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Scissorhands, the Vegetarian Dinosaur

 As we have seen, the secular science industry likes to promote evolutionary myths using dinosaurs. (This post is related to a recent one on that subject .) Also, one may be forgiven for wondering if paleontologists are making much out of little. Its name is  Paralitherizinosaurus japonicus , but because of his scissor hands, perhaps they call it Edward for short. Very little is known. Only three bones were found, but imaginative feather-bearing reconstructions exist. They were partially based on similar dinosaurs. Paralitherizinosaurus  size comparison, Wikimedia Commons / SlvrHwk ( CC BY-SA 4.0 ) Although the remains had been known for some time, recently scientists realized that this dinosaur was another vegetarian. Those scythe-like claws were probably used for slashing plants. As with other organisms buried in the Genesis Flood, this one was found in marine sediments but it was not a sea dweller. Jurassic Word: Dominion  took huge liberties that defy both evolutionary and creatio

Myth-ing Dinosaur Evolution

Russell Watchtower, who heads up the Ministry of Truth at the Darwin Ranch, is a devious sidewinder. That is an asset in his job. His department has been using popular media and other things to honeyfuggle the public, making dinosaurs messengers of evolutionary propaganda. The secular science industry is mighty appreciative. Speculations are presented in movies as reasonable, even factual, despite lack of evidence. Indeed, sometimes the evolutionary storyline defies scientific truths. An example of propaganda trumping science is how secularists insist dinosaurs evolved into birds, yet true birds existed at the same time as dinosaurs. Dinosaur image from  ICON0.COM at Stockvault Another myth is that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, but that is contrary to observed facts as well. Like modern reptiles, dinosaurs showed inner workings that God designed them to be cold-blooded. (For more about warm- and cold-blooded studies, see " Warm-Bloodedness Not Explained by Evolution .") You c

The Dominion of Jurassic Imagination World

The sixth movie in a series of dinosaurs running amok and killing people, Jurassic World: Dominion  has people all a-twitter. Others, not so much . Perhaps its defenders like models and CGI dinosaurs. I saw the previews and the special effects, at least, are very impressive. Some folks want a movie with accurate portrayals of the dinosaurs and so forth, but there are a few problems. One is that studio is in the entertainment business and wants to make lotsa grotzits (as evinced by the fact that this yet another sequel), not a documentary project. Worse... ...they don't know, Margo ! Atheists and Darwin's disciples disprize when biblical creationists ask, "Were you there?" I saw an assertion that the Velociraptors  were not only wrong in these flicks (too big, for one thing), but they were supposed  to have feathers . This feathered dinosaur nonsense is based on "protofeathers" or "dino fuzz", therefore, they were on their way to becoming birds. But

T. Rex Research and Pack Hunting

Those Jurassic Park/World movies took many liberties which included the speed of Tyrannosaurus rex and the increased size of the velociraptors . In their defense, the movies are money-making ventures to provide entertainment, not education. Also, new research on the critters came later. I have another rescuing device to offer. When we go to movies, watch television, or even when reading novels, we have to suspend our disbelief and accept that reality. The dinosaurs in the Jurassic flicks were modified dinosaurs, so T. rex was fast and velociraptors not only taught their young, but were much larger than the turkey-sized versions that were fossilized. But that's just for fun and we have some interesting research to ponder. Calculating body mass, bone density, comparison to living animals, and other factors, Tyrannosaurus rex was probably not entering foot races and jumping contests. A fall would probably be fatal, so it wouldn't be chasing after the other dinosaurs w

Is "Jurassic World" Unrealistic?

At this writing, Jurassic World is in its first weekend. It had a yippie ky yay of an opening day, with $511.8 million USD . Reports are that audiences liked it, as well as many critics . People are excited about a Steven Spielberg movie, but he's not the director like he was for the first two, he's an executive producer. A complaint was made because the first one was good, but this is just another monster movie because it's "unrealistic" — the dinosaurs didn't have feathers. (Sorry to break it to this tinhorn, but the whole thing is unrealistic. It's a movie, done like most others, to make money and entertain people.) Although most evolutionary paleontologists believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds, there is no significant evidence that dinosaurs had feathers. Also, for Bible-believing Christians, there's an irreconcilable difference in the creation order: birds were created before land creatures. There is a passel of evidence that birds and