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Creation, Evolution, and Thermodynamics

Centuries ago, I was new to discussing origins and showing problems with particles-to-pilot evolution. When I said in a discussion that evolution defies the second law of thermodynamics, the other guy wondered why I was making a reference to energy and engines. The second law of thermodynamics was developed and used to discuss heat and engines, but the bigger picture is that everything tends to go from order to disorder (entropy). Both creationists and evolutionists use — and misuse — thermodynamics. Rusty car in field, Pixabay / Siggy Nowak People get sidetracked and bogged down on whether or not entropy applies because of whether or not an open or closed system is involved. Some of Darwin's disciples on the internet try to use open or closed systems as a defense against entropy, but many have no idea what they are talking about and contradict each other. If energy is coming in, entropy is negated. Sure, that's why we drop off wrecked cars in the field and expect the energy fr

Creation and the Laws of Thermodynamics

For some reason, Stormie Waters was not so active in prospecting. I found out why when she stopped over and brought her new boyfriend, Roland Meadows. He seems a decent sort, and while we were jawing, he suddenly asked me laws of thermodynamics. Not exactly your typical mid-afternoon conversation topic, but I tried to oblige him. He knew that scientific things work their way up from hypotheses, then theories, and if they cannot be disproved yet, they become laws. The laws of thermodynamics are very important, and support recent creation. Universe image:  NASA / ESA / M. Montes (Univ. New South Wales); gavel overlay: Clker clipart (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents by anyone) Biblical creationists know that Jesus, God the Son, is the Creator and he also upholds the universe. One way this can be seen is the uniformity of nature , where things will operate tomorrow the same way the are today. Materialists cannot account for this, nor can they account for the laws of logi

Creation, the Fall, the Curse

As stated before, there are many models in creation science that come and go, but the foundation is the inerrant Word of God. Biblical creationists attempt to square their ideas with Scripture and science. They reason from the Bible, and one consideration is the condition of creation at the beginning. There are differing speculations among creationists about the meaning of biblical texts regarding the state of creation. It was perfect, but some people read some idealism into it that was borrowed from the Greeks and not supported by the text. Pixnio / Drazen Nesic Some even think that there was no entropy before the Fall of Man and the Curse, but that idea does not fit with science or Scripture . Indeed, the Second Law of Thermodynamics had to be  in effect at the beginning for creation to even function . The Bible clearly indicates that the Fall and the Curse had definite physical effects on creation, and biblical creationists can study further on this. In the metanarrative of Scriptur

Creation, Evolution, and Entropy

A classic argument used by creationists against microbes-to-mechanic evolution is the first law of thermodynamics, which in the simplified form states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Riding close on its heels is the second law, where energy becomes less useful. This is entropy.  The second law has been modified in recent years, formerly understood as everything goes from order to disorder. Image credit: Pixabay / skeeze Years ago, I used the entropy argument inefficiently. Yes, our own observations and common sense tell us that things go from order to disorder. But too many Christians do not have a good working knowledge of the laws of thermodynamics and are unable to respond to critics. Of course, when tinhorns who do not understand the material resort to "Dawkins refuted this", throwing links at you, or complaining about what is not  mentioned, it's time to saddle up and ride on. That's part of the problem — many evolutionists do not have a good

Evolution — It's Against the Law Part 3

It has become a sort of occupational hazard for those of us who present scientific, philosophical and logical material against evolution that we must deal with ridicule and abuse. It comes with the territory. What becomes startling is the intensity of attacks from Darwin's cheerleaders. (Personally, I believe it is because evolution is a foundation for atheism, so they feel that they must protect it at all costs.) Another startler is the lack of logic that the evolution thought police employ. Earlier in the day that I am writing this, a friend and I encountered the genetic fallacy, ad hominems, straw man fallacies, "moving the goalposts", appeal to motive, appeal to majority, appeal to ridicule and more. As well as simply wasting our time. Not only do these evolutionists fallaciously assume that people deny evolution because they do not understand it, but in the midst of their vituperative railing, they try to prove evolution by citing bad science. (Also, "You

Evolution — It's Against the Law Part 2

In our last exciting episode, we saw a basic overview of the Second Law of Thermodynamics . This time, we are getting into some more specific material. Credit: FreeImages / Jason Morrison This next article examines the science behind some of the objections or rebuttals by evolutionists to creationist arguments. First, the open system, closed system and isolated system confusion. Next, the idea that ice crystals forming is supposedly evidence against entropy in relation to evolution. Third, a theological question related to the fall of man back in Genesis. To read "The Second Law of Thermodynamics — Answers to Critics", click here .   

Evolution — It's Against the Law Part 1

Edited Introduction 7-09-2012 Evolution is not against the law of the land by any means. Instead, it is encouraged by secularists. (Intelligent Design and creation science have laws construed against them.) Evolution violates several laws of science. In this case, Entropy, also known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The universe is running down. In some ways, this important scientific law is common sense because we can see it happening all the time. The most basic form says that "everything goes from order to disorder". Things break down, run down, fall apart, get worse. The only way to offset this tendency is to add energy and specific information. Here is an introductory overview of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Later, we will have some more detailed articles, including excuses skeptics make to say that it does not apply to evolution. Yes, they really think that. Evolution versus a basic law of nature S cores of distinguished scientists have carefully exa