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The Horse Series is Bad Evolution, of Course, of Course

Out at the Darwin Ranch, Russell Watchtower of the Ministry of Truth and his pal Al Buehterawl were a mite giddy. Word has it that they were all excited about a new report on the horse evolution. Although the horse series has been touted as one of the best examples of evolution, it is full of difficulties . The flimsy story is something that biblical creationists have been using for many years as an example of interpreting data from a fundamentally-flawed presupposition, ignoring other possibilities for observed data, and just bad logic. But those old boys are thrilled that the mystery of the disappearing toes has been solved. Horse hoof, Pexels / Barbara Olsen Darwin's disciples selected candidates for the horse lineage from (among other things) size. They also claim that over time, the toes on the critters reduced until we have the single hoofed animal we see today. That has been a problem. Some evolutionists think that all four toes are still present, but vestigial. Hail Darwin,

Same DNA, Different Horse?

Selective breeding is rather common nowadays, getting characteristics that the breeder desires. It also results in harmful genetic mutations, often resulting in unhealthy animals, such as with dog breeding . There has also been discussion of bringing back extinct animals (which would be an exciting possibility when usable dinosaur DNA is found). One such case is a "prehistoric" horse, such as those seen in cave paintings. Mongolian Wild Horse (Przewalski’s horse) Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ltshears / CC BY-SA 3.0 There is an extinct breed called the Tarpan, which had a resemblance to the critter pictured above as well as the cave paintings. People began breeding from wild mustangs that had some of the characteristics. Interesting that they did it without crossbreeding with the Przewalski's horse. This gives some insight not only into DNA, but also into the created biblical kinds. This is not evolution, since it involves variation and no added genetic material.

Equine Evolutionary Exasperation

Evolutionists like to claim that the evolution of the horse is one of the best evidences of biological evolution, and their evidence is in the geologic record. But the evolution of the horse is not what they claim , being loaded with assumptions and bad logic — and the horse was never a good example of evolution. It's not as simple as before, more like a patchwork quilt with things added and others taken away. New developments should make equine evolution stories only fit for telling around the campfire. Vito (left) and Royal are both American horse breeds. Thanks to Michelle Studer for the picture. Once again, genetics is an enemy of evolutionary ideas. Populations, reproductive isolation, "positive selection" and so on need to be addressed. For that matter, equine populations and species show remarkable diversity. In the picture above, Vito (on the left) is a 16-hands tall cart-pulling Standardbred, and Royal is a 30-inch Miniature who can also pull his own cart