-SA 3.0)
You may want to save this article for reference. Creationists have used polystrate fossils for many years as evidence for the Genesis Flood. Most commonly used are vertical trees in rock layers, often coal seams.

"B-b-b-but Cowboy Bob! We have Wikipedia, Propaganda Talk Origins, strong opinions, and other excuses!"

Like geological theories, rescuing devices and "explanations" for polystrate fossils are contrived. Cognate on it for a spell. The layers are alleged to be millions of years in the making but the tree was considerate enough to stay put and let layers form around it, never mind shifting and other geologic activity. The tree should have broken apart and essentially become unrecognizable. Uniformitarian conjectures (gradual processes over long periods of time) fail.

Did y'all know that it's not just a few trees that appear like this? Maybe if there were just a couple of trees, it would be reasonable to say that further research needs to be done and then move on. Nope. There are many polystrate fossils, and they're not just a few trees. Genesis Flood models from biblical creationists make sense of observed evidence.

Now I'm going to turn you over to Real Science Radio. (As usual, I caution you to avoid Bob Enyart's open theism stuff, but the Real Science Radio section has strong creation science evidence.) There are three recorded broadcasts of about half an hour each The first broadcast linked also has a huge article that has material that would challenge secularists to wave off. As usual, the audio to which I link is free to download or listen online.

The first one with the article is "RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils".
Second, we have a recording plus another article, but this one is shorter, at "RSR's Polys Pt. 2". We conclude with "RSR's Polys Pt. 3". The article with this recording is a duplicate of the previous one. Also, the video below has some interesting points for your edification.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

The RubisCO Enzyme and Evolution

Believers in universal common ancestry evolution are known to appeal to dysteleology, which is essentially saying that the Creator fouled things up. Such feckless arguments are primarily based on personal preference and often include a fundamental lack of knowledge of the object in question. Fore example, the RubisCO enzyme.

Arguing from an assumption of evolution as well as personal preference, the RubisCO enzyme is said to be evidence against creation. Look more closely.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ericlin1337 (CC by-SA 4.0)
This is evosplained as "inefficient" by people who lack sufficient knowledge of the subject. The enzyme is slow compared to other internal mechanisms, and is one of the earliest to have evolved (evidence not required, just assume). In reality, it is more effective than those who deny the work of the Master Engineer want to admit.
One of our readers, J.D. from the U.S., asked us a question about the efficiency of the RubisCO enzyme, which takes part in plant respiration:
Hello! So, a certain person I interact with claims that RubisCO, an enzyme in the body, is ‘proof’ that evolution is true, because of its rather poor efficiency and its tendency to accidentally use oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. He says this shows that evolution has selected what works, instead of a well-designed system. Of course, this is patent nonsense; all the other irrefutable evidences show that this argument is fallacious somewhere. I was only able to find one paragraph on the subject in your website, and it did not satisfactorily answer the question: how is he incorrect, and why did God make the enzyme so seemingly poorly?
CMI-US’s Dr Matthew Cserhati responds:
To read the rest of this rather technical response, click on "Is the RubisCO enzyme an ineffective leftover of evolution?"

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Apophis, Asteroid of Doom?

Watchers of the skies have some rather sophisticated equipment, and they detected 99942 asteroid Apophis in 2004. This bad boy is named after the Egyptian deity of chaos and darkness, an enemy of the sun god Ra. Fearmongers are saying that it fits Bible prophesy and will strike Earth.

There is some concern about asteroid Apophis striking Earth in 2029 as a part of Bible prophesy. This idea fits neither the Bible nor science.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech
The chances of impacting our blue marble in 2029 were small at first, and NASA ruled it out later on. (There are uncertainties in tracking these distant things.) Some people may be able to see it as it makes its pass then, and the chance of an impact in 2036 are also ruled out. When you have someone saying that everyone else is wrong and he is the one to believe, recalculate with his standards, scientists ignored him.

