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Podcast — Bob Enyart Flusters Eugenie Scott

Eugenie Scott, anti-creationist, anti-Intelligent Design atheist and popular liar for Darwin , made dog matic assertions about so-called "junk DNA". Even when this radio show was made, she sounded ridiculous with her assertions, obfuscation, dodging, dishonesty and basic silliness. This rebroadcast with additional comments shows the strength of the creationist position. Since the Web page is full of information, you may have to search for the download or streaming audio links. Let me help with that, they're near the top: Click here to access the debate .  

Eugenie Scott, Liar for Darwin

Documentation has been presented here on  bad science , misconduct , silly mistakes that should not happen if care had been exercised, untruthful textbooks , fraud — and outright lies. It appears that "science" (that is, the evolutionary belief system about the past being equivocated with empirical science) needs to be protected. In that case, evolutionism does  need to be defended , because it is not true science. You can listen to her humiliate herself here . Are they afraid that the truth will come out? (Just earlier this evening, I had an atheist evolutionist lie to me, ridicule both me and creation science, adhere to his fundamentalist orthodox evolutionary religion and use horrible logic to protect evolutionism.) Dr. Eugenie Scott has been on a relentless crusade to keep Intelligent Design and creation science out of education. It appears that her ethics are severely lacking. In listening to this podcast, it really struck me how proponents of evolution  must lie