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Grow Grow Godzilla!

Mayhaps I should set up a game show where scientists and other Darwinoids trot out their speculations, then everyone in the audience can shout, " That. Is. Not. Evolution!"  Sure, and we could start with the peppered moth fiasco. Then we could move on to the Elvis of the monsters, Godzilla! Ceratosaurus image credit: / Warpaintcobra "No, that's king of the monsters, Cowboy Bob! Elvis was the king of rock and roll." Oh, right. I got confused in my enthusiasm and his monster hits. Thank you, thank you very much. There is speculation that Godzilla was made to be a kind of  Ceratosaurus , but that is a mite difficult to justify this this 1954 daikaiju was named "Gojira", merging Japanese words for gorilla and whale. ("Godzilla" is an English transliteration of Gojira   that was given by Tohu studios .) It is proper to examine cinematography, culture, and history regarding Godzilla and call it evolution. Unfortu