Still, people want to sell books. We saw that before with previous predictions and false prophesies involving blood moons, global warming, CERN, end-of-the-world date setting (biblical numerology), and so on, and books did indeed sell. People like the sensationalistic stuff, but they seem to lack knowledge of both Scripture and science. Apophis is not a problem, and we know that our Creator is sovereign. Now we can let astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner discuss this further:
There has been some recent interest in the asteroid 99942 Apophis and its close encounter with earth expected in 2029. When discovered in 2004, the preliminary orbit for Apophis indicated that it might crash onto earth on April 13, 2029 (yes, that is a Friday). However, as is always the case, follow-up observations improved our knowledge of the orbit. We now know that Apophis will pass close very close to the earth that day, but it will miss. How close will Apophis come? Its closest approach will be about 20,000 miles (about one-tenth of the distance between the earth and the moon). Apophis’ longest dimension is nearly 1,500 feet. No object of such size is known to have passed that close to the earth. When nearest to the earth, Apophis ought to appear as a third magnitude star moving about 40 degrees per hour. It would be quite a sight for people with moderately dark skies that night.
To continue reading, click on "Apophis, Bible Prophesy, and the Year 2029".

Sound for this short video is not necessary:

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Naturalism and Question Evolution Day

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Riders for the Darwin brand are usually committed to and presuppose naturalism, the belief that natural laws and processes are the only things that exist, as their foundation. Naturalism is essentially an atheistic view, so this is something with which we must contend on Question Evolution Day.

We see that evolutionists generally presuppose naturalism. From this they interpret evidence or even manipulate it to fit their views.
Original image before modification from RGBStock / Dave Dyet
QED is an existential threat to those who try to suppress intellectual and academic freedoms, as well as freedoms of speech and thought. Militant Darwinists who are riding herd do not tolerate their folks expressing doubt about evolution. Some who are safely established have done so, but they still imperil their careers and reputations in the secular science industry and academic institutions. Who will they please (John 12:43), and at what cost (Mark 8:36)?

Although there are secular scientists who have not heard of creation science and are taught to believe that evolution is the only possible view of origins, there are also militant evolutionists who promote their worldview at practically any cost. This includes ignoring the hard truth about fossils that are out of order (according to their schemes) and even denying that the fossil "record" has any problems.

Thanks to Why?Outreach for the graphic
As we have seen numerous times, the issue of origins is not strictly about evidence. If that were the case, there would be no evolutionists. The commitment of the secular science industry to naturalism and materialism makes it difficult to get an evolutionist to consider the truth of creation — especially when they are manipulating the data to help them justify their rebellion against their Creator. Here are two related articles on this subject.
Because Darwinism is built on philosophical naturalism, evidence can be moved around as needed.

Evolutionists never seem worried about out-of-place fossils. Why is that? The reason is that the philosophy of naturalism is the driving force that keeps Darwinism going. Darwinians think like this: (1) Naturalism must be our worldview. (2) Darwinism seems to be the best theory within naturalism. (3) If problems are found in Darwinism, there isn’t any competition, so we can just shuffle parts of the story around. This non-falsifiable strategy allows them to believe in the Popeye Theory of Evolution (17 Aug 2019), the Cambrian explosion, and any other rearrangement as long as naturalism is preserved. Even a Precambrian rabbit could probably be accommodated by a sufficiently talented just-so storyteller.
To finish reading this first article and see the examples, click on "Darwinians Excuse Out-of-Order Fossils". There is one more article linked below.

In addition to indulging in storytelling and manipulating facts, these committed evolutionists will also resort to science of the gaps and evosplain their narrative by simply putting the fossils in the order that they prefer. (Of course, no consideration of the reality of the Genesis Flood is allowed.) Recent chicanery includes rewriting history for how Jurassic dinosaurs made their way from Africa to Europe, evolution went at full gallop after dinosaur extinction, the spines of mammals showed evolutionary changes — yep, naturalists play fast and loose to convince folks that their story is true and God was nowhere to be found. Assuming evolution to prove evolution is circular reasoning, old son. To read about all this, click on "Shoving Fossils Onto Darwin’s Timeline".

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

First Degree Atheopathy

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

While we want to reach people with honest inquiries and remove stumbling blocks on Question Evolution Day, those of us who spend any amount of time discussing biblical creation science online encounter furious atheopaths (see atheopath definition in footnote 1, here) and militant Darwinists. While pretending to be harbingers of science and reason, they frequently display little knowledge of either.

