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Some Pretty Wretched Evolutionary Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen I missed out on the big money. At one time, this child had the notion that he'd be a right fair science fiction writer. Since I am not good at dialogue and story development, I gave up. It turns out that I should have pursued my interests in science, since naturalists saddle up some really wild ponies and gallop away with their strange ideas. Credit: Freeimages / Leandro Cavinatto The stuff is easy if you study on it. The public has a love/hate relationship with science, being suspicious on one hand but adoring scientists as priests and kings on the other hand. As many of us have observed, if people are told that "scientists say" or some-such, they tend to believe whatever it is. This makes things very helpful for materialists who seek to deny the work of our Creator. For that matter, people accept the dubious authority of the likes of Bill Nye the Not Really a Scientist Guy, Clinton Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Laurence Krauss, a

Digging Deeper on Language and Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Edited 10-06-2018 We have seen that language, speech, and communication are difficult things for Darwin's disciples to effectively expound. They will use the scientific principle of Making Things Up™, dodge the issue with " it evolved " , or use other excuses excavated while riding for the Darwin brand on the Owlhoot Trail. Credit: Freeimages / Michal Zacharzewski Obviously, humans need to communicate on levels much higher than those of critters. A good deal of language is based on conventions, and that includes slang or colloquialisms (Would I use such things? Not hardly!) as well as profanity. It seems that the only human languages that are standardized are artificial, especially those used in computer programming. Printed languages vary by regions and over time, as anyone who has read classics from previous centuries is well aware. It was interesting to learn that in this science-denying , health-endangering , gender-confused society

Wretched Radiometric Dating and the Oldest Color on Earth

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Last week, we had some fun with Wretched Radio , also examining how atheists and evolutionists ridicule Christians and creationists . Today, I have another audio excerpt made into video format from the show, which appears at the end of this post. In this informative and entertaining piece, some problems with radiometric dating and the alleged oldest color on Earth , pink, are discussed. I thought that Todd and Tony would need me to saddle up and ride over there to help them up. That'll be the day! No help needed from this child. They are aware of the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ that Darwin's disciples utilize, and that proponents of deep time use unfounded assumptions. Also, secular scientists presuppose that Earth and the universe are extremely old. The Bearded Buddha (Darwin) requires huge amounts of time for his speculations to work, so his loyal followers do their best to give him all the time in the world. Uniformitarian

Slapping Down Christians and Creationists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Todd Friel of Wretched Radio had a couple of segments that I wanted to use, so I contacted him for permission. I could have gone the Fair Use route, preferred the direct approach. He gave me the go-ahead, and I'll give you the link to the full episode after the video-style excerpt. On July 16, 2018, Mr. Friel posted on that Twitter thing that Christians should pray for Ken Ham because he is attacked so much: Atheopaths, old earthers, and other owlhoots did the usual piranha thing and swarmed it. Notice the reply just below his message for one example. I was on the prod and challenged the writer: "He deserves it. All of it." Who are YOU to decide that he deserves it? By what standard? Is it because you hate him, and hate God? "Let's try your "reasoning": I lack belief that atheists can use reason, so they deserve lots of ridicule. Howzat work for ya, Skippy? Instead of attempting to explain himself according to his