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Audio Saturday 31: Astronomy and a Young Universe

Once again, an audio came along that fit right in and I had to share it. Keith Kendrix of Evidence 4 Faith interviewed astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute for Creation Research. They discussed his new book, Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky . Then they discussed evidence for a young Earth and a young universe. They briefly touched on "Anisotropic Synchrony Convention — A Solution to the Distant Starlight Problem" (this ASC article is long and technical, available here .) Other fascinating items were brought up. The 49-minute MP3 of the interview is available here  for immediate download.

Evolution Discussions

For about two years now (or thereabouts), I have been listening to many podcasts for Christian apologetics. One of those is a radio show and podcast in southern New Jersey called "Evidence for Faith". Keith Kendrix and Kirk Hastings have discussions on various topics and conduct the occasional interview as well. I have "participated" by writing the occasional letter, and they have read portions of the letters on the air. (Keep your ego in check there, Cowboy...) Since then, we have had some good communication, and I have even reviewed and recommended a book by Kirk Hastings called What Is Truth?  (On a side note, one of my more vituperative atheist "haters" sent them a letter, telling them what a bad man  I am. This was revealed to me in a telephone conversation with Keith, who thought it was without merit.) By the way, they gave a shout out for " Question Evolution Day / Academic Freedom Day — February 12 ". Thanks, guys! So anyway. Th