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Climate Change Science from a Creationist Perspective

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen For several months, climate change has been put on the back burner. Now things are heating up again with Joe Biden ordering the formerly United States to rejoin the Paris climate agreement , and with  Facebook policing the climate narrative . A biblical creation perspective is important now. Credit: /  ponsulak Some subjects are not ready candidates for creation science discussions, so some creationists think they should stay in their lane. As readers here have seen, the secular science industry has j oined with leftist political causes , often denying science facts , so it becomes necessary to discuss things that overlap from there in theology and science. Taking care and being good stewards of the planet God gave us should  be important to people, especially Christians. It may be tempting to saddle up with environmentalists, but their worldviews are radically materialistic , including the Big Bang, particles-to-politician evolution, billion

Deluded Guardians of the Planet

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen It seems that the more people deny their Creator, the stranger things get. As we have seen, evolutionism is rooted in pantheism, and both of them saddle up and ride friendly-like with the New Age brand . (Nothing "new" there, it is just repackaged paganism.) Darwin's death cult is a big part of it. A hero of the anti-natalist movement is suing his parents because he regrets having been born. Interesting that he claims to be close to them, and the amount of money is "symbolic", because he wants to send a message. Apparently people do not ask to be born. This telegram just came in over the singing wire, pilgrim: they never do ask. (Tell me how anyone is supposed to do that. Tarot cards and other hocus pocus, I reckon.) It is a part of the global warming movement to reduce the population, and rejects the biblical teaching that children are a gift from God.  This movement should be flushed.   While that anti-natalist stuff is just p

Exploding the "Population Bomb"

Many years ago, I saw a poster version of the 1973 painting Overpopulation by John Pitre. It showed all the land filled with naked people , some even in the sea. This was quite possibly influenced by the 1973 book The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich, who was in turn presenting a Malthusian view. Unsplash / San Fermin Pamplona - Navarra Thomas Malthus was an economist who had some very pessimistic views of population and the struggle for existence, and was also an influence on Charles Darwin. Ehrlich is an anti-creationist who was influenced by Malthus and Darwin, and The Population Bomb frightened many people. However, his vision was seriously flawed. Interestingly, he is still highly respected by leftists. Is that why people still think drastic measures are in order? Hey, Grandpa! What's for supper? Maggot sausage and insect ice cream to save the planet and offset global warming, of course! These people are mentally ill. The work was obviously based on numbers, did no

Cholesterol, Global Warming and Evolution — HUH?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen On the surface, this is a strange article. Keep going and you'll see that the three items in the title actually have a common link — and the link is not missing. It's about "settled science". Modified from morgueFile / lemai13 No, I haven't had peyote buttons. A Yaqui sorcerer tried to give me some once, but never mind about that now. This article has an odd origin. I was listening to my favorite weekday Conservative show by Chris Plante  while working overtime, and I got some information as well as an inspiration. The big news is that you don't need to worry about high-cholesterol foods after all — most of our fat blood comes from genes, not victuals. (Strange, I heard that years ago. Now  it's accepted?) Even though there were some nay-sayers including Ancel Keys back in the 1955 , most people acted like it was "settled science", so we have to just shut up and accept it. Now the "truth" discarded, y