When atheists and other anti-creationists want to slap leather with us, they seldom display knowledge of the subject. Such bad logic can be used against them.

Critics of Christianity, the Bible, biblical creation, and so on use social media when they seek to slap leather with us. They know that God exists (Romans 1:18-23. Psalm 14:1, Proverbs 1:7) and presuppose philosophical naturalism. I fully believe that they are intent on validating their rebellion against God and biblical authority (Job 40:8). If someone holds a position that they dislike, the positions are misrepresented; the person is called an idiot and a liar, but they only succeed in displaying their own corruption. As I have said many times, some tinhorns refuse to distinguish between lying and disagreement: if you say something they dislike, you're a liar. 

It is not surprising to find an atheopath who displays vitriol from the safety of a computer keyboard, acting like ridicule somehow proves atheism right and gives them the intellectually superior position. Ironically, atheism as only harmed humanity while Christians are doing the heavy lifting by building hospitals, spearheading relief efforts, and much more.

Click for larger. Count the fallacies. Feel the bigotry.
Those who claim to be "former Christians" seldom exhibit knowledge of theology, and can be unmasked by Christians who actually know and believe the Bible. When creation is attacked, they appeal to their own opinions, baseless assertions, the tendentious "authority" of uninformed and often anonymous sources, outdated material, and so on. Indeed, knowledgeable creationists often have to correct them!

For example, one tinhorn was so desperate to cling to his faith, he provided the long-refuted story of horse evolution as "evidence":

It is not uncommon for angry atheists and evolutionists to attack by machine-gunning a list of objections and complaints (Bill Nye used this stunt in his debate with Ken Ham) and the fallacy of elephant hurling. It is almost amusing that those who pretend to be more intelligent than creationists will consistently display lack of thinking skills, and their "refutations" read like boilerplate material from the Darwin Ranch and Atheopathy Excuses Warehouse. The article linked below illustrates that we do not have to roll over and play dead, and that some complaints of atheists can be used to refute their own incoherent religion.
This week’s feedback is an example of the uninformed misotheistic elephant hurling that we normally don’t publish because it breaks our feedback rules. But we wanted to show the sort of thinking out in cyberspace, and also show that there are good answers to objections to Christianity. The response shows that Christianity has provided the foundation for science, alleviation of poverty and rejection of superstition.
To read the rest of this enlightening examination, click on "Mangling misotheism".

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Evolutionists Disliking Lichens

We have probably seen lichens in many places in various forms, but tend to pay them no nevermind. Some resemble houseplants, but they are far more complex and have baffled scientists for many years. They are actually different organisms that comprise individual entities.

Lichens are far more complex than evolutionists thought, and their symbiotic relationships thwart Darwinian beliefs.
Wolf lichen image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Jason Hollinger (CC by-SA 3.0)
In the television show Stargate SG-1, there was a complicated storyline involving Symbiotes, creatures that had humans as hosts but also gave them strength and healing. However, these things were wicked and took over the hosts' personalities. This is similar to a view that the symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae consisted of the fungus dominating the algae. This is not the case.

Despite the view of Darwin and his followers that organisms competed, there are many living things in symbiotic relationships — all the way to the beneficial microorganisms living on and in each of us. Lichens not only show symbiosis, but they shock evolutionists by displaying a relationship that the Master Engineer designed them to have.
Lichens resemble plants or fungi, with elaborate branches like ocean coral, tiny cup-like structures, or leaf-like fronds. They can be found growing in forests, deserts, arctic tundra, or even in your backyard on rocks or walls. And contrary to hundreds of years of overly simplistic speculation as to what lichens might be, scientists are surprised to find they’re actually complex multi-creature systems consisting of up to four different organisms.
To read the rest, click on "Symbiotic Lichens Showcase Our Creator's Ingenuity".

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Baby Yoda and Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This is not a review of Star Wars-related entertainment, although I did like the first three movies that were released (Episodes 4, 5, 6) somewhat. However, an evolutionist took a notion to use an almost fanatical devotion to Darwin and commence to asserting that The Child ("Baby Yoda") figures into human evolution.

