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Anti-Science Extremists in Power

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  Detractors of biblical creation science often refer to us with the epithet "science deniers", which is ironic because they claim to believe in reason as well as science, but are using logical fallacies to make that assertion. Actual  science deniers are now in power. Picture of someone who is probably not anti-science: FreeDigitalPhotos / Toeytoey It is a regrettable to spend time discussing politically-oriented matters on this weblog, but as we have seen several times before, secularists are hijacking science . Nowadays, secular scientists are saddling up and riding with the totalitarian leftist brand . That means things that were originally considered scientific facts are now subject to the whims of political power and moral degeneration. People have been getting gradually prepared for the acceptance of moral degradation, and this has been increasing in the formerly United States — as well as other parts of the world. Those with influence and power