Some evolutionists think that Baby Yoda and other babies are the product of evolution. There is no science involved.
Credit: Pixabay / K.
Some time ago, we looked at the science of cuteness and how evolutionists have tried to make it seem that we evolved to respond to cute things. We like babies. Near the first of the year, stores are filled with calendars, and you can expect to see some of baby animals. Someone offers to show pictures of their children or grandchildren, and people (usually the women folk) make ooh and aww noises over them. I find other ways to be occupied. From my observations it seems that males are less inclined to involve themselves in the adoration of infants.

All of this is supposedly based on an evolutionary urge to respond to cuteness. Uh, define cute. It's not objective, it's subjective. Look on YouTube for "cute" and you'll find many different things, especially animals. Mr. Bean's teddy bear is cute to some people. The entire evolution cuteness "argument" has nothing to do with science or logic.
A woman got on a bus holding her baby. The bus driver said, "Wow, that's got to be the ugliest baby I've ever seen!"

The woman angrily slammed her coins into the fare box and took a seat. The man sitting next to her asked what was wrong. "The bus driver insulted me," she fumed.

The man sympathized with her and said, "Why, he's a public servant and shouldn't say things to insult passengers."

"You're right," she said. "I think I'll go back up there and tell him off!"

"Yes, you do that," the man said. "Here, let me hold your monkey."
The cuteness idea is based on circular reasoning and the presupposition of human evolution. The provocative title of an article indicates that we evolved to love The Child. Not hardly! We are created in God's image, and neither that truth nor the possibility that God gave us an appreciation of cute things may simply be a gift from him, those considerations to not enter the minds of materialists.

From here, I'll turn you over to Dr. Mohler, whose The Briefing podcast was the inspiration for this article. He has some very interesting things to say. I'd be much obliged if you would click on "Why Do Humans Love Babies? Evolutionists and Christians Answer the Question Differently" to listen or read the transcript. The next segment about the child saved from the mountain lion is also interesting.

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Friday, February 7, 2020

The Worship of Artificial Intelligence

Many advances have been made in the development of AI, and such non-human intelligence is usually based on the particles-to-programmer worldviews of the designers. They even tie evolution into ethics (see "Artificial Intelligence and Evolving Morality"). It is possible to have AI that is, well, disturbing (see "Artificial Psychotic Intelligence"). Despite the obvious possibilities of disaster, some owlhoots want to design a church based on artificial intelligence.

Since humans reject God, they want to replace him with something to worship. A church of AI is being planned.
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
Although science fiction stories have been written about people with good intentions making a powerful intelligence for the good of humanity, disaster usually ensues. Have you ever heard the old Emerson, Lake and Palmer song, "Karn Evil 9, Third Impression"? It involves a futuristic war and a computer. At the end, the man says that he is all there is. The computer argues with him, "I let you live". He objects, "But I gave you life!" That doesn't seem to have gone well, what with the servant becoming the master and all.

As we saw in the recent post on atheism, people are designed with knowledge of God but seek another way to express religious yearning. Man has tried to replace God the Creator with himself and man's own creations to worship. But we are sinful beings in need of salvation, so when we built things that we think are superior, we are only putting our own imaginations on the throne. The one discussed below is expected to be very big, and thankful to those that built it.Nice demon you have there, Hoss.
In the West, due mainly to Christian influence, the practice of worshipping physical idols has been largely abandoned for many centuries. But today, the Christian foundations of the West are crumbling away as more and more people forsake God (just as the Jews did in Jeremiah’s day). With this shift away from Christianity, we find another shift—back to the practice of worshiping the works of our own hands. This time, one of the forms this may take is the worship of artificial intelligence.

Multi-millionaire Silicon Valley engineer Anthony Levandowski has made headlines in recent years by announcing a new official religion: the Way of the Future.1 It is Levandowski’s contention that the human race is currently building artificial-intelligence that is so powerful it will become like a god compared to humanity, and will eventually assume control over this planet. This is an event he calls The Transition.
To read the entire article, click on "Summoning the Demon: Worshiping Artificial Intelligence". Unless your device has other ideas.

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